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PAC Sub Committee Declares FGEHF Thalian Housing Project Impracticable

FGEHF Thalian Housing Scheme

Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) had launched its Motorway Thalian Housing Project on motorway M-2 near Thalian Interchange in 2017, and thousands of people from general public as well as government employees had paid billions of rupees to the foundation to buy plots in this new scheme.

Later on, sub-committee of public accounts committee of national assembly put a hold to this project, and declared it impracticable and fraudulent. The committee found major issues in the whole process of land acquisition and partnership with a private company, therefore they restrained any further progress on Thalian Housing Scheme.

Following is the location map of FGEHF Thalian Housing Project:

Thalian Map1

The committee found out that FGEHF has collected billions of rupees from government employees but they haven’t acquired requisite land for their housing scheme. On the other hand, the minister for housing and constructions, Mr. Akram Khan Durrani says that the PAC has created hurdles in the progress of this housing project. They are neither allowing it to continue, nor do they close it down.

Thalian Housing Scheme was launched as a joint venture between FGEHF and a private group. The private group was responsible for land acquisition and development, while FGEHF wasn’t obligated to spend a single penny. The PAC found out that this project is merely collecting billions of rupees from government employees, but they have nothing to deliver. They don’t even have a compact piece of land as projected on the map, rather they have some scattered pieces of land in that area which are impossible to be turned into a housing scheme.

There is still no decision as to the future of Thalian Housing Scheme, so we will just follow the proceedings of Public Accounts Committee to find out what decisions are taken for the safety of members of FGHEF housing scheme, and whether this project will be allowed to continue or it will be shut down entirely.

Following is a copy of current news report on this matter:

FGEHF Thalian Hosing Scheme News

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