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Map of Jinnah Facing Apartments in Bahria Apartments Karachi Precinct 19

Bahria Apartments Precinct 19 Karachi

Bahria Apartments is one of the most appealing and rewarding project in Bahria Town Karachi. There are many towers under construction in precinct 19, out of which many are under finishing stage and close to possession. Actual plan included 22 blocks of residential apartments which has now increased to 24 after the recent balloting in august 2016.

Since there is much difference in the prices of general apartments and Jinnah Facing Apartments, it is important to know which apartment numbers lie where and face what as there is no information about location given on the statements of these apartments. You will just see apartment number and block number, which can simply tell you nothing about the location on your apartment in a certain block.

We are sharing here an important map of apartment numbers of precinct 19 apartments, so that you will know the exact location of your apartment in a block and you will know if your apartment is jinnah facing or something at the back.

Jinnah facing apartments have high demand in the market as these apartments have west open fronts towards jinnah avenue so there will be no issue of ventilation and the view from the gallery will be exciting. There is around 5 to 8 lacs difference in the prices of Jinnah Facing Apartments compared with those facing elsewhere.

Find attached the map of bahria apartments where emboldened numbers indicate jinnah facing apartments:

Jinnah Facing Bahria Apartments Precinct 19 Numbers Map

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