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Capital Smart City Launches Executive Block

Capital Smart City Executive Block

Capital Smart City Islamabad came up with a surprise launch of “Executive Block” during the official launch ceremony of General Block on 2nd of May, 2019 at the project site in Mouza Chahan, Rawalpindi. The company described some salient features of this new block, and announced a limited-time conversion offer for General Block files into the Executive Block.

The Executive Block will be open for booking in a couple of weeks, and its plots will be priced about 30% higher than the existing rates. As a special favor to the owners of general block files, the society has reserved a limited quota in the Executive Block. Those who want to shift their plots to Executive Block can follow the conversion procedure within given deadline to avail this option without any additional charges. After the given deadline for conversion which is 24th of May 2019, the society will charge 30% additional price as well as a fixed fee for such conversions.

In the absence of the official map of the society, it is literally painstaking to demarcate or distinguish different blocks. But the facts that we know will help us understand the location and salient features of the Executive Block, and why we should avail the facility of converting General Block files into the Executive Block.

Let us first understand the master plan of Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City Overseas General and Executive Blocks

As we already know that the Overseas Block lies next to Motorway M-2 and it will be accessible through the planned Motorway Interchange. We have encircled certain parts of the master plan to illustrate the location of each block while taking Overseas Block as a reference point.

The upper area to the right of main boulevard is said to be Overseas Block, and the area to the left is said to be General Block. The Executive block is said to be annexed to Overseas block, with one side facing towards the River and Golf Course at the back.

If you happen to visit Capital Smart City, you will easily understand the exact location of this block as most of the development work is being carried out in this vicinity. Having entered through Chakri Road, you have to pass through unpaved roads of this block up to the Overseas Block to take a tour of the existing site

Most importantly, the society is planning to handover early possession of the 50% area of the Overseas Block, i.e. by first quarter of 2020. Simultaneously, possessions of 50% area of Executive Block will also be handed over to the allottees.

It is important to mention here that the given master plan is provisional, and it will be expanded over time. As more land is being added to the project, there will be several other blocks to be added next to the existing area in future.

If you own a plot in General Block of Capital Smart City, you can convert it to Executive block within stipulated time frame by submitting an application. If you need assistance in this regard, feel free to contact us via email at marketing@manahilestate.com or send us a whatsapp message at 0345-5222253.

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