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Top City-1 Islamabad’s CEO Arrest Spreads Panic Among Investors


This came as a major blow to the investors who heard the news of Pakistan Rangers raid at Top City-1 office situated in G-11 Markaz Islamabad, and arrest of Society's CEO Kunwar Moeez from his residence in F-11/3 alongwith his relatives and employees on last Friday night.

As per the news reports, this raid was conducted in context of the ongoing Operation Radd ul Fassad and the CEO of Top City-1 is allegedly involved in land grabbing, working for MQM London, and money laundering. The society, on the other hand, claims to have been victimized by land mafia who allegedly misinformed the army to take action against the society owner.

Rangers claim to have arrested a number of wanted criminals from the society office with weapons. Some news reports even say that NATO weapons were also recovered from the society office. Rangers also picked up all the land record during the operation, which is the major concern for plot owners whose fate is in the hands of rangers now.

According to Rangers, a UK based woman, Zahida Javed Aslam, had filed an application with Pakistan Rangers in December 2016, accusing Moeez Kunwar of grabbing her land at gunpoint. Moeez Kunwar was allegedly involved in cases of firing on local villagers and occupying land illegally. Rangers further claimed that Moeez Kunwar was involved in transferring money to Altaf Hussain in London.

The case became quite ambiguous when some newspapers like "Jinnah" and "The Nation" claimed that local land mafia of Pind Ranjha had taken over the society. Such news reports raised questions on the operation as to how could land mafia take control of the society after Rangers operation against the owner?

With all such news reports and rumors, investors of Top City-1 Housing Scheme are in a panic situation. Society office is closed, CEO is arrested and taken to unknown place, and society is taken over by land mafia. Some sympathizers of the owner and society employees are hilighting this issue on social media and claiming that it is all planned and by design.

As part of general public, we do not know which version of the story is true, i.e. Kunwar Moeez was involved in land grabbing and money laundering or it was all planned by land mafia to take control of his society. We just want to be sure that people's money must be protected. General public have invested billions of rupees in this housing scheme in order to earn some benefit after the New Islamabad International Airport becomes operational this year in August. This major development has put a question mark on the future of the society as well as on the safety of public's money.

Investors and dealers are holding meetings to discuss the issue and chalk out future plans, but it seems that nothing can happen until the dust is settled and real issue is unearthed. Some reponsible official from the government must make sure that land record will be kept safe and no alteration will be done while this investigation is being conducted against the owner. At this point, everybody who invested his money in top city-1 is at high risk of loss.



Panic spread among those who invested in Top City-1 Rawalpindi after arrest of its owner


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  1. Gladiator says:

    what is current status of this society, is it safe to invest in this society?

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