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Latest Updates on Green Enclave FGEHF Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme

More Than 2000 Plots will be allotted in Green Enclave Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme

FGEHF will allot more than 2000 plots to Federal Government Employees in Green Enclave Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme. Total plots as per the previous layout plan of the housing scheme were 3244, but after a survey conducted by the foundation, 775 plots were found to be located on deep ravines where it is impossible to develop anything.

The company responsible for provision of land and development is MS Green Tree, which sold 3157 kanals of land to FGEHF. After the cancellation of deep plots from the layout plan, there are total 2469 plots which will be allotted to members.

A copy of the newspaper clipping is attached below:


FGEHF Renames Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme and Revises Plots Quota

FGEHF has revised plots quota for federal departments in Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme. This housing scheme has been officially named as Green Enclave.

Details of plots quota is given below:

Quota for serving federal employees has been reduced from 75% to 52%.

10% plots quota has been reserved for old retired federal employees and 10% additional quota has been reserved for recently retired federal employees.

8% plots quota has been reserved for serving employees of independent departments, and 2% quota has been reserved for their retired employees.

4% quota has been reserved for the employees of constitutional and professional departments.

2% quota has been reserved for widows.

2% quota has been reserved for journalists.

2% quota has been reserved for media workers.

1% quota has been reserved for hardship

1% quota has been reserved for employees of housing foundation.

2% quota has been reserved for the employees of the ministry of housing and development.

Ministry of Controlling has increased its quota from 1% to 2%.

Federal employees who have retired before 2009 will be considered old retired employees, while those retired after 2009 will be considered newly retired employees.

Category 1 plots (50×90) will be given to officers of grade 20 to 22.

Category 2 plots (40×80) will be given to officers of grade 18 to 19.

Category 3 plots (35×70) will be given to officers of grade 16 to 17.

Category 4 plots (30×60) will be given to employees of grade 10 to 15.

Category 5 plots (25×50) will be given to employees of grade 1 to 9.

price of category 1 plots is 26 lac rupees, category 2 plots is 18.50 lac rupees, category 3 plots is 14.15 lac rupees, category 4 plots is 10.40 lac rupees and category 5 plots is 7.23 lac rupees.

The amount will be paid through 12 quarterly installments, which means plots are available at 3 year installment plan.

Copy of the newspaper clipping attached below:


Public Warning to Green Enclave Allottees from M/S Green Tree Developers

M/S Green Tree Developers has issued a public warning to the allottees of Green Enclave Housing Scheme. The developers claim that their issue with FGEHF is not settled yet, and the land which is being allotted by FGEHF belongs to M/S Green Tree and it is illegal on part of housing foundation to issue allotment letters.

The developer warns the allottees that this issue is pending in the civil court and they will be embroiled in further litigation if they accept these allotment letters.

A copy of the public warning by M/S Green Tree is attached below:


FGHEF Revised Plot Prices in Green Enclave Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme

FGEHF decides to revise prices of plots in Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme due to increasing cost of development. According to the latest price list, price of category 1 plots (500 sq.yards) has been increased to 29.90 lac rupees, price of category 2 plots (356 sq.yards) has been increased to 21.27 lac rupees, price of category 3 plots (272 sq.yards) has been increased to 14.15 lac rupees, price of category 4 plots (30×60) has been increased to 11.96 lac rupees and price of category 5 plots (139 sq.yards) has been increased from 8.31450 lac rupees.

Down payment of category 1 plots is set at 3.887 lac rupees, category 2 plots is set at 2.76575 lac rupees, category 3 plots is set at 2.11545 lac rupees, category 4 plots is set at 1.55480 and category 5 plots is set at 1.08090 lac rupees.

After down payment, remaining amount will be paid in 12 equal quarterly installments.

Federal secretary for housing has approved revised prices since older prices were set according to the contract with previous developer M/S Green Tree but after the contract is cancelled a new development contract will be awarded which will increase the development cost.

Copy of the newspaper clipping is attached below:

Increase in bhara Kahu Housing Scheme prices


  1. Mohammad Baig says:

    It is wrong and illicit with a view to the right of the people.

  2. Mohammad Baig says:

    The said schemes for the housing for the shelter less are almost based on the minting and totally exploiting the poor in the country for which the Prime Minister should take notice as to confirm his say for the people who have selected him to take care of them.

  3. Mohammad Baig says:

    It is just looting the poor in the name of shelter to the shelter less for which the government should talk.

  4. Allotee Green Enclave 1 says:

    Thank you manahil estate team for updating about Fgehf Green Enclave. Its a good effort as FGEHF is a govt dept and no one from them even bothers to pick the phone. Its been quite some time that any new updare is uploaded from your team please update about current ground realities, is development underway at green enclave site? Has issues resolved with M/s Green Tree?

  5. Mubasher Rasheed says:

    Any new update from FGEHF as they have issued consent letter to Phase-1 members for Bhara Kahu for down payment. Plz tell whether the time has increased for down payment, when they will allot plots and also ground realities for posession of this scheme??

  6. dr mehtab says:

    I wanna buy a plot in Green Enclave. the interested allotees must reply with their profit as demand price.

  7. Syed Shams Uddin says:

    As the housing scheme was launched way back in 2009 under the directives of the Prime Minister with its salient features being that of sheltering the poor segments of the federal government employees (both serving and retired). It was therefore widely believed that this would veritably shelter the needy and the very poor obviously enabling the poor allottees by way of subsidies as well to have themselves sheltered in an unhindered manner under this special scheme; this is to be seen that housing schemes ordinarily announced and materialized in the past didn’t prove a boon to the poor segments though getting allotments as per their entitlements. This is for the simple reason that the poor allottees barely being able to deposit the initial installtments for their respective plots, were constrained to sell the ‘files’ to the affluent people at throw away prices under the compelling circumstances whilst only the well off among the allottees alone could fully benefit from these schemes. Since the present scheme at Barakahu stands launched direct under the directives of the Prime Minister of Pakistan aiming to shelter the shelterless, it must ensure that the poorest of the poor segments of the allottees are enabled to seek materialization and erection of their respective ‘shelters’. This could be conceivable only when the Prime Minister may announce subsidies in such cases if the scheme is to be made worthy of its name.

    • Syed Shams Uddin says:

      One wonders why there persists a lull in the course of the discussions on this Site while it otherwise, must meaningfully evoke a debate aimed at removing any flaws associated with the scheme and making significant improvement it may direly require. It seems that the concerned authorities do not ever bother to cast glance over what is brewing. Hopefully this Site does not become an exercise in futility any longer and the issues emerging during the course of the discussion do not go unattended.

  8. Syed Shams Uddin says:

    The date for depositing the amounts of down-payment was reportedly extended upto 31st July 2016 by FGEHF which obviously has elapsed today. All those having complied with this requirement are very much anxious for ‘offer letters’ from the foundation. Hopefully, will be started forthwith to address this issue. It is nonetheless, quite surprising that this Site offering discussions often remains sadly silent as to what remains afloat during the course of it to make the same worthwhile in order that a meaningful discussion culminates in improvement of the grandiose scheme of sheltering the ‘shelterless’.

  9. Syed Shams Uddin says:

    Surprisingly, the FGEHF has extended the date for depositing the amount of the ‘down payment’ by its members by the end of this month (September). It is to be recalled that they issued ‘Consent Letters’ to the members in May this year envisaging therein that in the event of acceptability of the terms and conditions contained therein, the amount of ‘down payment’ worked out as per entitlement of each member, be deposited within 30 days without fail otherwise the offer would be passed on to the next senior member. All those consenting to this instantly complied with and deposited the same in June and are waiting for the receipt of formal offer letters. But sadly, the deadline is being constantly extended for another month (30 days) since then and of late, it stands extended towards the end of the current month. The way it matter is being handled during these four months at a stretch makes it well construable that the extension will continue in the like manner indefinitely despite the fact that the scheme having been launched in 2009 has already been delayed inordinately. The members received an SMS on the eve of Eid Alzha on 11-09-2016 further delaying it.

  10. ZS says:

    I received a CONSENT LETTER from FGEHF for Cat 2 plot size 40×80, asking me to pay Rs Six Lacs if I was interested, which I did. Since then I have been waiting for any Offer Letter but haven’t received not even an acknowledgement apart from occasional sms reporting extension in down payment date.

    I am confused if the six lac that I deposited were the down payment or I would have to submit downpayment in addition to that ?

    Would be grateful if someone could guide me in this regard, please.

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