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Capital Smart City Opens Access Bridge on M-2 Motorway Islamabad

Capital Smart City’s access bridge

We already informed you about the new access of Capital Smart City, In March 2022; National Highways Authority approved the construction of the CSC Interchange on M-2 Islamabad Motorway. As per the latest news, Capital Smart City’s access bridge is opened to traffic temporarily.

Capital Smart City’s access bridge is opened temporarily, this is another huge breakthrough for the Capital Smart City housing scheme. The development of the Capital Smart City Access Bridge started officially after the approval from NHA, now this access is opened for traffic temporarily. This is indeed very good news for all the members of Capital Smart City as the society will be now accessible from the M-2 Islamabad Motorway. This will boost the location importance of Capital Smart City.

Capital Smart City’s access bridge was opened to traffic on 26th August 2022; now members can easily access and visit the society from M-2 Motorway. Capital Smart City has also established a camp for guiding the visitors adjacent to M-2 Motorway, moreover, this camp is now fully operational and management staff is available here for guidance. Members can now visit the site of the CSC Motorway interchange and further explore society from this side.

Following are some pictures of the access bridge, campsite, and interchange land:

The work on the interchange is also likely to start soon; the land area is already approved for the construction of an independent interchange on M-2 Motorway for Capital Smart City. However, Access Bridge is now open to the public. This is a major development update of Capital Smart City and it is progressing rapidly.

Capital Smart City will get more attention from investors as well as potential customers after this development update. Prices of plots are also likely to rise now and even more, after interchange is completely developed.

As always, Manahil Estate takes lead in bringing the latest development updates of Capital Smart City to our readers. You can contact us for more information or book plots in this housing society!

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