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Gulberg Islamabad: Gulberg Greens and Residencia

Gulberg Islamabad Cover Image

Hundreds of housing projects are emerging on the map of Capital City Islamabad. Out of these hundreds, few are delivering what they promised. Out of these few, one marvelous housing project is named Gulberg Islamabad housing scheme. This marvel project is the ultimate living and investment destination of Islamabad that provides excellent investment opportunities.


Gulberg Islamabad Overview

Gulberg Islamabad is a beautiful housing project located in the heart of Islamabad. Developed by IBECHS, Gulberg Islamabad is the ultimate living destination comprising Gulberg Residencia, Gulberg Greens Farmhouse, and Gulberg Commercial.

Gulberg Islamabad which is also known as IBECHS Phase 3 has established itself as a place with quality infrastructure, beautiful landscapes, lush green parks, and dedicated community areas. Gulberg Greens has become the premium address of Capital City Islamabad. The housing society is primarily divided into two areas, i.e., Gulberg Residencia and Gulberg Greens.

Gulberg Islamabad is a great destination when it comes to the real estate sector in Islamabad. It is developed by IBECHS and has got dedicated interchange on Islamabad Expressway. It is an approved project by Capital Development Authority (CDA). It is located at a prime location with few minutes’ drive from Islamabad and Rawalpindi city centers. The development work in Gulberg Islamabad is top-notch with residents already moving in and developing houses on their plots.

Gulberg Islamabad Video

Following is an introductory video of this housing society:

Gulberg Greens

Gulberg Greens area of Gulberg Islamabad consists of modern farmhouses surrounded by wide roads, mosques, hospitals, restaurants, pharmacies, a knowledge village, and spacious parks. 

Gulberg Residencia

Gulberg Residencia is purely a residential area with street lights, an underground sewerage system, power supply, gas, commercial markets, kids’ play areas, security, and other great community offerings.

Gulberg Commercial

Gulberg Commercial starts from the Quaid-e-Azam Bridge, consisting of commercial buildings adjacent to Main Boulevard which is also called Gulberg Expressway, Gulberg Business Center, and D Markaz Gulberg Islamabad.  

Gulberg Islamabad Location

Gulberg Islamabad ticks all the boxes when it comes to the ideal location of the project. It is because of its ideal location on Islamabad Expressway that investors are flocking in on any opportunity to get their hands on a piece of land in Gulberg Islamabad. With easy access from Islamabad Expressway, people can navigate to any part of the city without any trouble. It is near Koral Chowk which connects Rawalpindi with Islamabad. Islamabad Expressway is connecting different parts of the city.

Gulberg Islamabad Location

If you come from G.T Road you will find a huge red bridge hanging on river Korang, on the opposite side of the Judicial colony and Gulzar-e-Quaid. This red bridge marks the entrance of Gulberg Greens from the Islamabad Expressway. 

Access Points of Gulberg Islamabad

It can be accessed through Islamabad Expressway via a dedicated underpass. The location is easily accessible from all the major landmarks of the city since it is closely located to Zero Point, Koral Chowk, and G.T Road. It serves as a central location for anyone who is looking for a property in an area that is connected with the Twin Cities at an equal distance. The expansion of the Islamabad Expressway will also have a positive impact on the accessibility of Gulberg Islamabad.



Since the location of the Gulberg Islamabad is discussed in detail, its proximity to multiple locations across the Twin Cities is as follows:

  • Koral Chowk – 5 Minutes
  • Saddar Rawalpindi – 20 Minutes
  • Zero Point– 17 Minutes
  • Rawat – 29 Minutes
  • Faizabad – 15 Minutes
  • Islamabad International Airport – 45 Minutes
  • Raja Bazar Rawalpindi – 22 Minutes
  • Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology – 17 Minutes
  • Sihala – 27 Minutes
  • PWD Housing Society – 17 Minutes
  • Bahria Town Rawalpindi – 25 Minutes
  • DHA Phase 2 – 24 Minutes
  • Giga Mall – 28 Minutes

Gulberg Islamabad Nearby Housing Societies

Nearby Housing Societies

Another great advantage that the residents of Gulberg Islamabad are going to enjoy is its proximity to other housing societies. The nearby housing societies are:

  • Bahria Town Rawalpindi
  • DHA Phase 2
  • PWD Housing Society
  • Pakistan Town
  • Ghouri Town
  • Naval Anchorage
  • Korang Town
  • Media Town
  • Askari VIII
  • National Police Foundation

Developers and Owners of Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad is a project of the Intelligence Bureau Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad – IBECHS and it is also known as Phase 3. They have a long-standing reputation in the real estate sector of Pakistan with their history dating back to 1984. IBECHS hired Urban Planning and Design PVT Ltd. (UPDL) as a project consultant. They have done remarkable work with their expert team of architects, engineers, and town planners. Gulberg Islamabad was initiated back in 2005 and they managed to procure a legal status for this project in 2009.

Developers of Gulberg Islamabad

Total Area of Gulberg Islamabad

Since the project is divided into major categories, the land is also allocated for both these categories accordingly. Gulberg Islamabad spans over 42,000 Kanal of land in total, following is the division of this land:

  • Gulberg Residencia has a total area of 19390 Kanal inclusive of the extension.
  • Gulberg Greens (Farmhouses) has a total area of 18660 Kanal including the extension.
  • 3950 Kanal of land is reserved for Gulberg Islamabad Commercial and other smaller projects.

A total of 10,000 plots are reserved for the residential sector whereas 3850 plots are reserved for the commercial sector. Moreover, there are 400 plots specified for the farmhouses.

Gulberg Islamabad Development Status

The development of Gulberg Islamabad was carried out at a swift pace. As of now, almost all the blocks of society are fully developed. Most of the blocks in Gulberg Islamabad are already inhabited by families as well as the commercial areas are also functioning with numerous national and international brands working in the society.

Overall, society is in the ending stages of development. Different buildings of the society are fully completed and residents have moved in. Similarly, most of the residential and commercial plots of different plots are also ready for construction. Moreover, the farmhouse plots are also fully developed and ready for construction.

Gulberg Islamabad is being developed at a rapid pace and one can physically visit the location for seeing it with their eyes. Gulberg Greens have also been awarded the best development by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce. Gulberg Greens is almost near completion and many people are already residing in this sector.

The commercial area is also functional and corporate offices like Telenor have also started their functioning in Gulberg Greens. Gulberg Residencia is also now livable with people moving in by building their homes in this location. It is a great step in the right direction and the development work will continue similarly.

Following are the development pictures of Gulberg Islamabad:

Gulberg Islamabad NOC

The Layout plan of Gulberg Greens was approved in 2011 by CDA whereas NOC from the concerned authority was issued in 2012. The layout plan of the Gulberg Residencia was approved in 2010 and the NOC was granted by Capital Development Authority (CDA) in 2011. Both Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia are completely legal and safe to invest in or construct houses for permanent residence.

Visit Gulberg Greens NOC or Gulberg Residencia NOC for viewing the approval status.

The no Objection Certificate (NOC) was issued by CDA under reference no. CDA/PLW-HS (127)/2009/257. It is a completely legal project and one can invest in this project without any hesitation.

Gulberg Islamabad Master Plan

Gulberg Islamabad has one of the most unique master plans in the real estate sector of the Twin Cities. This housing society is primarily divided into 2 categories:

  • Gulberg Greens
  • Gulberg Residencia

The layout plans for these two categories are completely different from each other.

Gulberg Greens Master plan

The farmhouses in Gulberg Greens are located in Mouza Koral in Zone IV of Islamabad. Gulberg Greens is further divided into different categories depending on the Plot sizes:

  • Jasmine Enclave – 4 Kanal Farmhouses
  • Rose Enclave – 5 Kanal Farmhouses
  • Tulip Enclave – 10 Kanal Farmhouses

Following is an image of Gulberg Greens’ master plan map:

Gulberg Greens Master Plan Map

Gulberg Residencia Master Plan

There are 21 different blocks from Block A to V excluding Block U. Block D is dedicated to the commercial area whereas the rest of the blocks are residential blocks. Block V is located near the Naval Anchorage from one side. The plot sizes available in Gulberg Residencia are as follows:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

The plots are divided into different categories based on their location in Residential Blocks. The majority of the plots in Gulberg Residencia are ready for possession in developed sectors near D Markaz.

Following is an image of the Gulberg Residencia master plan map:

Gulberg Greens Master Plan Map

Gulberg Islamabad Features and Amenities

Gulberg Islamabad is a feature-rich housing project with a long list of community features and amenities that are most perfectly developed and are just at par with the likes of Bahria Town and DHA. A few of them are as follows:

Salient Features

  • It is a secure gated community with checked entries and exits to ensure the maximum safety of the residents.
  • Provision of all basic utilities including water, gas, and electricity.
  • Underground provision of all amenities.
  • Security personnel and patrolling within the society along with CCTV Surveillance of main boulevards to further enhance the security.
  • Wide main boulevards, roads, and streets to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and avoid traffic jams.
  • Green belts along the roads improve the aesthetics as well as contribute to the eco-friendly environment.
  • A clean, green, and healthy environment
  • Mosques developed throughout society.
  • Hospitals, medical care centers, and clinics at different places in the society for the well-being of inhabitants.
  • Sports grounds to promote different sports.
  • Parks and open spaces for families to enjoy their leisure time.
  • Playgrounds to ensure maximum entertainment for kids.
  • Dedicated commercial areas and shopping malls throughout society.
  • Dedicated underpass entrance via the main Islamabad Expressway.
  • Educational institutes within the society. Moreover, leading universities and colleges have also located in the vicinity of Gulberg Islamabad.
  • Jogging tracks and walkways along with fitness clubs and gymnasium.

Amenities For Gulberg Islamabad Residents

Gulberg Islamabad is a modern housing society that is going to be equipped with all the modern amenities for its residents, which includes:

  • Parks and Walkways
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Guards and Mobile patrol security
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Educational Institutes (Riphah International University)
  • Central Commercial Center & D Markaz
  • Health Centers & Pharmacies

Wide Main Boulevard

A 220ft Main Boulevard runs through the housing society that enables the people to enjoy a signal-free and spacious living experience. The developers have thought of the traffic problems in the future and have planned accordingly. There are commercial and apartment buildings on either side of the road with dedicated parking and service roads.

International-Level Education Institutes

Gulberg Islamabad has been destined to become the education hub of the nearby housing societies as international-level education institutes are planned for Gulberg Islamabad. These educational institutes will be open to the general public regardless of their residency in Gulberg Islamabad. Riphah International University has already opened its Gulberg Campus. Future World Schools Gulberg Greens is operational and Froebel’s International School is developing soon.

Healthcare System

Gulberg Islamabad is going to feature hospitals and healthcare centers that will be equipped with modern medical facilities and tools. The health facilities are going to benefit the residents as well as the nearby housing societies. Laboratories will be set up in the vicinity to provide every facility at the doorstep of the people. A 600-bed Riphah International Hospital is developing and you can already find pharmacies and drug stores in the society.

Sports Complex

Gulberg Islamabad is promoting a healthier lifestyle and for this purpose, Sports Complex is on the agenda. It will not only feature indoor activities but outdoor sports facilities as well. This feature will remain exclusive to the residents of Gulberg Islamabad.

Amusement Parks and Green Spaces

Amusement Parks are always a great getaway for families and friends. Gulberg Islamabad aims to bring all the fun to your doorstep, so along with the green spaces, the residents can enjoy their leisure time in Amusement Parks as well.

Cinema and Theatre

Gulberg Islamabad is one of those few housing societies that are equipped with cinemas and theaters. This unique housing society is going to have multiplex cinemas for recreational activity purposes. Not only the residents of Gulberg Islamabad will be able to enjoy this but the people from the surrounding would also be visiting this.  

24/7 Security Surveillance

Gulberg Islamabad is highly secure as it is being guarded by professional guards and a technology-supported security system. And on one end, it is secured by the premises of Naval Anchorage as well. The guards are on-duty 24/7 and respond to any trouble within minutes.

Commercial Centers

Commercial centers similar to Blue Area in Gulberg Islamabad are going to mimic the central business hub of the Capital city. Similarly, Business Districts in Gulberg is going to be a great location for new businesses and many businesses have already started functioning. Some of the famous planned projects in Gulberg are:

  • Samama Star Mall and Residency
  • Diamond Mall and Residency
  • Gulberg Trade Center
  • Gulberg Icon
  • Gulberg Mall & Signature Living
  • Prism Heights
  • AJ Mall
  • Gulberg Emporium
  • Gulberg Arena
  • Karakoram Greens
  • Shanghai Heights
  • Luxus Malls and Residencies
  • Gulberg Twin Tower
  • Gulberg Marina
  • Sparco Tower
  • Aries Tower
  • Kazani 3

Some famous commercial projects in D Markaz Gulberg

  • Gulberg Rabi Center
  • The Magnus Mall
  • D8 Heights
  • Marvel Mall
  • Grand Xito
  • Platino Mall
  • Al-Hafiz Grand Mall
  • Citi Heights Mall
  • The Arcadia
  • Al Siddeeq Square
  • Al Suffah Heights
  • Yasin Arcade

Prices and Payment Plan

Following is the detailed payment plan of Gulberg Residencia and Greens with minimum and maximum prices:

Gulberg Residencia Prices

Block/SectorProperty TypePlot SizeMin. PriceMax. Price
AResidential Plot7 Marla55.00 Lacs110.00+ Lacs
AResidential Plot10 Marla75.00 Lacs180.00+ Lacs
AResidential Plot1 Kanal125.00 Lacs2.75+ Crore
AResidential Plot2 Kanal2.50 Crore3.50+ Crore
AA1,2Residential Plot5 Marla30.00 Lacs38.00 Lacs
A ExecutiveResidential Plot7 Marla60.00 Lacs80.00+ Lacs
A ExecutiveResidential Plot10 Marla100.00 Lacs120.00+ Lacs
A ExecutiveResidential Plot1 Kanal140.00 Lacs1.80+ Crore
BResidential Plot7 Marla45.00 Lacs60.00+ Lacs
BResidential Plot10 Marla75.00 Lacs90.00+ Lacs
BResidential Plot1 Kanal1.25 Crore2.75 Crore
BResidential Plot2 Kanal1.80 Crore3.00+ Crore
CResidential Plot7 Marla70.00 Lacs1.25+ Lacs
CResidential Plot10 Marla125.00 Lacs2.00+ Crore
CResidential Plot1 Kanal2. Crore53.25+ Crore
D MarkazCommercial Plot11 MarlaN/A Per SQYN/A Per SQY
D MarkazCommercial Plot1.5 KanalN/A Per SQYN/A Per SQY
EResidential Plot1 Kanal1.25 Crore3.25+ Crore
E ExecutiveResidential Plot1 Kanal1215000013500000
FResidential Plot7 Marla90.00 Lacs1.40+ Lacs
FResidential Plot10 Marla1.25 Lacs2.25+ Lacs
F ExecutiveResidential Plot7 Marla58500006500000
F ExecutiveResidential Plot10 Marla76500008500000
GResidential Plot7 Marla40.00 Lacs75.00+ Lacs
GResidential Plot10 Marla65.00 Lacs1.20+ Lacs
HResidential Plot7 Marla55.00 Lacs90.00+ Lacs
HResidential Plot10 Marla65.00 Lacs175.00+ Lacs
IResidential Plot7 Marla115.00 Lacs159.00+ Lacs
IResidential Plot10 Marla180.00 Lacs225.00+ Lacs
JResidential Plot7 Marla75.00 Lacs110.00 Lacs
JResidential Plot10 Marla1.00 Crore1.80 Lacs
JResidential Plot1 Kanal1.50 Crore3.00+ Crore
KResidential Plot7 Marla50.00 Lacs65.00+ Lacs
KResidential Plot10 Marla70.00 Lacs90.00+ Lacs
KResidential Plot12 Marla95.00 Lacs125.00+ Lacs
LResidential Plot7 Marla65.00 Lacs110.00+ Lacs
LResidential Plot10 Marla80.00 Lacs135.00+ Lacs
LResidential Plot12 Marla90.00 Lacs150.00+ Lacs
MResidential Plot7 Marla50.00 Lacs110.00+ Lacs
MResidential Plot10 Marla65.00 Lacs110.00+ Lacs
NResidential Plot7 Marla45.00 Lacs55.00+ Lacs
NResidential Plot10 Marla55.00 Lacs70.00+ Lacs
NResidential Plot1 Kanal125.00 Lacs250.00+ Lacs
OResidential Plot7 Marla45.00 Lacs55.00+ Lacs
OResidential Plot10 Marla60.00 Lacs175.00+ Lacs
OResidential Plot12 Marla65.00 Lacs70.00+ Lacs
OResidential Plot1 Kanal115.00 lacs180.00 Lacs
PResidential Plot7 Marla36.00 Lacs65.00+ Lacs
PResidential Plot10 Marla45.00 Lacs100.00+ Lacs
PResidential Plot1 Kanal70.00 Lacs200.00+ Lacs
PResidential Plot2 Kanal1.25 Crore1.50 Crore
QResidential Plot10 Marla65.00 Lacs125.00+ Lacs
QResidential Plot1 Kanal115.00 Lacs180.00+ Lacs
RResidential Plot7 Marla45.00 Lacs80.00+ Lacs
RResidential Plot10 Marla55.00 Lacs125.00+ Lacs
RResidential Plot12 Marla90.00 Lacs150.00+ Lacs
SResidential Plot1 Kanal80.00 Lacs1.75+ Crore
TResidential Plot7 Marla55.00 Lacs75.00+ Lacs
TResidential Plot10 Marla70.00 Lacs110.00+ Lacs
TResidential Plot1 Kanal1.125Crore2.00 Crore
VResidential Plot7 Marla42.00 Lacs75.00+ Lacs
VResidential Plot10 Marla65.00 Lacs110.00+ Lacs
VResidential Plot12 Marla75.00 Lacs150.00+ Lacs

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Gulberg Greens Prices

Block/SectorProperty TypePlot SizeMin. PriceMax. Price
ExecutiveFarm House4 Kanal8.50 Crore12.00+ Crore
ExecutiveFarm House5 Kanal9.50 Crore14.00+ Crore
AFarm House4 Kanal9.50 Crore12.00+ Crore
AFarm House5 Kanal10.50 Crore14.00 Crore
AFarm House10 Kanal10.00 Crore20.00 Crore
BFarm House4 Kanal6.00 Crore10.00+ Crore
BFarm House5 Kanal7.20 Crore11.25+ Crore
BFarm House10 Kanal14.00 Crore19.00+ Crore
CFarm House4 Kanal7.00 Crore12.50+ Crore
CFarm House5 Kanal11.50 Crore13.00+ Crore
CFarm House10 Kanal13.00 Crore15.00+ Crore
DFarm House4 Kanal6.00 Crore8.50+ Crore
DFarm House5 Kanal7.50 Crore11.00+ Crore
DFarm House10 Kanal13.00 Crore20.00+ Crore
EFarm House4 Kanal6.50 Crore8.50+ Crore
EFarm House5 Kanal6.50 Crore14.00+ Crore
EFarm House10 Kanal10.00 Crore14.00+ Crore
Business ParkCommercial Plot6 MarlaN/AN/A
Civic CenterCommercial Plot6 MarlaN/AN/A
Business SquareCommercial Plot6 MarlaN/AN/A

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Keep in mind that the given prices are market rates and there is no guarantee when the price goes up or down. Market rates are subject to change without a reason or not.

You can contact us anytime to get the latest prices of the plot in Gulberg Islamabad. We will also help you get the property of your choice that meets your requirements. Agents at Manahil Estate are more than happy to help you!

Booking Details

If you are interested in purchasing a plot in Gulberg Islamabad Islamabad, Manahil Estate is the best agency to contact; we have been in dealing in Gulberg Islamabad for years now and possess plenty of expertise that can help you make the right choice!

As the booking is closed and plots are sold out, you need to pay a lump-sum amount to purchase plots. Contact us via phone at +92-345-5222253, email us at marketing@manahilestate.com or leave us an inquiry through our website form and we will respond ASAP!

Why invest in Gulberg Islamabad?

The reasons to invest in Gulberg Islamabad housing society are not limited, there are a handful of reasons to invest or get your home in Gulberg Islamabad. The first and foremost reason is that the society got its No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned authorities a long time ago.

So, there is no doubt about legality. Furthermore, the society is in the final stages of development, this means that all of the blocks are almost fully developed and many blocks are already inhabited by people. The list of reasons goes on with top-of-the-line amenities, international standard development, and much more.

Gulberg Islamabad is a great location for investment in the Twin Cities and there are many reasons to consider it as your next big investment. Following are the reasons that will attract you to invest in this amazing opportunity:

  • Approved Housing Society by Capital Development Authority (CDA)
  • A Project of Intelligence Bureau Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad (IBECHS)
  • Planned and Designed by Urban Planning and Design Pvt Ltd (UPDL)
  • Fast-paced Development
  • Ideal Location on Islamabad Expressway
  • High Returns on Investment
  • Ready Possession Plots Available

Pros and Cons


  • Ideal Location
  • Approved by CDA
  • IBECHS Project
  • Huge Investment Potential
  • Development Progress
  • Modern Amenities
  • Biggest Commercial Areas


  • High Prices
  • Plot Files on installments are available scarcely

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gulberg Islamabad

Q- What is the exact location of Gulberg Islamabad?

Gulberg Islamabad is ideally located on Islamabad Expressway and has direct access through an Underpass from the Expressway. It also connects to Naval Anchorage. OPF housing and Senate housing scheme.

Q- What is the difference between Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia?

Gulberg Greens is located near the Islamabad Expressway and it is dedicated to Farmhouses. The plot sizes in Gulberg Greens are as follows: Jasmine Enclave – 4 Kanal Plots, Rose Enclave – 5 Kanal Plots, Tulip Enclave – 10 Kanal Plots

Whereas Gulberg Residencia is mainly small residential plots compared to Gulberg Greens. The plots sizes in Gulberg Residencia are sizes of 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal

Q- What is the Legal Status of Gulberg Islamabad?

In the modern-day housing societies in the Twin Cities, Gulberg Islamabad is the earliest housing society to get its legal status from CDA. It is completely legal as it has gotten its NOC from CDA back in 2009 under license no. CDA/PLW-HS (127)/2009/257. It is one of the main reasons for fast-paced development in this housing society as the work was done under complete legal status.

Q- Who are the developers and owners of Gulberg Islamabad?

Gulberg Islamabad is a project of the Intelligence Bureau Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad (IBECHS) and they hired Urban Planning and Design Pvt Ltd (UPDL) for the design and crafting of the master plan.

Q- Is it a safe investment with great potential for the future?

Gulberg Islamabad is one of the few projects in the Twin Cities right now that are going to have huge returns on investment in the future. There are multiple reasons for it being a potential investment for the future:

  • Ideal Location
  • Government-Backed IBECHS Development
  • Fast-paced Development
  • Possession Plots Available for Sale

Q- Which part of the Gulberg Greens is developed?

Gulberg Greens Block D and E are 80% developed and the work on the rest of the blocks is also catching up. Especially the blocks near D-Markaz are developing at a fast pace. Commercial areas and high-rise buildings on the sides of the Expressway are developing now.

Samama Star Mall & Residency, Gulberg Arena, and Aries Tower are complete commercial projects whereas Mall of Gulberg, Sky Park, and AJ Towers are developing at a fast pace.

Q- What documents are required to buy a plot here?

The buying and transfer process is managed at the society office. There is an elaborate list of documents required listed on the society office, however, the following documents are a must:

  • CNIC of buyers and sellers and photographs
  • All payment receipts
  • Society charges paid receipts
  • Tax document and filer details
  • Sales agreement


Gulberg Islamabad is the future of real estate in the Twin Cities and they are proving their worth with each passing day. The rapid development coupled with premium build quality makes it one of the most sophisticated landmarks in the city right now. There is hardly any other housing society that is aiming for this level of infrastructural quality.

The idea of Gulberg Islamabad is in itself the perfect investment opportunity. Moreover, it is backed by a credible name of the Intelligence Bureau (IB). Big business entities like Telenor have already started their headquarters in Gulberg. People are moving in this amazing housing society daily. The sheer number of people preferring it over other housing societies is enough to value its success. Gulberg Islamabad is a great place to invest, live and do business.

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Contact Manahil Estate to buy plots, office space, and shops in Gulberg Islamabad. You can call us at 0345-5222253. We also deal in some other housing projects like Park View City, Capital Smart City, and Rudn Enclave. Be sure to check them out as well!