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CDA Notice Regarding Removal of Debris from Right of Way in Sector G-12 Islamabad

CDA Operation in Sector G-12

Capital Development Authority conducted an anti-encroachment operation on right of way along Kashmir Highway in September 2018 and demolished a number of illegal structures. Since the operation, piles of debris are lying on the ground and nobody has tried to remove it.

CDA has issued a public notice recently regarding this issue, and informed the illegal owners of those structures to remove the demolished structures/building material and any other type of debris from the ground within 15 days of the publication of the notice.

If no action is taken from the owners within the given time, CDA will be liable to confiscate all material and auction it. The authority aims to clear the right of way along Kashmir Highway in order to do the beautification work.

Following is a copy of the notice:

CDA Notice Regarding G-12

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