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CDA to Start Anti-Encroachment Operation in Sector E-12 Islamabad

CDA Anti-Encroachment Operation

Capital Development Authority has finally decided to take some practical measures in order to take over hundreds of kanals of encroached land in sector E-12 Islamabad. The operation was conducted last week following a public notice in local newspapers announcing anti-encroachment operation in specific mouzas falling in sector E-12, however the operation had to be postponed due to vigorous protests by about 2000 villagers.

The authority had published a notice in newspapers on 7th December 2018 to announce the scope of operation in sector E-12. Following are the copies of notices and news reports:

CDA Notice Regarding E-12
CDA Notice Regarding E-12 English

As you can read the attached notices and news report, CDA has decided to conduct operation in certain mouzas where local residents have received compensation against their land but they didn’t vacate their land. The mouzas include Dhrek Mohri, Bhakar Akku, Bakar Fateh Bakhash, Bara Dari, Siri Siral and Golra. CDA has warned the residents to voluntarily vacate the subject land within given time, otherwise CDA would occupy the land forcefully.

There are certain villagers who claim to have not received any compensation yet, therefore they didn’t agree to vacate the land, and protested against the operation. CDA had to withdraw temporarily and had to engage with settlers in order to resolve the matter peacefully. The matter is still under process, and CDA is expecting settlement soon.

Sector E-12 was launched about 3 decades ago, and plots were sold to general public without acquiring the subject land. Thousands of allottees have been waiting since then to take possession of their plots, however CDA never dared to occupy and develop this sector due to certain pressures and ill-will. E-12 allottees have staged various protests over time in order to highlight this issue in media, but to no avail. 

After the anti-encroachment drive across the country under the supervision of Supreme Court, some serious attempts to remove encroachments are being observed. We expect that CDA will be able to resolve its land issues in sector E-12 very soon, and sufferings of allottees will come to an end.

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