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Living in a 5 Marla house? Here’s how you can improve it

As more population in big cities live in a 5 Marla house or even less in apartments. With a growing family size, new things keep adding every day. Smaller homes become congested over time and give a shabby look. Here are a few tips to improve the appearance of a small living place.

Choose light paint colors

Choosing lighter colors, preferably white or gray tones for walls and ceiling, will instantly give a feeling of grandeur to the room. In the case of dark colors, use them on the feature wall only for a premium look.

Bright window curtains

Natural light is our best ally when we want the feeling of a larger room. Avoid curtains that are too dark or too thick, which will stop natural light as well. Prefer curtains that let the light come in and also offer privacy.

Fine and clean furniture

When arranging a smaller room with less light, the proportion of furniture is essential but do not overload and weigh down the decor. Prefer furniture with straight lines with a clean design and light colors and textures for a 5 Marla house.

Use mirrors


Adding a mirror is undoubtedly the best decorative piece to illuminate a room since it will reflect the light and make the room feel larger. You can also select decorative accessories with metallic tones, also bring a touch of shine and luminosity.

The minimalist style

To illuminate a room, we avoid having too many accessories and objects in front of our eyes! Try to be as minimal as possible. Do not overload the room with extra decorative accessories.

Storage spaces

Even a 5 Marla house can have plenty of storage space, as long as you are inventive. For example, we can install shelves above doors and windows and add boxes on wheels under the bed.

Let in the fresh air

For a healthy and pleasant environment, oxygen is necessary regularly. The simple fact of opening a window, even if only for a few minutes a day, helps to drive out polluting substances and reduce the humidity level.

Indoor plants

In the city, the places with less greenery, indoor plants change the environment. Grow indoor plants and place them in window sides and near stairs to give a fresh and green look.

Use natural materials

From floors to kitchen cabinets, including curtains and rugs, favor durable materials such as wood, stone, metal, and natural fabrics.

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