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Bahria Town Karachi Possession, Maintenance and Utility Charges

Bahria Karachi Possession Handover Started

After the possessions have been announced in various precincts of Bahria Town Karachi, now is the time to pay your possession and utility charges and start construction of your houses/commercials. Bahria Town has unveiled the possession charges and utility charges details for all categories i.e. residential plots, commercial plots, farm houses, homes, and apartments.

Documents Required for Applying Possession

If you own a plot/apartment/home and you want to apply for possession, please make sure you have the following documents required for applying possession:

  • Request for Possession (to be filled in by the allottee)
  • Provisional Allotment Letter (if issued earlier)
  • Copy of CNIC/NICOP
  • Recent Passport Size Photographs (x2)
  • Authority Letter on minimum Rs 100 Stamp Paper in case allottee cannot visit himself for applying possession and collecting possession letter (cnic copy and photos of authority holder will be required)
  • Original Customer Copy of Booking Form / Transfer Letter
  • All Original Deposit Slips ( Including category charges if any, which will be paid on category challan form)

Possession and Utility Charges Details

Find below the details of possession and utility charges for all property types in Bahria Town Karachi:

S.NO.Size PlotUtility ChargesPossession ChargesMaintenance Charges

(A) Residential Plot

1Up to 5 Marla (125 SQY)65,00075,0001500
2Up to 10 Marla (250 SQY)90,000105,0002500
3Up to 1 Kanal (500 SQY)195,000165,0005000
4Up to 2 Kanal (1000 SQY)285,000195,00010000
5Up to 4 Kanal (2000 SQY) & Above325,000270,000

(B) Commercial Plot

1Up to 2 Marla110,000
2Up to 4 Marla180,000
3Up to 5 Marla (125 SQY)275,000325,0001500
4Up to 8 Marla (200 SQY)325,000450,0002000
5Up to 10 Marla (250 SQY)395,000575,0002500
61 Kanal (500 SQY)650,000825,0005000
7Up to 2 Kanal (1000 SQY)735,00010000
8Above 2 Kanal650,000

(C) Bahria Homes

1Old Bahria Homes 6 Marla (150 SQY)130,000165,0001500
2Old Bahria Homes 8 Marla (200 SQY)165,000150,0002000
3Iqbal Villas 6 Marla (150 SQY)130,000165,0001500
4Quaid Villas 8 Marla (200 SQY)165,000220,0002000

(D) Bahria Apartment

12 Bed Rooms (950 SQFT)85,000175,0001500
23 Bed Rooms (2250 SQFT)130,000225,0001800
34 Bed Rooms (2950 SQFT)175,000285,0002500

(E) Farm Houses

11 Acre350,000550,0008000
21.5 Acre525,000725,00014000
32 Acre675,000950,00020000

(F) Jinnah Avenue Commercial

11 Kanal (500 SQY)725,0001200,0005000

Extra Land & Extra Space Charges

Following are the rates charged per square yard and per square foot for extra land and extra space by Bahria Town:

(A)  For Residential Plots Rs. 10,000 Per Square Yards

(B)  For Commercial Plots Rs. 25,000 Per Square Yards

(C)  For Bahria Apartment Rs. 2,500 Per Square Foot

(D)  For Bahria Heights Rs. 5,500 Per Square Foot

Note: Utility charges will be submitted on Utility Connections and Charges Deposit Slip and Possession charges will be submitted on Possession Charges Deposit Slip.

Utility Charges Details

Utility Charges are paid for the following utilities:

  • Electric 3 Phase Connection
  • Telephone Connection
  • Water and Sewerage Connection
  • Gas Connection

So, we have given all the important information required to apply for the possession of your property in Bahria Town Karachi. If you require any additional information, feel free to call 0800-00100 for bahria town helpline or send us your inquiries via email.

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