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Prism Town Gujar Khan Payment Plan, Location, Master plan, Details

Prism Town Gujar Khan

After Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Gujar Khan is becoming a hot spot for different housing projects. Prism Town Gujar Khan is a PHATA and TMA-approved housing project situated on main G.T Road in the premises of district Gujar Khan. Prism Town offers different residential plots equipped with all contemporary amenities for luxury living. Affordability, Profitability, and provision of all facilities make Prism Town one of the leading projects in the Gujar Khan Area of Rawalpindi.


Prism Town Gujar Khan Overview

Prism Town is an emerging project in the vicinity of Gujar Khan, it is a PHATA-approved project that lies at a very desirable location on G.T road. It is located close to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and easily accessible from both of them. Prism Town offers a variety of residential plots for investors and people who want to build homes.

Prism Town Gujar Khan is a full-scale housing venture with all basic amenities an ideal society should provide. Therefore, it is attracting a large number of real estate investors and end-users. The society aims to facilitate people with different needs, hence, offers multiple plot sizes.

Prism Town is a mega project of Prism Estate and Builders who are well-known in property sector of Pakistan. They are bringing this project to provide a luxury community for the people of Gujar Khan and other surrounding areas. The prices are very reasonable and plots in Prism Town are perfect for locals as well as overseas Pakistani.

Prism Developers are committed to providing high-life standards in their society at an ideal location that is very accessible and offers connectivity to different areas and important landmarks. It is the first project in this niche from the developers. It will provide excellent value money to investors. Society is currently in the pre-launch stages and this is the best time to invest here.

Introduction Video

You may view the project introductory video below:

Prism Town Launching Date

Prism town pre-launching ceremony was held by the developers in mid of 2022. Specifically, it was held on 22 July 2022, keep note that the prices are pre-launch. Society will be launched in the future and new prices will be released most-probably. Preparatory development has started after approval from PHATA and TMA.

Prism Town Gujar Khan Location

Location plays an important role in the success of a housing project. Moreover, an ideal location ensures more profits on investments and easy accessibility for future residents. Prism Town lies on the main G.T Road, near Al Manan Shadi Hall, and sprawls over an attractive location in the Gujar Khan Area of Rawalpindi District.

The ideal location makes Prism Town a perfect choice for investment and living. It is present just 5 kilometers away from the main Gujar Khan City. Developers of society chose an excellent location, keeping in consideration the benefits of both investors and end-users.

Prism Town Gujar Khan Location Map

Following is the location map of Prism Town Gujar Khan:

The location of Prism Town makes it easy to access from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Moreover, different important landmarks are also present near its location. The neighborhood of Prism Town sets it apart from other housing societies. Future inhabitants of this society will live conveniently and they’ll have access to all necessities of life.


Prism Town Gujar Khan is accessible from different places as given below:

  • It is approximately 40 mins away from Rawalpindi City
  • It is approximately 45 mins away from Islamabad City
  • It is approximately 12 mins away from Gujar Khan
  • It is approximately 5 mins away from Grand Trunk (G.T) Road
  • It is approximately 5 mins away from New Metro City Gujar Khan
  • It is approximately 7 mins away from Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Gujar Khan

Prism Town Gujar Khan Owners and Developers

Prism Town Gujar Khan is being developed by Prism Estate and Developers; they are also the owners of this project. Prism town is the first housing society by Prism Estate and Developers, in the past; they have been delivering towers, apartment projects, and different commercial landmarks. Now, they have decided to develop a housing society. It will be the finest project of Prism Developers due to affordable plots for all categories of investors and customers.

Prism Town will be equipped with all the modern features that are considered by today’s modern consumers. Facilities like dedicated residential and commercial sectors, mosques, shopping centers parks, playgrounds, fitness centers, community centers, and much more will be a part of this society.

Prism Estate and Builders are an old name in the property sector of Pakistan; they have been serving the real estate sector for more than 17 years. They are about to complete 2 decades of delivering high-quality real estate projects. Prism Estate is not just limited to a single city, they have delivered multiple real estate and hospitality projects in their tenure of 17 years.

Prism Estate and Developers usually operate in well-versed projects like Defense Housing (DHA) and Bahria Town (PVT) Ltd. They believe in delivering result-oriented investment projects. They are developing Prism Town to be a comprehensive living community that will not only fulfill the investment objective but also gives the people of Gujar Khan, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi a good place to live. Prism Developers believe in achieving core values like innovation, excellence, integrity, commitment, and trust. Residents will witness these values of the developers while living in Prism Town.

Prime Estate and Developers are led by Massod-ul-Hassan Alvi, who is the Chief Operating Officer of Prism Town.

Past Projects

Prism Developers have a wide range of projects operating under their supervision. Following are the past projects of Prism Developers:

Real Estate Projects

  • Prism Arcade 1
  • Prism Arcade 2
  • Prism Arcade 3
  • Prism Arcade 4
  • Prism Arcade Karachi
  • Prism Heights
  • Prism Mall

Hospitality Projects

  • Kallisto Marquee
  • Darbar Hotel
  • Kallisto Hotel

Prism Town Gujar Khan Development Update

According to the officials, the Development of Prism Town Gujar Khan will formally kick off in March of 2023. However, bookings are open and prices have been finalized.

Prism Town Official Site Video

Following is the official video of the Prism Town site:

Following are the pictures of the renovation of G.T Road at the society site:

Prism Town Gujar Khan NOC and Approval

Approval from the administrative authorities makes a project safe and secure for investments. Not only is this but the overall image of any project improved with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) and investment potential rises. Prism Town Gujar Khan NOC is allegedly approved by 2 administrative authorities. Firstly, it is duly approved by Punjab Housing and Planning Authority (PHATA). Secondly, it is also approved by Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA).

However, the society is yet to obtain the final NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Approval from two administrative authorities is a sign that it will be approved by RDA as well in the future. Investors can invest in this project without any worry, as it is already approved by TMA and PHATA, Moreover; the developers are trusted and determined. Approval from these 2 authorities means that developers have the legal ownership of land where the society will be developed.

Prism Town Gujar Khan Master Plan

Prism Town Master Plan is currently under development, it is being designed by a dedicated team of architects, designers, and civil engineers. The master plan of Prism Town will enable the society to stand amongst the top projects of Gujar Khan.

Prism Town Gujar Khan Master Plan

Prism Developers have created a team of experts from different sectors of real estate to put together the master plan. It will be designed to include the basic as well as modern amenities that ensure a well-maintained life. Moreover, it consists of residential and commercial sectors Prism Town master plan will be completed soon and published.

Prism Town Hassan Block

Hassan Block is the first block of Prism Town Housing Society, it offers fully-equipped plot cutting of different sizes to facilitate a maximum number of customers. In a short time, society has almost sold this block, and a ballot was also held some time back. The results are uploaded to the official Prism Town website, you may visit this link: https://prismtown.com/ballot-results to check the balloting status of your plot.

Prism Town Gujar Khan Layout Plan

The layout plan of Prism Town follows all the international standards of development. The residential and commercial plot cuttings will ensure that prospective residents have access to basic utilities and advanced facilities.

Prism Town Gujar Khan Plot Sizes

Residential Plots

Prism Town Housing Society offers the following plot sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

Currently, Prism Town commercial plots are not available as society hasn’t launched them yet, but as per the opinion of experts, they will be released soon along with the payment plan.

Following commercial plot sizes will be released in future:

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla

Salient Features of Prism Town Gujar Khan

Following are the unique features of Prism Town Gujar Khan:

Affordable Plot Prices

The prices of residential plots in Prism Town are very affordable, even people with low and middle income can also afford a plot here. Moreover, investors can buy plots in bulk and enjoy good benefits in the future upon resale.

International Standard Architecture

The master plan of society will be following international standards of development. This means that Prism Town’s infrastructure will not only be modern but also very eye-catching. It will ensure the provision of state-of-the-art features in society.


Special teams will be specified for the maintenance of society. This includes general maintenance like roads and streets and check and balance of homes and residential and commercial areas.

Water Provision

Water is the basic need of life; this is why Prism Developers will ensure a steady supply of water in Prism Town. Water tanks will be developed in all sectors for dependable water supply to homes and commercial areas. Furthermore, filtration plants will be installed in different blocks of society so that residents have access to clean drinking water.

Secure and Attractive Main Entrance

The society will be accessible from a wide main entrance that will be secured through the presence of security guards and CCTV Surveillance. Proper checking will of vehicles will be ensured open entry. Moreover, it will be designed to be attractive.

Horticulture in the society

Prism Developers will design the society to provide a clean and green environment. Horticulture will be seen throughout all sectors of Prism Town. Moreover, parks and green open spaces will improve the beauty and tranquility of society. Green belts will be created on roads and streets.

Experienced Developer

Prism Town is being developed by one of the most prestigious development firms in Pakistan. Prism Estate and Developers have plenty of experience in developing high-quality apartments, and residential and commercial buildings. They will apply their diverse experience of almost 2 decades in Prism Town Gujar Khan.

Perfectly Planned Society

The master plan of Prism Town will make it one of the best societies to live in and invest in. All the facilities will be included in the master plan. Residents won’t have to leave the comfort of society to find all the daily necessities.

Prism Town Gujar Khan Amenities

Prism Town consists of a wide range of amenities for the facilitation of residents. It has all the basic and modern amenities to make life luxurious, the best thing is, that customers will get all of these facilities along with their plot at pocket-friendly rates. The facilities of Prism Town make it a luxury community and comprehensive housing project in Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi.

The amenities of Prism Town are as follows:

All Basic Utilities

Prism Town is equipped with the basic utilities for the smooth functioning of daily life. Water, gas, and electricity will be thoroughly provisioned throughout society. Moreover, gas, water, and electricity line will be laid underground to increase the appeal to society. Residents will get access to pure drinking water as the society will be equipped with water filtration plants.

Dedicated Residential and Commercial Sectors

Just like other leading societies like DHA and Bahria Town, Prism Town will be made up of dedicated residential and commercial sectors. Commercial areas will be developed in different blocks; residents will find daily life facilities within walking distance. Furthermore, both residential and commercial areas will offer the facilities for a peaceful life and proper business function.

Safe and Secure Community

Safety and security is the primary concern of people when it comes to living in a society. Prism Town will ensure the security of its residents through several security measures. Security personnel will be present at the main gate as well as in different areas within the society. Moreover, main boulevards and roads will be secured with CCTV cameras. Security teams will be present in Prism Town to respond to any mishaps swiftly.

Gated Society with Boundary Walls

Prism Town Gujar Khan will have a secure main entry point and boundary walls on the borders. This way, the society will not only be safe for prospective residents but no outsiders will be allowed without a proper reason and entry.

Mosques in all Residential Sectors

Mosques are present in all the residential blocks of the society where residents will be able to practice religion conveniently. They will be present within walking distance; moreover, they will be equipped with top-notch Islamic scholars for the guidance of inhabitants.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare is the basic need of the residents of any housing society. Prism Town will be equipped with state-of-the-art hospitals and healthcare centers. Moreover, clinics will be established in all the residential sectors of society to provide medical services.

Sports Facility

Prism Town will be equipped with sports facilities to promote different sports. Grounds will be developed for sports such as cricket and hockey. Furthermore, Basketball and table tennis court will be established where residents can get indulged in sports and make their leisure time enjoyable and creative.

Wide Roads and Streets

The main entrance, boulevards, and roads will be wide to ensure a smooth flow of traffic in society. Furthermore, the streets and roads of society will be well-illuminated through the installation of lights along streets and roads. Developers are paying special attention to developing wide and carpeted roads, which can facilitate large chunks of vehicles at any time.

Parks and Play Grounds

For the entertainment of adults and children, parks and playgrounds will be developed in Prism Town. A special quota is reserved for green areas, parks will be developed here. These parks will offer picnic and barbeque points in addition to walking and jogging tracks. Moreover, playgrounds will be included in all residential sectors of society to keep children entertained.

State-of-the-art Development

More and more housing societies are going for state-of-the-art-development of infrastructure. This allows the societies to provide smart features and amenities to prospective residents. Prism Town will also undergo modern development that coincides with nature and fulfills modern consumers’ needs.

Prism Town Gujar Khan Plot Prices

Following are the prices of residential plots in Prism Town Gujar Khan:

5 Marla Plot

  • The total price of a 5 Marla plot is PKR 2,050,000 whereas the down payment is PKR 400,000. Rest can be paid in 30 monthly installments

10 Marla Plot

  • You can book your 10 Marla plots by paying a down payment of PKR 650,000. The total price is PKR 3,850,000. there are 30 monthly installments for 10 Marla as well

1 Kanal

  • 1 Kanal plots are available for a total of PKR 7,200,000 and the down payment is PKR 650,000. The remaining amount can be cleared in 30 equal installments.

Note: Plot confirmation charges are also due when society demands.

Prism Town Gujar Khan Payment Plan

The payment plan of Prism Town features very economical properties, this is why investors and customers belonging to different financial backgrounds can easily make investments or purchase plots for home construction. Both residential and commercial plots of Prism town are offered at pocket-friendly rates. Furthermore, the developers have further eased the client by introducing a convenient installment plan.

Given below is the latest payment plan as provided by Prism Town management:

Prism Town Gujar Khan Payment Plan

Booking Details

Although development is expected to start at the start of 2023, the prices are finalized by the management, and an easy installment plan is also disclosed. Furthermore, bookings are also open for plots for sale in society. Customers can book their plots with a 20% down payment and the rest of the amount can be cleared in 12 quarterly installments.

You may contact Manahil Estate for booking your plots in Prism Town Gujar Khan. Reach out to us via phone at +92-345-5222253, or email at marketing@manahilestate.com or input your requirements and budget in our website form and submit! Our dedicated agents dealing with plots in Prism Town Gujar Khan will assist you shortly!

Documents Required for Booking

Some documents should be attached to the application form for the successful booking of plots in Prism Town. You can contact us to get the application form.

You need to attach the following documents with the booking form:

  • Copies of CNIC or Passport
  • Copies of NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) in case you are a foreign residents
  • Passport size photos
  • Copy of payment receipt

Prism Town Gujar Khan Booking Procedure

You can get in touch with us to easily book your plots in society. It is recommended that you confirm the booking procedure before going on with it so you don’t face any problems. We will help through the booking process and be with you from start to finish.

Given below is the booking procedure for Prism Town:

  • Obtain the original booking-application form from trusted sources like Manahil Estate.
  • Carefully fill out the application form, make sure you enter the correct details and double-check for assurance.
  • Clear the down payment against your plot and pay the amount in favor of Prism Town Gujar Khan, you may confirm the account details before making payment.
  • Attach the mentioned documents with the application form.
  • Submit the documents in the office of Prism Town and be sure to collect the receipt.

Prism Town management is changing the plot bookings. Customers are always welcomed at the head office and accompanied by a team of professional experts. They not only tell you the details of society but guide you about the investment potential. Moreover, they suggest suitable plot sizes as per your requirements. Prism Estate is working hard to facilitate investors and home builders in every possible way.

Prism Town Balloting

The management of Prism Town has already done the balloting for Hassan Block of the society. This was the balloting of the society and results were uploaded to the official website. Customers can visit this link: https://prismtown.com/ballot-results to check the balloting status, go to this link and enter your form number to check the balloting results.

Why Invest in Prism Town Gujar Khan?

There are numerous reasons you should invest in Prism Town Gujar Khan, similarly, there are plenty of reasons that make it worth living. Prism Town is the best option for investors who want to make profitable investments in housing societies. Moreover, it is an excellent option for people who want to build their homes in Gujar Khan Area.

Following are a few of the numerous reasons why you should make investments in Prism Town Gujar Khan:

Affordable Housing Society

Prism Town Gujar Khan is a very affordable housing society. The plots are available at very pocket-friendly rates, enabling investors of different potentials to invest in this society. Moreover, the developers have further eased the payment plan by adding an easy installment plan. Prices will not stay this affordable for long, so you should invest in Prism Town as early as possible

Approved by 2 Regulatory Bodies

The plus point of Prism Town Gujar Khan is that it is already approved by two regulatory authorities. First, it is approved by Punjab Housing and Town Planning Authority (PHATA). Secondly, it also possesses a valid No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA). This makes society very safe and secure for investments as well as ideal for building homes.

Prime Location

It is located in a very ideal and well-demanded location of Gujar Khan Rawalpindi; it is located on the main G.T road Gujar Khan, near Al-Manan Marriage Hall. Prism Town is just a few minutes drive from main Gujar Khan City. Furthermore, it is easily accessible from multiple places in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, it is also approachable from other surrounding cities and towns.

High Investment Potential

Prism Town Gujar Khan has investment potential as a housing society. Society has managed to grab the attention of local and overseas investors in a short period. However, the best time to invest in Prism Town is now, as the society is in the pre-launch phase and prices are very reasonable. Investors can earn high-profit if they invest in this society at present.

Well-known and Reliable Developers

The developers of this project are well-known, reliable, and experienced, so the project is likely to stand out as a successful housing society. It is a major residential project of Prism Estate and Builders; they will start the development in early 2023. Prism Estate has delivered multiple successful projects in the past; therefore, they have the necessary experience to develop this project as per the expectations of the investors.

All basic and Advanced Amenities

Prism Town is a fully-equipped residential housing society that offers all the facilities and amenities that make a project perfect for living and investing. Water, gas, and electricity are present in abundance in society and they will be provisioned underground. Moreover, smart development will be carried out to ensure the supply of smart features.

Prism Town Gujar Khan – Pros and Cons

Every real estate project consists of some pros as well as some cons; however, prism town’s pros are much more than the cons.

Given below are the pros and cons of Prism Town Gujar Khan:


Given below are the pros of the society:

  • All basic utilities including 24/7 water, gas, and electricity
  • State-of-the-art infrastructural development
  • Gated and walled community
  • Safe and secure housing society
  • Prominent Location
  • Maintenance systems
  • Proper waste disposal system
  • Affordable plot prices
  • High investment potential
  • Experienced developers
  • Healthcare facility
  • Dedicated commercial areas
  • Highly accessible society
  • Approved by TMA and PHATA


Following is the only con of this society:

  • Prices are considered high

Prism Town Gujar Khan – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- What is Prism Town Gujar Khan?

Prism Town Gujar Khan is a modern housing project by Prism Estate and Developers. It is located on main G.T Road, Gujar Khan Area of Rawalpindi, and offers multiple plot options for investors and home builders.

Q- What is the major difference between Prism Town and other Housing Projects?

Prism Town Gujar Khan offers a unique living experience to prospective residents. It is designed according to international standards and offers a mix of smart features. Furthermore, the location is very prominent and plot prices are very pocket-friendly.

Q- What is the approval status of Prism Town?

Prism Town is approved by PHATA and TMA, but it is to acquire the final NOC from RDA. As per the current status, they will be marked legal by RDA soon.

Q- Where is Prism Town Located?

It is located on the main Grand Trunk (G.T) Road right next to New Metro City Gujar Khan and Al-Manan Wedding Hall.

Q- What are the Salient Features of Prism Town Gujar Khan?

Prism Town Gujar Khan consists of all the features that make a society ideal for investments and living including:

  • All basic Utilities
  • Eco-friendly Society
  • Water Reserves
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Modern Amenities and much more

Q- Are Properties in Prism Town Affordable?

Yes, the property in Prism Town is very affordable as compared to other housing societies of the Gujar Khan Area.

Q- Who are the Developers of Prism Town Gujar Khan?

Prism Estate and Developers are developing the Prism Town project, they are an old firm in the real estate sector of Pakistan with multiple projects operating under their wing.

Q- When will the development start in Prism Town?

According to the officials of the society, preliminary development is already underway at the society site. However, proper development will start in March of 2023.

Q- Is Prism Town a Good Investment?

Yes, Prism Town acts as a safe and highly rewarding investment opportunity in the premises of Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi District.

Q- Where is Prism Town Gujar Khan Head Office Located?

Prism Town Head Office is located on the main Grand Trunk (G.T) Road.

Q- Are the plots available at pre-launch rates?

Yes, the society is officially launched, but the plots are still available at pre-launch prices. You may contact us to book your plots in Prism Town at pre-launch prices.

Q- Does the society offer commercial plots?

As of now, the commercial plots are not announced by society, but they will be launched soon. Most probably, the following commercial plot sizes will be launched:

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla

Q- Are the Plots Available in Installments?

Yes, the plots for sale in Prism Town are not only affordable but they are also available on easy installment plans.

Q- What Plot Sizes are Offered by Prism Town Gujar Khan?

Prism Town plot sizes are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Q- When will be Prism Town Gujar Khan Launched?

Prism Town is already launched by Prism Estate and Builders. It was launched in the mid of 2022, specifically, it was launched on 22 July 2022. However, the plots are still available at pre-launch prices.

Bottom Line

Prism Town Gujar Khan is an emerging project introduced by Prism Estate and Builders. The project offers a mix of residential and commercial plots, however, the commercial is not yet launched by society. It will become a comprehensive residential project in the future with dedicated residential and commercial sectors. It is a well-conceived housing society and is planned in such a way that it provides an excellent lifestyle to inhabitants.

The master plan of Prism Town will include all the basic and advanced amenities, the latest features, international standard infrastructure, and much more. It is likely to become one of the most demanded housing projects in Gujar Khan.

Contact Manahil Estate today, to book your plot in Prism Town Gujar Khan! You can get in touch with us via phone at +92-345-5222253, email us at marketing@manahilestate.com, or submit the requirement via our website form. Our dedicated agents will contact you shortly and guide you through the process!