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Zedem International Issues Cancellation Warning to Faisal Town Plot Holders

Faisal Town Islamabad

Zedem International has published a warning notice to the defaulting members of Faisal Town Housing Scheme Islamabad. The warning notice entails cancellation of files in case of non-payment of dues within given deadline.

The notice reads that it has completed development work in Block A and Block B of Faisal Town Islamabad, and members are building their houses after clearance of dues. However, there are some members, especially those who have plots in block B, who have paid just down payment and a few installments till date. The society has decided to cancel all such files of Block A & Block B, where members are no longer paying their due installments despite repeated requests/warnings.

Zedem International has announced the final deadline of 26th August 2019 for all defaulting members of Block A & B to clear their outstanding payments including surcharges. In case of non-compliance, the society will cancel all such files and no excuses will be accepted.

Following is a copy of the warning notice:

Faisal Town Notice


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