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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Latest Development Updates 2022

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Development Updates

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Development Updates are discussed in this blog to inform you of all the ongoing and completed developments in society. This way you can make better decisions for investments and sales if you have already bought a property in this housing project!

Rudn Enclave is a rapidly developing housing scheme present on Main Adyala Road, Rawalpindi. Society is undergoing swift development and management is calling 2023 the year of delivery. This means that the developers are committed to offering possessions to society. The ongoing development in Rudn Enclave as well as the surroundings has an impact on the market status of the society.

Rudn Enclave General Block Development

Developers had started the development in the General Block of society in the past. Mainly groundwork was being done in this block and some of the groundwork in the H Block was completed. However, development in General Block was stopped as the management decided to develop and deliver the Executive Block first. Currently, development is stopped in the General Block and society is putting all efforts into the Executive Block. However, development in General Block is likely to start soon after society gets the final NOC from the administrative authorities!

Rudn Enclave Executive Block Development

Development is underway in the Executive Block of Rudn Enclave. Heavy machinery can be seen deployed throughout this block; it is the first to be developed in society. As of now, developers are carrying out groundwork here along with different development such as a mosque, park, Main Boulevard, and much more as discussed below.

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Latest Development Updates

Following are the latest Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Development Updates:

Rudn Enclave Mosque and Head Office

The first mosque of society is currently under development in Rudn Enclave Executive Block. The grey structure of this grand mosque is already completed along with the minarets and further development I underway, it will be ready and operational soon. Similarly, Developers also started the work of the Rudn Enclave Site Office; it is also undergoing the final stages of development and will be launched soon. Customers and investors will be able to visit the site office for different operations.

Executive Block Park

Development of Executive Block central park is also underway; tree plantation is already completed in the park. As of now, the jogging tracks are being laid in the park, after that, the development of the Executive Block will be complete and it will be opened to the public.

Main Boulevard and Service Roads

Developers are paying more attention to the development of Main Boulevard and Service roads to make access to different parts of Executive Block easy. To date, the cutting of the main boulevard is completed and carpeted road is being laid. Also, note that a large portion of Main Boulevard of Rudn Enclave is already developed and opened to public. Moreover, different service roads leading from Main Boulevard to different areas such as a park, mosque, site office, residential cuttings, and farmhouses are also being developed simultaneously.


Groundwork is also underway in all areas of the Executive Block, Machinery and labor are working restlessly to make the land suitable for the development of roads, streets, and plot cuttings. The groundwork across a major portion of Executive Block is already completed and the rest is underway.


Rudn Enclave is fulfilling the promise of providing a healthy and green lifestyle to prospective residents. Horticulture work is in full swing in the Executive Block of Rudn Enclave, trees, plants, and grass layers are being laid in the society. Horticulture work is already completed in the park whereas green belts are also being installed along main boulevard and service roads.

Balloting and Possession

For the first time, Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi has announced the balloting and possession in the Executive Block. According to the officials of Rudn Enclave, balloting will be held a few days after the closing of RAIV forms. The deadline for submitting RAIV forms and getting discounts is extended till 15th January. Members can also pay their remaining installments till 15th January to get included in the balloting. However, possessions will be granted to owners in the mid of 2023, as per the management.

Sewerage and Sanitation Lines

Along with on-ground development, sewerage and sanitation lines are also being laid in the Executive Block. Moreover, this process is already completed for the 1 Kanal residential plots of this block. Furthermore, sewerage lines are being laid swiftly in the rest of the Executive Block.

RAIV Forms Deadline Extension

As you already know, the society launched Rudn Enclave Advance Installment Voucher (RAIV) which offers up to 20% discount on installments. The deadline was 15th December, which is now extended to 15th January, keeping in view the demand of end-users. The deadline is extended so a maximum number of members can avail of the discount offer and clear their dues.

Surcharge and Penalty

A large number of members and plot owners have not cleared installments against their plots. Also, numerous end-users have just paid the down payment; this is causing delays in different matters of society. Therefore, society has decided to penalize such members. A deadline for dues clearance is announced and a surcharge will be implemented. The last date for dues clearance is 31st December. Members are therefore advised to clear their installments using RAIV forms to not only get discounts but also save themselves from the surcharge.

Ring Road Updates

As you already know, Rudn Enclave is benefitting greatly from Rawalpindi Ring Road; the society will get independent access from Ring Road. It has faced a lot of delays in the past due to layout issues. The good news is that the Ring Road layout is finalized by the administrative authorities. The development of Ring Road will immensely increase the value of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi as it will get an individual interchange.

Rudn NOC Updates

A no Objection Certificate (NOC) is of the utmost importance for any housing project as it makes it legal and gains the trust of investors and end-users. Rudn Enclave is all set to announce the NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority. As you know, obtaining NOC is a long process with different steps. Rudn Enclave NOC faced delays because of zoning issues from administrative authorities such as RDA and CDA. The zoning of Rawalpindi City is in the final phases, therefore, the NOC of Rudn Enclave will be awarded soon. According to officials, the LOP is already granted to Rudn Enclave.

Rudn Enclave Executive Block 1 Kanal Plots

In an event held on 20th December 2022, the top management of Rudn Enclave said that 1 Kanal plot cuttings of Rudn Enclave Executive Block are almost ready for home development. Sewerage lines and groundwork is already completed for these plots. Most probably, these will be the plots to undergo possession and home development. This is good news for end-users who have purchased 1 Kanal residential plot in Executive Block.


So, these were Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi development updates to date. These are developments carried out by society in the year 2022. The management of Rudn Enclave is calling 2023 the year of delivery. Development throughout the Executive Block is being carried out at a fast pace. It will speed up even more after the approval from Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Rudn Enclave is one of the leading and most-trusted housing projects in Rawalpindi that offers different residential and commercial opportunities. Contact Manahil Estate today to learn more about this society and booking procedure!

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