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Margalla Avenue gets a New Access to Capital City

Margalla Avenue is a developing road project that will resolve the traffic problems of Islamabad Sectors, B-17, C-15, C-14, D-12, and D-13. The road congestion will be resolved with this project as this will manage all the traffic coming around this area.

The initial proposed route of Margalla Avenue also called Margalla Expressway would cover the distance from Nur Pur Shahan to Golra Islamabad. Margalla Avenue is part of the Islamabad master plan and would now serve as the alternative route to Srinagar Highway. The traffic flow on the Srinagar Highway is increasing due to the new Islamabad International Airport and many new housing projects on the western routes. 

Despite its obvious benefits and need of the time the work on Margalla Avenue ramie din limbo. Margalla Avenue has remained in controversies due to various factors including environmental concerns as well. Even the Islamabad High Court (IHC) had to intervene and termed it a safe project. 

The current government gave new life to this project and started it again in April 2021. The government took the initiative and started the project with few changes. Now it comprises a 32km road that extends from Sangjani area G.T. road to the Bhara Kahu.

Previously, the intention was to connect the avenue with Murree Road but with the renewed planning the avenue was shifted to a different endpoint.

The project carries many benefits with its completion. It is made to tackle the traffic problem, shedding it from Srinagar Highway. The project also benefits commuters with less travel time from the main sector D-12 till D-17 and also B-17. Margalla Avenue will give a safe passage to those who want to bypass the busy Srinagar Highway and wish to reach directly to Murree Road from G.T. Road.

This road would not only serve as an alternative route rather the new blue area project would greatly benefit from it. In certainty, Margalla Avenue Islamabad is going to give new access to the capital city.    

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