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Ministry of Commerce Society E-19 Islamabad Notice Regarding Open Files

Ministry of Commerce Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (MOCECHS) has rolled out a notice regarding its new policy on open plot files. The society is no longer issuing open files, and it has directed all existing open file holders to transfer their plot files within the given deadline in order to avoid cancellation.

According to the notice, the society is no longer issuing open files from 3rd July 2019, and all existing open files must be transferred in the name of their respective owners by 3rd August 2019. Any open file being submitted for transfer after the deadline will not be accepted.

MOCECHS has also informed general public that file transfers are open in the society head office, and there is no issue whatsoever with the file transfer system.

The notice reads that it is the first and final notice, and no excuse will be accepted after the given deadline.

Following is a copy of the notice:

Ministry of Commerce E19 Public Notice

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