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Hajj Flights 2017 to be Launched from New Islamabad International Airport

PIA Hajj Flight

The Government has decided to launch Hajj Flights from New Islamabad International Airport. This decision was taken after the successful take off and landing operation of a test flight on Friday, 14th April 2017. 

As per the news source, the civil aviation authorities have been running flight operation tests in order to make sure that Hajj Flights for 2017 should be launched from New Islamabad Airport. First Hajj Flight will depart for Jeddah on 21st July 2017, however official inauguration of the Airport operations will be on 14th August 2017.

Link road to new Islamabad Airport i.e. Kashmir Highway Extension is currently under speedy construction in order to open direct access from main Islamabad City before the flight operations. PM Nawaz Sharif is also going to announce Metro Bus project to new Islamabad Airport as its tender has been awarded for fast track completion before 14th August 2017.

The report of test flight take off and landing will be sent to higher authorities for approval of commercial flight operations.

Hajj Flights from New Islamabad Airport News

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  1. abc says:

    Dear fraud and liar dealers kindly now tell the people as well that from where first hajj flight departed for Madina
    You stupid people, just exaggerate the things to sell the plots and increase the prices of plots.

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