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Bahria Town Phase 8 Sector G

Sector G Phase 8 Bahria Town

Rawalpindi is home to hundreds of housing projects, not only this but, new housing societies are emerging on the map regularly. However, some housing projects have been present for a long time, one such project is Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Sector G Phase 8 Bahria Town Rawalpindi is one of the smaller sectors of the society, that offers an exquisite lifestyle, similar to the rest of Bahria Town.

This page is all about Sector G Phase 8 Bahria Town Rawalpindi. On this page, you will get all the important information about this sector including location, overview, accessibility, master plan, and much more. So, you can make informed decisions about whether you want to invest here or purchase a plot for constructing a home.

Location of Sector G Phase 8 Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Location is an important factor in any community because it determines the time to commute to and from it. In the case of Sector G, the location is very ideal; it is located in the North-East part of Bahria Town Phase 8. Sector G features easy accessibility from the main Bahria Expressway as well as from Sector F, Sector P, Sector E, and Safari Valley.

Following is the location map of Sector G Phase 8 Bahria Town Rawalpindi:

If we talk about the neighborhood, different sectors including Sector D, Sector C, Sector B, Sector F, Safari Valley, and Sector P are surrounding it. It is present in a serene neighborhood and features easy access to commercial areas.


Present in Phase 8 of Bahria Town Rawalpindi

  • You can reach Sector G from Safari Valley within 5 minutes
  • You can reach it from Bahria Expressway within 15 minutes
  • You can reach Sector G from Sector E within 10 minutes
  • You can reach this sector from Phase 7 within 22 minutes
  • You can reach it from DHA Islamabad – Rawalpindi Phase 1 within 30 minutes

Approval Status of Sector G

Bahria Town Rawalpindi falls under the jurisdiction of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), although the first approval was granted to the society by CDA in 2001. The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Phase 8 and Phase 9 is still pending and is likely to be approved soon.

The developers have followed all the guidelines of administrative agencies and carried out the development fulfilling all requirements. Moreover, Phases 1 to 6 are already approved, therefore, this phase and Sector G will be approved soon. Hundreds of families have already constructed homes here and leading a quality life, this is yet another reason why there is assurance of NOC soon.


Like the rest of the sectors and phases of Bahria Town Rawalpindi, the development of Sector G is also carried out by Bahria Town PVT Ltd. Bahria Town is an old firm in the construction industry of Pakistan that has delivered multiple successful projects in the past. Not only this but other smaller development firms are also connected with Bahria Town PVT Ltd and developing sub-projects within Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

Sector G Development Status

Sector g has also been developed within the promised time by Bahria Town; therefore, this sector is perfect for future-oriented investments as well as for living a comfortable life. If we talk about the development status, the road and street network of Sector G has been completed, and it can be accessed easily.

Furthermore, footpaths for pedestrians have been laid along with green belts in the middle and sides of the roads. Furthermore, the streets and roads are completely lit at night, as lights are installed throughout the sector. The Main Boulevard of Sector G is also complete and provides convenient access to commercial as well as other sectors of Bahria Town.

The construction of homes has already commenced as possessions and allotments were awarded to the owners. Currently, you can see numerous already constructed houses in different parts of the sector, and further structures are being completed rapidly. Furthermore, the development of central commercial is underway.

Development Video and Images

The detailed development videos and images of Sector G are given below:

Master Plan and Plot Sizes in Sector G

Bahria Town PVT Ltd has designed the master plan of Sector G to meet all the requirements of today’s modern consumers. The master plan is derived carefully, with attention to even the smallest details, ensuring a quality life for residents.

Sector G Phase 8 Bahria Town

This Sector features a center commercial so that the residents can get all the daily life amenities without leaving its boundary. Furthermore, a grand Jamia Masjid is also a part of this beautifully located sector. Furthermore, it is surrounded by green areas and a park is also present here, which acts as a recreational spot for families and individuals.

Plot Sizes

The following plot size is available in Sector G:

Residential Plots

  • 10 Marla
  • 15 Marla

Commercial Plots

  • 5.3 Marla

Price Ranges of Plots in Sector G

Following are the price ranges of plots in Sector G Phase 8 Bahria Town Rawalpindi:

Residential Plots Price Range

  • 10 Marla: PKR 90 Lacs to PKR 1 Crore 50 Lacs
  • 15 Marla: PKR 1 Crore to PKR 1 Crore 80 Lacs

Commercial Plots Price Range

  • 5.3 Marla: PKR 1 Crore 75 Lacs to 3 Crore 25 Lacs

Amenities of Sector G Phase 8 Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Here are some of the amenities available in Sector G Phase 8 Bahria Town Rawalpindi:

  • Mosques: There are 2 mosques in Sector G Phase 8, including the Grand Jamia Masjid and the Bahria Town Mosque.
  • Schools: There are several schools in Sector G Phase 8, including the Future World and Roots Millennium School.
  • Hospitals: Different hospitals are present in Sector G Phase 8, including the Bahria Town Hospital and other healthcare centers.
  • Restaurants: Plenty of restaurants and cafes are located in Sector G Phase 8, serving a variety of cuisines.
  • Shopping malls: There are some shopping malls in Sector G Phase 8.
  • Playgrounds: Playgrounds are established in the parks for the entertainment of children.
  • Parks and green spaces: 2 major parks and multiple green areas are also a part of this sector.

Buying Details

If you are interested in purchasing a property in Sector G Phase 8, contact Manahil Estate, we are a reputable real estate agency specializing in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. We have the most up-to-date information regarding available properties, pricing, and any purchasing requirements. Use the contact details given below to get in touch with us!

Contact Details

  • Get in touch with us via phone/WhatsApp: 0345-5222253
  • You can also send us your inquiry via email: marketing@manahilestate.com.
  • Visit our office: Office no. 2, 2nd Floor, Plaza # 177, Above Faysal Bank, Spring North Commercial, Bahria Town Phase 7, Rawalpindi

Sector G Investment Potential

Sector G Phase 8 in Bahria Town Rawalpindi presents a promising investment potential for individuals seeking to get good returns in the real estate market. Here are several factors that contribute to its attractiveness as an investment opportunity:

  • Sector G is strategically located at a magnificent place within Sector Phase 8 Bahria Town Rawalpindi. It features easy access to different places in twin cities and Bahria Town.
  • The prices of residential plots are affordable as compared to other sectors such as Sector A, Sector B, and C.
  • The demand for plots, houses, and commercial spaces is rapidly increasing in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Potential investors will get excellent benefits if they invest here at the right time.

Pros and Cons

Following are the pros and cons of Sector G Phase 8 Bahria Town Rawalpindi:


  • Excellent location
  • Well-planned infrastructure
  • Reputed and experienced developer
  • Fully developed sector
  • Great returns on investment
  • Comfortable living experience


  • Perception of faraway location
  • Perception of non-noticeable sector

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sector G Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Q- Is Sector G a major sector of Phase 8 Bahria Town Rawalpindi?

It is one of the smaller sectors of Bahria Town Rawalpindi but offers plenty of plots in a single residential and commercial category.

Q- Where is Sector G located?

It is present in the North-East region of Phase 8, it is present next to Sector F and close to Safari Valley and Sector E.

Q- Are there any commercial plots in Sector G?

Yes, Sector G offers 5.3 Marla commercial plots.

Q- What are the residential plot sizes in this sector?

The sector offers 2 sizes of residential plots including 10 Marla and 15 Marla.

Q- What is the development status of Sector G?

It is completely developed by Bahria Town PVT Ltd; moreover, people are constructing houses here and moving here for a comfortable and luxurious life.


Bahria Town Rawalpindi is made up of different phases; one of these phases is Phase 8. This phase is a large region of society and is divided into different. Sector G is comparatively smaller and features 2 sizes of residential and 1 type of commercial plots. It offers magnificent investment and living opportunities in the twin cities. You can invest here for excellent benefits in the future or purchase plots for home construction.

Contact us today for any kind of details, investment advice, or for buying property in Sector G Phase 8 Bahria Town Rawalpindi!