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Capital Smart City Bookings Closed: Whats Coming Up Next?

Capital Smart City Islamabad has closed bookings of residential plots on Thursday, March 07, 2019. Those who were interested to avail this opportunity managed to finalize their bookings on the last day, as things will change from now onwards due to the emergence of DHA as a joint owner of Capital Smart City.

This decision was already expected as DHA is likely to announce its partnership with FDH in this housing project in a couple of days. All technical details in this regard have been negotiated, and agreement has already been signed between the two parties. We have also heard unverified news that FDH has already transferred 35% of the society land in the name of DHA as per the terms of agreement.

The bookings have actually been closed temporarily due to the above-mentioned development. After the official announcement of JV, bookings will be reopened at much higher prices including the commercial plots. The increase is estimated to be about 20% to 30% for residential plots, and about 50% for commercial plots, however actual rates are yet to be disclosed.

It is not only about bookings; the official launch of Capital Smart City is also overdue which was postponed after announcing the date last year. There are some other developments expected this year, which include:

  • Announcement of DHA Partnership
  • Official Launch of Capital Smart City
  • Balloting of Residential and Commercial Plots
  • Reopening of Bookings at Revised Prices
  • Unveiling the Project Master Plan

As you may already know that Cracknell is planning apartments and luxury villas near the Golf Course, however bookings are yet to be launched for these premium products. We expect the launch to be scheduled after the reopening of bookings after a certain time period, so prices can potentially be much higher than current expectations.

Those who want short term gain in this low market situation, Capital Smart City is being considered as one of the best options which can render good return within a couple of months. Those who are still waiting for the right time to buy a residential or commercial plot here, we will recommend them to act as soon as possible before the actual announcement of DHA or they will lose a good opportunity.

If you want to know more about Capital Smart City, you can go through the following page:

If you have questions about Capital Smart City, you can check the following page for frequently asked questions:

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  1. usman rauf says:

    last one year say yahi sun rahy hain k booking band ho gaye ha…. but i don’t know k kia drama ha…

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