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Rawalpindi Ring Road Construction to Commence from July 2020

Rawalpindi Ring Road

Despite fears of deadly corona pandemic, the Government has decided to continue its mega development projects as per the schedule. Rawalpindi Ring Road is one of such projects which has to be started this year, and a lot of real estate developments along the planned route heavily depend on this project for their access.

As per the latest news report on Rawalpindi Ring Road project, construction work on the project will commence by mid July 2020 after proper tendering process. This project will be completed in 3 years, i.e. by mid 2023.

Rawalpindi Ring Road will be built as per international standards. Width of the road will be 360 feet, while length will be 64 Kilometers which is double of the previously planned 30 Kilometers.

It will start from Radio Pakistan Office near Rawat and lead up to Sangjani. There will be 10 interchanges on this motorway that will provide easy and direct access to different parts of Rawalpindi including Adyala Road and Chakri Road. 

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Land on both sides of the ring road will be used for commercial plazas, that will create immense business opportunities for the citizens of twin cities, hence creating employment in private sector. Different types of businesses will open up along this motorway, i.e. hotels, restaurants, fuel stations, workshops, stores, and much more. 

A number of activity zones will be developed along Rawalpindi Ring Road. There will be 2 industrial zones along Rawalpindi Ring Road. One will be sprawled over 2000 acres of land, while other is planned over 1000 acres. Educational zone for colleges and universities will be developed on 700 acres of land. A modern state-of-the-art hospital will be built in the Health Zone that will is planned over 300 acres of land.

Similarly, specific spaces have been reserved for theme park and Entertainment zone, Community & Activity Zone, Satellite Town Zones for residential purpose, and for heavy duty traffic terminal.

Existing major fruit & vegetable marketplaces & goods transport services will also be shifted around Rawalpindi Ring Road, so that goods transportation vehicles should by-pass the main city and ease off the traffic situation.

You can read full news report on this development below:

Ring Road News

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