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DHA Peshawar Offers 5% Discount on Full Payment of Development Charges

DHA Peshawar Discount Offer

DHA Peshawar has announced a discount policy for those members who want to make lump sum payment of development charges. The schedule of development charges has already been sent to members’ addresses, so now they can avail this discount policy by paying their development charges in one shot.

According to the discount policy, members will be eligible to get 5% discount on lump sum amount of development charges. DHA announced the policy in following words:

DHA Peshawar is glad to inform that 5% discount will be given to lump sum payment by customers having minimum balance payable of 40% of total dues on Development/Installment

Development work at DHA Peshawar is going on at good pace in its sectors A, B and C, and plot prices are rising with development progress.

Watch the following video featuring developments at DHA Peshawar:

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