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Lifestyle Residency Apartments G-13 Limited Memberships Open for Government Servants

Lifestyle Residency is a grand residential apartments complex project in Sector G-13 Islamabad by Federal Government Employees Housing Authority in collaboration with EHFPRO. The project was launched in 2016, and it comprised about 2700 residential apartments that were given to Federal Government Employees as well as General Public. 

Flats are divided into five categories/types according to size, i.e. A, B, C, D and E. General public is eligible to apply for any category, however Government Servants can apply for a specific category as per their BPS.

The project is currently in finishing stage, and possessions are going to be handed over within a year. The private partner EHFPRO has relinquished its 25% share of apartments in favor of Government Employees, hence a limited number of apartments are being offered again to interested Government Servants and related professionals.

Eligible Persons:

Following professionals/workers/Government Servants are eligible to apply for Lifestyle Residency Apartments:

  • Journalists
  • Professionals
  • Media workers
  • High court judges
  • Federal employees
  • Autonomous persons
  • Employees of FGEHA
  • Disabled federal employees
  • Constitutional services providers
  • The widows of the federal employees
  • Temporary employees of the ministry of Housing and workers

Following is the distribution of apartment types according to Basic Grade of Government Servants:

FGEHA Apartment Categories

Terms of Allotment:

Read the following terms carefully and apply in the your entitled category prior to given deadline. Since number of available Apartments is limited, so early applications will stand a higher chance of allotment.

  • Allotment of apartments will be based on entitlement or first come first served basis in the lower category.
  • Those members who have been allotted an apartment from FGEHA, PHA, CDA or any other federal institute/organization will not be eligible for this project.
  • General public will also be eligible to apply in any category but preference will be given to federal government employees and other relevant quota persons.
  • Temporary and contract employees, FGE, and others will not be eligible for the relevant quota.
  • The allotment of the apartment will be charged at an average of Rs. 6500 per square foot but the unit price will also depend on apartment’s floor.
  • The price of apartment has to be paid in 4 equal quarterly installments in 1 year.
  • The first installment must be submitted within 15 days of the letter of consent.
  • Employees who have already been allotted a lower category apartment as per their entitlement can leave the allotted apartment and make a fresh application for entitled category apartment at Rs. 6500 per square foot.
  • Eligible and aspiring employees and the general public can download application form for their registration at FGEHA and EHFPRO websites.
  • Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  • Duly filled application forms can be submitted along with 100,000/- membership fee at MCB and Askari Banks latest by Friday, June 25, 2021.
  • These apartments have been voluntarily relinquished by the private J.V. partner out of its 25% stake in favor of federal employees.

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