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Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C

Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C is one of the many sectors of the society, that offers different residential and commercial options. Bahria Town Rawalpindi is one of the most demanded housing projects in the city, similar to DHA Islamabad – Rawalpindi. Over the years, the market value of Bahria Town has sky-rocketed and investors have enjoyed huge returns on investments. Phase 8 is a rapidly developing part of Bahria Town Rawalpindi that is considered by plenty of local, and foreign investors and people searching for comfortable living opportunities.

Overview of Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C Rawalpindi

It is one of the many sectors, that acts as a perfect living destination for luxury living in the heart of Rawalpindi. Not only this but, it also provides exquisite real estate options for future-oriented investments.

It comes with a variety of property options, modern infrastructure, and an array of amenities to cater to the needs of modern residents. Sector C is a great option, whether you are looking for profitable investment options or you want to build your dream home and settle down in a luxury neighborhood.

You will find all the necessary details of Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C on this page including the location, master plan, plot options, facilities, and much more. Stick to the end to get all of the useful information!

Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C Location

Whether you are looking at a project from the investment point of view or residence point of view, location is one such aspect that cannot be neglected at any cost. In the location aspect, Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C does not disappoint investors and end users.

Following is the location map of this Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C:

Sector C sprawls over quite an excellent location within the greater Phase 8 of Bahria Town Rawalpindi. It comes right after Sector B, behind the District Commercial (Lake Boulevard) of Phase 8. Furthermore, it sprawls over the land area located behind the Usman Block. Similar to Sector A and Sector B, this sector can also be accessed easily from Bahria Expressway and Safari Valley route.

  • Accessibility
  • Present on the main Bahria Expressway
  • Located right next to Sector B, Phase 8
  • Approx. A 15-minute drive from Bahria Town Phase 7
  • Approx. 8-minute drive from Sector A, Phase 8
  • Approx. A 10-minute drive from Overseas Enclave, Phase 8
  • Approx. A 20-minute drive from DHA Islamabad – Rawalpindi Phase 1
  • Approx. A 23-minute drive from main G.T Road, Rawalpindi

NOC and Approval Status

Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C is yet to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Rawalpindi Development Authority. The initial NOC of Bahria Town Rawalpindi is already approved by Capital Development Authority (CDA). Bahria Town private limited has already applied for the NOC of Phase 8 and Phase 9 to RDA. Furthermore, they have also completed all the prerequisites for the approval. Looking at the experience of developers, development pace, and planning of Sector C, we can say that the NOC will be granted soon.

Developer and Development Status of Sector C

Similar to the rest of Bahria Town, Sector C is also developed by Bahria Town private limited. The developers are operating multiple branches of Bahria Town in different cities of Pakistan including Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Bahria Town private limited has been operating in the development industry for more than 2 decades. Therefore, they have developed Sector C as per international standards and have provided all luxury amenities for a remarkable living experience.

Bahria Town private limited has completed the development of the majority of the sectors of Phase 8 and it is one of them. This sector has been developed completely, and hundreds of families, and individuals are living here. Moreover, different businesses, brands, and cooperate offices are also operating near this magnificent sector.

The roads and streets of this sector are carpeted and ready for use. Similarly, all boulevards are developed along with the entry gate. Furthermore, street lights have been installed; facilities have been provisioned in this sector. Multiple houses have been built, and more and more structures are being developed with time. Main Jamia Masjid of Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C has also been completed and it is functional. The commercial section of Sector C is developed to a large extent, and it is developing further.

Development Video

Here is a video to give you an overview of the development of Sector C, Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8:

Sector C Master Plan

The master plan of Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C is designed with attention to each and every detail. Furthermore, the developers have ensured the provision of all basic and advanced amenities in the master plan. This sector constitutes residential and commercial plot cuttings surrounded by green belts and open areas.

Sector C Phase 8 Bahria Town Master Plan

Furthermore, the roads of this sector are 80 feet wide whereas the streets are 50 feet wide. A graveyard is also developed in this sector. Furthermore, recreational spots and parks are also a part of Sector C.

The high-quality pdf map is attached below:

Plots Sizes offered in Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C

The details of the plot sizes offered in Sector C of Bahria Town Phase 8 are given below:

Residential Plots

The following residential plots are offered in Sector C:

  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The commercial category of Sector C offers the following types of plots:

  • 2.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla

Price Ranges of Plots in Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C

The residential and commercial plots in Sector C were introduced on booking and installments, however, due to high demand, they were sold out. Now, you can purchase them by paying the full cost, as available in the market.

Residential Plots Price Range

  • 10 Marla Plots Price Range: PKR 1 Crore to PKR 2 Crore
  • 1 Kanal Plots Price Range: 1 Crore 60 Lacs to PKR 2 Crore 30 Lacs

Commercial Plots Price Range

  • 2.5 Marla Plots Price Range: 1 Crore 30 Lacs to PKR 1 Crore 60 Lacs
  • 5 Marla Plots Price Range:  PKR 1 Crore 50 Lacs to PKR 2 Crore 20 Lacs
  • 7 Marla Plots Price Range: PKR 3 Crore to PKR 4 Crore 45 Lacs

Facilities of Sector C, Phase 8, Bahria Town Rawalpindi

It offers a wide range of world-class amenities for the residents. From educational facilities to recreational facilities, this sector offers a comprehensive collection of facilities that ensure a comfortable and convenient lifestyle:

Following are some of the most noticeable amenities of Sector C:

  • 24/7 electricity
  • 24/7 water
  • 24/7 gas
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Mosques
  • Educational institutes
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Dedicated commercial areas
  • Shopping centers
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Sports facilitation
  • Premium security
  • Gated sector
  • Underground utilities

Buying Details

Manahil Estate can help you buy the best plot option in Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to get a consultation regarding investments, available plots, facilities, or any other aspect related to Sector C.

Our team is committed to providing you with prompt and accurate information, ensuring that you get the most suitable options as per your requirements. You can contact us via phone/WhatsApp at 0345-5222253, email at marketing@manahilestate.com, or simply, send us your inquiry through our online chat!

Why you should consider investing in Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector 8?

Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C presents a lucrative investment opportunity for investors seeking to grow their financial portfolio. With its exceptional amenities, prime location, and strong market potential, investing in Sector C can yield significant returns.

 Here are some reasons to consider investing in Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C:

  • Prime Location: Sector C enjoys a prime location within Bahria Town, its strategic location ensures high demand for properties, attracting a diverse range of buyers.
  • Upscale Lifestyle: Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C is equipped with luxury living. The sector features exquisite properties, modern infrastructure, and a range of top-notch amenities, creating an upscale lifestyle.
  • Strong Real Estate Demand: The demand for real estate of Sector C has witnessed a consistent upward trend. The sector’s reputation for quality construction, well-planned communities, and high-end facilities contributes to the strong market demand, making it an attractive investment option.
  • Stable Return on Investment: Investing here provides the opportunity for stable returns on investment.
  • Diverse Property Options: Sector C offers a diverse range of property options, including plots, houses, commercial property, and apartments. This variety allows investors to choose the property type that aligns with their investment goals and target market.

Pros and Cons

Following are the pros and cons of Sector C, Phase 8, Bahria Town Rawalpindi:


  • Luxury and convenient living
  • Excellent location
  • Strong market demand
  • Secure environment
  • Range of property options
  • International standard development


  • Limited availability of plots
  • Higher plot prices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C

Q- Is Sector C fully developed?

Yes, Bahria Town private limited completed the developments in Sector C of Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8.

Q- Are there any houses available in Sector C?

Yes, a wide variety of houses are up for sale in this sector.

Q- What are the residential plot sizes of Sector C?

10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential properties are available in Sector C.

Q- Are there any commercial plots available in Sector C?

Yes, Sector C offers the following sizes in the commercial category:

  • 2.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla

Q- Are there any ongoing developments in Sector C?

Yes, several houses are being developed in Sector C, furthermore, the commercial section of this phase is also developing rapidly.


Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C is a prestigious and highly sought-after mixed-use sector that offers a luxurious lifestyle, excellent amenities, and a prime location within Bahria Town. With its premium properties, modern infrastructure, and strong market demand, investing in Sector C can be a wise decision.

Investing in Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector C presents opportunities for excellent returns and rental income potential. The sector’s strong market demand, reputable developers, and quality construction contribute to the stability and growth of investments.

Contact us now if you are interested in buying a plot in Sector C!