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ARY Laguna Karachi Discloses Apartments’ Down Payments

ARY Laguna DHA City Karachi Update

It has always been a dream for people of Pakistan to have an international standard lavish living style with beach-front accommodation and water sport facilities. ARY LAGUNA is offering the beach front living for the very first time in Pakistan. It provides you the world class luxurious apartments at affordable prices with a flexible payment plan.

ARY Laguna has disclosed the down payments/booking prices of its crystal apartments.

  • 1 bedroom    250,000
  • 2 bedroom    350,000
  • 3 bedroom   450,000
  • 4 bedroom   825,000

Prices start from 4.5 million/45 lakhs for 1 bedroom apartment.

Please find attached the officially released down payments for each size of apartment:

ARY Laguna Down Payments

New policies have been announced by ARY LAGUNA with greater benefits for the investors.

  1. The 10 forms for one unit. Full 16500 will be adjusted and not 10000. So now already clients save 65000 on ten forms. No deduction will be taken by ARY Laguna DHA.
  2. Apart from the 16500 per form being adjusted a BONUS amount ranging anywhere between 5000 to 13500per form will be given. It means that as we have sold 10 forms per unit so instead of 165,000 being adjusted in the unit for forms. Rupees 215,000 to 300,000 will be adjusted thus giving the current buyer an additional profit of 50,000 to 135,000 on top of the 65,000 he is already saving as no deduction as mentioned in point 1.
  3. In two, three and four beds one can even get 20 to 30 forms adjusted thus saving the buyer anywhere between 100,000 to 405,000 on one unit.
  4. Above is not all. Who’s ever unit comes out and in case of 10 form holders it is confirmed. On top of the potential max 470,000 that they save on forms. They will also get a bonus/reward Rs 100,000 onward on the confirm unit. So by investing 165000 in ten forms. Those who have bought are already looking at benefit/profit of up to Rs. 570,000.

Following is a copy of the new policy announcement:

Good News regarding ARY Laguna Registrations

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