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Development and Price Update of Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad April 2017

Faisal Town F-18 Main Gate Picture

Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad has been quite a rewarding investment option in Islamabad for past 2 years or so. The pace of development, confidence of investors, and the commitment of Zedem International to providing best housing facility to the residents have caused this scheme to flourish over the past few years.

If we look around at other neighboring housing schemes including Shalimar Town, Mumtaz City, Top City-1, PECHS, F-17 and PAF Tarnol, we don’t find many housing schemes suitable for residence at the moment. Only F-17 and PAF Tarnol may be considered for residence as people are already living there. Faisal Town is going to be the third option where major construction work is underway on residential and commercial projects.

Major part of A block has been fully developed including the main commercial area. Many commercial projects are currently under construction which offer shops and flats on installments. If you visit the society, you will see many under construction houses at various locations near markaz. Majority of these houses are being constructed by investors including Tanveer Villas which lie at the far end of A block.

Considering the location and future housing requirement in this area, Faisal Town is undoubtedly one of the best options where everything should be available to the residents ranging from basic living amenities up to modern commercial and recreational opportunities. Being directly linked to motorway through Fateh Jang Interchnage, it doesn’t get affected by the horrific traffic situations on Fateh Jang Road. Same link will be used to travel up and down the city as well as New Islamabad Airport.

Some part of A block in still non-developed, and most of the non-developed part in A block lies on the land which has not been acquired yet. It includes some streets near markaz, as well as some area in 1400 series where you can see old houses. It is adivsable to buy only possession plots in A block where land is clear from issues. If you are looking to buy in B block for long term, just make a visit and make sure your plot doesn’t lie on unacquired land.

Plot prices have increased immensly for past couple of months, and still the trend is positive due to ongoing developments. 7 marla plots in A block cost from 38 to 50+ lacs and 7 marla in B block costs around 7 to 10 lacs profit above paid amount. 10 marla in A block costs around 50 to 60+ lacs and 1 kanal in A block costs around 80 to 1 crore.

As the prices are gradually rising with the ongoing developments, there are high chances that prices can go up by 20 to 50% by August 2017 when New Islamabad Airport will start operations. There is high demand for residential and commercial plots in Faisal Town, and many people consider it the best option for their future residence.

We have attached a few pictures below which show the number of construction activities going on in Faisal Town:

Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images12 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images18 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images17 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images15 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images14 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images13 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images8 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images9 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images10 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images11 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images3 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images4 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images5 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images6 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images7 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images2 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images1 Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad Images

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