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Blue World City Announces Second Possessions of General Block

Blue World City Second Possessions

Blue World City second possessions were announced recently, this is yet another good news for investors and awaiting customers. management of society announced the second possession of plots in the General Block.

Blue World City is a rapidly developing housing society located near Rawalpindi Ring Road. It is being constructed by Shan Jian, a famous Chinese development company in cooperation with Blue Group of Companies. It is destined to become Pakistan’s first tourism-based housing society. A few months back, the society agreed to the development of a branch of famous Canadian Second Cup Coffee by the largest horse mascots. Moreover, Sports Valley, a new block of Blue World City was also launched earlier in August 2022. It is a sports-oriented block with Pakistan’s biggest cricket stadium and state-of-the-art Torch Hotel.

In a recent post shared by Blue World City on their official Facebook page, the most awaited possessions of General Block were announced. More specifically, Sector 2 possessions are announced. The society also congratulated the lucky members who were successful in getting possession of their plots. Moreover, development completion letters have been dispatched to the eligible members. An official announcement is also made on the website of Blue World City.

Following is a snapshot of the official Blue World City Second Possessions:

Second Possessions Notification

Investors and end-users often complained that the housing society does not grant any possessions in any of the blocks. This is indeed a happy moment for such customers as well as investors. A few months back, Blue World City announced the first possessions of General Block and now second possessions are announced.

Manahil Estate keeps bringing the latest news and updates on Blue World City and numerous other housing societies for its readers. Should you have any queries about possession, feel free to contact us.

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