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DHA Multan Sector-Wise Estimated Plot Prices

DHA Multan Sector Wise Plot Prices

After the most awaited location ballot of DHA Multan, and the release of complete master plan as well as sector Maps, it is important to share the estimated prices of each sector/block. As plot prices mainly depend on location & development status, it is important to know the estimated value of plots in each sector in case you are planning to buy or sell.

If you happen to visit DHA Multan, you would be fully aware of the fact that some locations are very much developed, while others are not even cleared yet. So, prices in developing sectors should be higher than the non-developed sectors. Moreover, blocks close to the entrance area or central locations will be priced higher than the distant blocks.

Another important aspect of pricing is the demand and supply. As supply of plots is very high after the location ballot due to an estimated number of 38000 plots included in the ballot, prices may stay low for some time until demand meets the supply.

The given prices are just estimates based on the prevailing demands/offers in the market. Higher price ranges reflect the category plots, i.e. plots on main road, corner plots or park facing plots. Lower price ranges reflect general plots, or bad location plots, i.e. plots facing graveyard, near village or facing commercials.

Please note that the purpose of sharing estimated prices is to give you rough idea of market prices after the location ballot. Actual prices may be slightly lower or higher depending on the actual features of a plot, so it is important to consult an authorized agent of DHA Multan for actual value.

Following are the sector-wise prices of DHA Multan:

SectorPlot SizeMin. PriceMax. Price
A2 Kanal1.50 Crore1.60 Crore
A1 Kanal50 Lacs60 Lacs
B110 Marla38 Lacs42 Lacs
B21 Kanal52 Lacs64 Lacs
D1 Kanal55 Lacs65 Lacs
E1 Kanal45 Lacs52 Lacs
F1 Kanal48 Lacs55 Lacs
G1 Kanal52 Lacs62 Lacs
H1 Kanal55 Lacs62 Lacs
I1 Kanal55 Lacs60 Lacs
J1 Kanal45 Lacs57 Lacs
K1 Kanal55 Lacs65 Lacs
L1 Kanal45 Lacs52 Lacs
M1 Kanal65 Lacs75 Lacs
N2 Kanal1.55 Crore1.65 Crore
N1 Kanal50 Lacs58 Lacs
O1 Kanal45 Lacs50 Lacs
P5 Marla20 Lacs25 Lacs
Q1 Kanal62 Lacs74 Lacs
R1 Kanal62 Lacs73 Lacs
S1 Kanal45 Lacs50 Lacs
T5 Marla20 Lacs25 Lacs
U1 Kanal50 Lacs60 Lacs
U10 Marla37 Lacs42 Lacs
V8 Marla30 Lacs36 Lacs
V5 Marla22 Lacs28 Lacs
W11 Kanal45 Lacs48 Lacs
W21 Kanal44 Lacs47 Lacs
X1 Kanal44 Lacs48 Lacs