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5 Reasons to Invest in Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad

Property Investment has become quite a meticulous job nowadays due to the market situation, bad experiences and a large number of residential and commercial investment options available across all corners of Islamabad. There are dozens of societies which have emerged in the past few years which appeal from different perspectives including location, prices, payment plans, future prospects and expansion of the capital city Islamabad.

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Since we have made our sincere efforts to share our knowledge regarding this subject and introduce a number of safe investment options where you can invest without any fear of frauds and losing your hard-earned money, this blog post focuses on the appealing features of Gulberg Islamabad which make it one of the most promising housing schemes in Islamabad where you can invest for certain profit in a couple of years.

Following are the important aspects which we have analyzed in order to judge the profitability and success of a housing scheme. We might have missed any important factor which you can add in the comments box located at the bottom of this post.


Gulberg is a housing project owned by Intelligence Bureau Cooperative Housing Scheme. IBECHS has a sound background of housing development in Pakistan Town which is a fully developed society located near PWD Housing Scheme.

It is mandatory for the management committee of IBECHS to consist of serving IB employees. Being related to a reputable institution, you can trust on the authenticity of this project.


Gulberg housing scheme is situated at the prime location of main Islamabad Highway near Airport Chowk. Major housing schemes are located just opposite to Gulberg and even in the neighborhood i.e. Naval Anchorage, Jinnah Gardens, Korang Town, Pak PWD, Pakistan Town as well as Bahria Town.

Location is the most attractive feature of Gulberg since distance from downtown Islamabad is not more than 20 KM while driving on main Islamabad Highway. This location is much better than DHA or Bahria Town, and the neighboring society i.e. Ghori Town doesn’t match the standards offered by Gulberg.

Therefore, chances are very high that population will start shifting to Gulberg in a large number after some basic commercial units are constructed in Gulberg.

Development Standards

Apart from Location, development standards of Gulberg make it prominent amongst the investment choices at this price range. If you happen to enter Gulberg from Main Islamabad Highway, you will be surprised to see the quality of development in Gulberg Greens where 4,5 and 10 kanal farm houses are located in multiple blocks.

If you are a person looking for luxurious living in Islamabad, gulberg has everything you need for quality living at affordable cost. Besides standards, pace of development is satisfactory. Development work has been much faster in the past 2 years and it is expected to complete all development work within next 2 to 3 years.


Price is another appealing factor driving investment into Gulberg. If you compare per kanal price of Gulberg with any other developed societies in the neighborhood, you will be surprised to know the difference.

It has options to serve if you have a budget of minimum 30 lac rupees to invest in Gulberg. 5 Marla plots are also launched to serve the purpose of low budget investments in the society.

Since prices are still affordable, especially for files in Gulberg Residencia, there are high chances of good capital gain within a couple of years.

Investment Potential

This is the most important factor for a property investor as everything else is a subsidiary subject when it comes to the profit potential. Since location is more appealing than DHA or Bahria Town, and development standards are also up to the mark, profit potential is more than 100% by the time its development is completed.

Seeing the historic pricing trends here, we can predict that Gulberg is going to see steady rise in its prices.

Another important factor is that Gulberg has the most number of genuine buyers in the market including investors who are buying plots for short term as well as long term investment purpose.


Only thing you have to be careful about is the location & ground status of the plot you are buying. Since Gulberg lies on an uneven land and surrounded by villages, some area has much filling and some area lies closer to villages and waste water channels/drains, avoid such plots even if you are getting them cheap.

Another issue is the litigation areas in several residential blocks, where land has not yet been acquired by Gulberg. If you do not have budget to buy in clear and developing area, you should look for other cheaper alternatives rather than going for disputed plots.

It is better to buy something at a good location on solid ground by paying some extra money, as good location plots are easier to sell off later and you can demand more price later on.

We hope this article will help you get some understanding of facts about Gulberg and its investment potential. You can find out more details about Gulberg on the following page:


You can share your thoughts and experiences about your investment in Gulberg using the comment box. We will appreciate some words from you regarding Gulberg, its positives or negatives and your thoughts about its future potential.

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