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Wapda Town Islamabad Issues Final Notice to Defaulting Members

Wapda Town Notice

Wapda Town Islamabad has published a notice on local newspapers to address the non-paying members of the society. The notice contains a soft warning from the secretary for defaulting members, who haven’t paid their due installments/development charges etc till date. The society is making endeavors to develop the remaining area on fast track, but availability of funds has become a major issue that has caused the society to publish this notice.

The notice reads the following:

All those respected members of Wapda Town Islamabad, who have not paid off their dues which amount to approximately 28 crore rupees, are hereby requested to support the society by clearing their plot dues. In case of non-payment, the society will have no choice but to impose fine or cancel your plot. It is expected that members will understand the delicacy of matters, and play their positive role in town development by paying off their dues as soon as possible.

It is important to mention here that Wapda Town Islamabad is a partially developed housing scheme, where possessions in many blocks have been announced, and some constructions are also being done. Plot prices have already increased in the past 2 years, and there is much more potential of growth in the years to come.

Plot owners must submit their dues to avoid any inconvenience. If plot is canceled, they will lose the realized gain as well as part of paid amount. So it is recommended to either sell out their plots in order to avail current gain, otherwise manage to clear due payments.

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