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Market and Price Update of DHA Valley and DHA Homes Islamabad

Market Update of DHA Valley and DHA Homes Islamabad (June 08, 2014)

DHA Valley had been going down since december 2013 after reaching its peak in November last year. According to market rumors, this downward trend was transitory as investors had earned too much during the last peak time of DHA Valley and when they saw lots of genuine sellers were entering the market, they stopped purchasing.

As per the demand/supply formula, supply increased and demand decreased which resulted in downfall of DHA Valley. Those who were getting hopeful after seeing this rise in dha valley, they again got disappointed.

Prices kept going down till the mid of may 2014 when bluebell 5 marla open file was selling at around 2.50 lac profit and Iris, lotus etc had gone down to 50K profit. Here it is important to mention that investors weren’t sitting idle, but they were silently purchasing bulk of cheap files from the market and hoarding them in order to create sudden shortage of files in the market which again would kick up the same rise which we saw last year.

Since the last decade of may 2014, prices have seen stability or rather prices are going up consistently. 5 marla open files have gone up by minimum 1 lac and 8 marla open files have gone up by minimum 1.50 lac. Bluebell 8 marla has gone up by 3 lac.

According to market news, prices will keep rising smoothly in dha valley so this is the best investment opportunity for short term gain. Especially, if you purchase 5 or 8 marla plot in the central blocks i.e. Bluebell, Rose, Jasmine, Lily, Daffodils, Sunflower, Daisy, Olaender, Tulip etc, you are likely to make good profit within a year.

Regarding DHA Homes, its prices have just started to rise since last 10 days. 5 marla dha homes have gone up by 2 to 3 lac minimum, and now cost around 28+ lac. 8 marla dha homes have gone up by the same amount and now cost up to 52+ lac rupees.

Regarding DHA Homes project, more than 800 homes are completely built or structures ready where finishing work is in progress. According to one of the representative, DHA is going to complete work on the existing homes and hand over to the owners before starting further construction of homes.

Another market news is that the bank accounts of DHA, which were frozen by the supreme court, are now unfrozen. Meaning that DHA have enough funds now to complete its projects on a fast track basis. Another news says  that the GHQ has asked DHA to complete its DHA Valley and DHA Phase 4 projects on fast track basis, therefore DHA is working hard to complete its development work in DHA Valley within the next 2 years.


  1. sohail.zafar@aje.ae says:

    Any further developments with respect to the possession of DHA Valley project since 2014 is going to be ended

  2. Yousuf says:

    What are pros and cons if I have already obtained allotment letter?

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