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Official CDA Helpline launched for Convenience of Public

CDA-Helpline Banner

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has launched a helpline-1819 after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ufone. The idea behind the launch of this helpline is to bring technology into the procedures of the authority.

The helpline service will be open to the public and the public can utilize it for their complaints, feedback services, file tracing, and much more. The helpline number is 1819 and this helpline will bring confidence to the resident of Islamabad that CDA is approachable.

Another idea for bringing the use of technology in the procedures of the authority is to increase the level of transparency in the organization. Moreover, the use of technology will also increase the efficiency of the CDA.

This helpline will bring citizens a chance to voice their concerns on small matters like prices of the perishable goods. They can simply register their complaints against the culprits making it easier for the CDA to take action.

It is to be clarified that the CDA Helpline-1819 is only for the use of CDA-related problems and not to be confused with Police matters. Police already have a dedicated helpline and emergency cases that include police assistance must be contacted on that helpline.

The services of excise and taxation can also be availed using the helpline 1819. This will also resolve many property-related matters of the citizens which were previously resolved by physically visiting the facilities.

The communication gap between the citizens and civic bodies will reduce. The introduction of the helpline is a great step for engaging CDA with the residents.

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