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How to Register Tenants with Islamabad Police?

Tenant registration with the police station is a must in the jurisdiction of Islamabad. Both owners and tenants are required to submit the documents when renting out a house.

According to Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, this requirement has been imposed to better the security of the capital city. It would not only thwart criminals from entering the city in the guise of a layman but would also make it easier for police to trace back if the person has a previous criminal record.

It has been observed that criminals are using residential areas to hide from law enforcement agencies and they do not reside at commercial hotels. As hotels were already required to collect the whereabouts of every visitor but tenants in residential areas were mostly unchecked.

Although tenant registration is a requirement in Islamabad for the last few years in Islamabad, however, police have recently reinforced the need for it.

What information is required to submit by the owners and tenants of the rented house?

The owner of the houses along with the tenant can visit Public Facilitation Center at F-6/1 Islamabad. Or can reach out to any police station nearby, such as Aabpara, Shalimar, or Kohsar police station, and can register by submitting the documents listed below.

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