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DHA Valley Islamabad (Phase 7) Residential and Commercial Balloting Results (November 2023)

DHA Valley Phase 7 Residential and Commercial Ballot Results

DHA Valley is a collaborative housing project of Bahria Town, the Defense Housing Authority, and Habib Rafiq Limited. The administration of DHA Valley Islamabad is holding back-to-back ballots, to facilitate the maximum number of members. The most recent balloting was held on 15 November 2023 that included both residential and commercial plots. Furthermore, this was the 6th residential ballot and the 3rd commercial ballot of DHA Valley Islamabad.

According to the officials of the project, 27,000 residential plots were balloted, which includes 1900 5 Marla plots and 800, 8 Marla plots. Furthermore, all commercial plots of the first allottees were also included in this balloting.  The balloting was held successfully, and the results were uploaded to the official website of DHA Islamabad – Rawalpindi.

DHA Valley Phase 7 Residential and Commercial Ballot Results

How to Check DHA Valley Islamabad Results

Follow these steps to check the balloting status of your plots:

  • First, go to the official website of DHA Islamabad – Rawalpindi or directly go to this link:
  • Enter Your CNIC, NICOP, or POC number.
  • Then, enter the registration number of your registration or commercial plot.
  • Next, click the submit button, and the results will be displayed in front of you.

Some very important discussions and updates were also shared in this balloting, furthermore, General Naveed Safdar, the Chief Operating Officer is also saying farewell to the project, but his efforts for the affected members and the development of the project are praiseable. The first allottees of 2008 were included in this balloting, and preference was given to widows, disabled people, and heirs of the owners who purchased properties in DHA Valley Islamabad.

It is also important to mention, that the administration will also add the transferred and open properties in the upcoming ballots. As of now, DHA Valley has cleared 1005 liability of commercial plots; some transferable commercial properties are also cleared in this balloting.

DHA Valley Islamabad also announced the balloting slots for the members:

  • Such members who have 1 to 3 properties in DHA Valley will get one slot in the upcoming balloting.
  • Similarly, people who have more than three properties will get two slots in the future balloting.

Such members, who have open commercial files, should close their files to get included in the balloting.

DHA Phase 6 Updates

DHA Phase 6, or Phase 2 extension is cleared by 100%, a total of 96% of files are balloted, however, some are still pending, and almost 4% are remaining and DHA administration is putting efforts to clear them as well.

DHA Homes Updates

Furthermore, 98% of DHA homes are also cleared by the administration. The 2% remaining people are those, who are not corresponding to the calls, and messages of the customer support teams. 53 allottees are not in contact with the management; such members are requested to contact the administration for cooperation.

Future Plan

According to the higher management, there were a total of 76,000 members affected, and 66% of them are cleared, while 30%, around 30,000 members are remaining. The management is also taking necessary steps to accommodate such members. The first allottees will be considered first in the upcoming balloting, followed by widows, disabled people, and then people with transferable and open properties.

Furthermore, DHA officials also informed that almost 2000 commercial plots are still present in the society, which will be presented for sale in the future.

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