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AWT Shins Gold Complex – Project Details, Features and Building Plans

AWT Shins Gold Complex

AWT Housing Scheme Islamabad has joined hands with Shins International Real Estate Developer to build state-of-the-art modern commercial complex and AWT Heights in its society located at Sangjani, Sector D-18 Islamabad. This is the 2nd major development in AWT D-18 over the past few years after opening of its dedicated interchange on motorway M-1. AWT and Shins inked agreement to launch this joint venture earlier this year, and now the actual development work has begun.

Shins International is a globally recognized construction company which has successfully delivered various architectural assignments across the world. The company aims to implement modern architectural designs and structures in this unique commercial venture. Front elevations and layout plans of each commercial building have been finalized already that we will share below.

Following is the front elevation of Westhill 5 commercial building:

As you can see on the image, the commercial building uses a lot of glass work to give it a modern look. There are 8 different buildings planned in AWT SHINS Gold Complex under the name of Westhill. All buildings have a slightly different layout, but exterior look is almost the same. Each building has 7 floors i.e. LG+G+5, and each one comprises of commercial shops, halls, offices and apartments.

AWT Shins Gold Complex Floor Plans

You can find out complete details of AWT Shins Gold Complex along with layout plans and front elevations in the attached brochure:

AWT Shins Gold Complex Brochure

Considering the fact that no commercial projects exist in AWT, this new development is going to affect market prices of residential and commercial plots in short term. Construction work will pick up pace after Ramadan, and most probably AWT SHINS Gold Complex will be put on sale very soon in the market. Construction of so many commercial projects may encourage people to construct their own houses and commercial projects, so overall market situation in AWT can change due to this very project.

Watch the following video on AWT SHINS Gold Complex:

We will update this page after the official payment plans of shops, offices and apartments in AWT Shins Gold Complex are released, so stay tuned !

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