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Capital Smart City Latest News, Development Progress and Latest Pictures

Capital Smart City is one of the biggest and best seller housing project in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, hence it is pertinent to keep our visitors updated on the important news and developments. On this page, we will be sharing latest development pictures, some interesting news and updates including expected ballot date, as well as future plans of the society.

With the passage of time, more and more people are getting interested in this mega housing venture by Future Developments Holdings Private Limited (a JV consortium headed by HRL). The company has deployed more than 250 vehicles & machines to speed up the first phase of development which includes part of Overseas Block & Executive Block. More machinery will be imported over time as the work progresses to the next level.

Most awaited ballot of residential and commercial plots is expected by August/September this year, whereby plot numbers will be allotted through computerized ballot to those who have paid at least 40% payments. All the leftover files will be balloted in the next ballot, that may be held by mid 2020.

HRL has announced to hand over possessions of a few blocks of Overseas and Executive Blocks by the first quarter of 2020. Those who get plot numbers in the upcoming ballot will be handed over possession of their plots on clearance of outstanding payments.

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Trivelles Smart Homes, an exclusive turnkey housing solution by Trivelles UK, has successfully sold phase 1 of Trivelles Lake Boulevard in Capital Smart City which comprise 300 luxury smart villas. The company has started booking of phase 2 of Trivelles Lake Boulevard, so you still have time to avail this lucrative opportunity.

According to sources, ARY group is currently negotiating terms with HRL in order to launch ARY Villas in Capital Smart City. The company is expected to launch 1000 luxury villas in Overseas and Executive Blocks on Installments. Bookings will be announced once everything is decided.

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Capital Smart City is no longer offering bookings of Farm Houses. According to some sources, bookings were stopped after revision of the plan and consultation with DHA. The Farm House project may be relaunched at a later stage with a revised plan.

The society has officially revised prices of residential plots by 15% on 24th June 2019. Commercial plot prices had already been revised by 30% and new rates are 19.5 lacs per marla. Thus a 4 marla commercial would cost 78 lacs and 8 marla commercial plot would cost 156 lacs with 3 years installment plan.

Construction work on Jamia Masjid in Overseas Block has been started, and the design for Smart School has been finalized. More amenity buildings will start soon in order to encourage home constructions in this area right after possessions.

Metro Bus Service (BRT) will start soon in Capital Smart City that will provide a convenient transport service to the residents of all parts of the society. The construction work on Bus Rapid Transport System will start right after completion of the main arteries of Smart City.

Following are some salient features of Capital Smart City BRT Service:

  • It will be spread over an area of 10 Km.
  • In order to maximize the convenience for users, there would be a well-equipped international standard station after every 500 meters.
  • E-ticketing provision
  • Real time schedule information
  • All the buses and stations would be centrally air-conditioned
  • Free Wi-Fi facility would be provided in both, stations and buses
  • Facilitated with efficient elevators and lifts
  • Segregated roads and corridors

Construction work on Motorway M-2 Interchange will start on June 2020. HRL has already finalized the design and sought approval from NHA for construction of dedicated interchange of the society from Motorway.

As to the most significant development of DHA joining in Capital Smart City, the draft has been finalized for approval from the Army Chief. According to sources, DHA is going to buy shares of 25% of Capital Smart City, hence the society will be renamed to “DHA Smart City“. Once the agreement is approved, DHA will announce its joint venture in Capital Smart City.

RDA has recently approved revised planning permission of Capital Smart City on about 7500 kanals of land. The society is further expanding the planned area as ample land has been purchased in Mouza Chahan & Mandwal along the motorway for future extensions of Capital Smart City. Overall master plan of Capital Smart City spans over 55000 kanals of land, while current development area is limited to just 15000 kanals.

Following are some latest development pictures of Capital Smart City:

Watch the following video of latest development progress at Capital Smart City:

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