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DHA City Karachi Balloting Results for Residential Plots Short Ballot 2017

DHA City Karachi Balloting Results

DHA City Karachi has finally announced the balloting results for residential plots on its website. We have fatched the results page via iframe below for the convenience of our visitors.

Simply enter your cnic number & captcha code in the window shown below to find out your balloting result:

Congratulation to those who have come out successful in this short ballot 2017. There were very limited residential plots i.e. just 1000. Following are the number of plots in each category:

125 SQY = 250 Plots

250 SQY = 20 Plots

300 SQY = 20 Plots

500 SQY = 350 Plots

600 SQY = 200 Plots

1000 SQY = 160 Plots

Considering the total number of plots balloted this time, we expect a huge number of failed applicants again. Still, those who have come out successful are surely going to enjoy good profit rates on their plots. So, a big congratulation to them !

Following is the video of the event shared by the Citi Associates:

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