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Why You Should Consider Investing in Bahria Phase 8 New Bookings?

investing in Bahria Phase 8 new bookings

Bahria Town has recently launched new bookings in Phase 8 of the society, these are residential plot cuttings offered in installments. It is important to clarify, that these are the extensions of the already developed sectors of Phase 8. Many interested individuals are mistaking it for Phase 8 Extension, which is not the case. These new residential bookings are officially launched, but a question arises! Why one should consider investing in Bahria Phase 8 new bookings.

First, let’s guide you through this new launch, as you already know, there are multiple sectors in Phase 8 of Bahria Town Rawalpindi. The developers already had land chunks of land nestled between different sectors, therefore, they have planned to develop it and launch extensions of already existing sectors.

New Extensions in Phase 8

  • The extensions of the following sectors are launched by Bahria Town Private Limited:
  • Sector E and its Extensions include Sector E-1, E-1 Extension, Sector E-3 Extension, Sector E-4 Extension
  • Similarly, an Extension by the name Sector J-1 has been introduced for main Sector J.
  • The same is the case for Sector K, and its extension has been named Sector k-1.

Aside from these extensions, some residential plots are also offered in main Sector E, Sector J, and Sector K.

Residential Plot Sizes

Three different varieties of plots are offered in all of the above-mentioned sectors that are a new addition in Phase 8:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Now, that you have a considerable amount of information regarding this new launch, let’s delve into why it’s beneficial to consider investing in Bahria Phase 8 new bookings.

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Official Installments Plots by Bahria Town

As you already know, all of the phases and sectors of Bahria Town Rawalpindi are already sold, and plots are available on lump-sum payments as demanded by the owners. Furthermore, new bookings are only announced when Bahria Town launches a new project or phase, so it’s a rare chance to get your hands on plots in easy installments.

However, now, the administration of Bahria Town Rawalpindi has officially launched new extensions for already existing sectors and introduced new bookings in the society. Therefore, it is a golden chance to purchase a property in this highly valuable housing project. People who were unable to purchase plots on lump-sum payments can now benefit from this new deal. This is an exclusive offer to purchase plots that will be developed and delivered timely in the most demanded neighborhoods of Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

Economical Prices

Another important factor to consider before investing in Bahria Phase 8 new bookings is the prices of plots. Bahria Town has introduced plots at very economical prices and further eased the buying process with installment plans. If we talk about 5 Marla plots, they start from PKR 6,000,000/-, which is quite low as compared to other projects.

Bahria Phase 8 New Bookings Payment Plan

Furthermore, it is also important to mention that these are open transfer plots, and development charges are included in the total price. Furthermore, the new bookings come with plot numbers, street numbers, and sector names, which means that they are on the ground and you can determine the position on the map and on the ground physically.

Convenient Installment Plans

After a long time, Bahria Town has launched plots in installments, in the past, Phase 8 Extension plots were the last bookings in installments. A convenient installment plan of 1 year has been launched for all plot sizes in this newly launched deal. Customers can book their plots with a down payment and submit the rest in installments. Clients will have to pay 3 quarterly installments against these new plot cuttings.

The facility of Installments in Down Payment

Keeping under consideration, the maximum facilitation of customers and investors, Bahria Town has also provided an installment facility for down payment.

  • Customers can either pay the full down payment at the time of booking
  • Or they can pay it in two installments
  • One installment is due at booking time, whereas the second installment should be paid before 20 November 2023.

Swift Development

Bahria Town is widely famous for carrying rapid developments in their projects across different cities in Pakistan. The same is the case with these newly launched extensions, the development work was started ahead of the launch. We have personally visited the site of these new bookings, and we were astonished to see that the majority of groundwork has already been carried out, and development has spread to the far-off areas.

Hundreds of construction machines have reached the site of these extensions and they have been deployed at different places within the land area. As the developers have introduced 1-year installment plan, therefore, it is very likely that the plot cuttings will be developed within a year and allotments will be awarded shortly after. Customers can start the construction of their homes afterward.

Excellent Returns on Investment

Looking at the past performance of different phases, and different sectors of Phase 8. We can confidently say that this is a highly rewarding investment opportunity in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. The capital appreciation of this project is very high, and investors have earned up to 100% returns on their investments.

 Furthermore, these are the first prices of residential plots in different sectors, it is likely that the administration will also introduce revised prices for these plots. This way the prices will automatically increase and provide good benefits to early buyers. Otherwise, the gradual appreciation will take place as we’ve seen in the past projects of Bahria Town!


Investing in Bahria Phase 8 new bookings can be a wise decision for several reasons. Bahria Town, Rawalpindi-Islamabad, has demonstrated consistent property value appreciation over the years. Investment in Bahria Town Phase 8 Islamabad is one of the best decisions you would ever make.

Investing now in Bahria Town Phase 8 Sectors Extension means people can get more options to sell their plots at much higher prices in the future. Town Rawalpindi has a good reputation due to the facilities, features, and amenities that it offers. Investing in properties at Bahria Town Rawalpindi guarantees solid rental yield, while the value of your property will continue to rise as well.

Investing in Bahria Phase 8 new bookings can be a smart move for those looking to invest in real estate in Pakistan. With consistent property value appreciation, abundant investment opportunities, and a good reputation, Bahria Town Phase 8 is a promising investment option.

Contact us to book your residential plots in these newly launched extension of sectors in Phase 8!

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