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RDA has revised the Legal Status of Blue World City Islamabad

RDA has revised the Legal Status of Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City is a futuristic project located in Rawalpindi that is often in discussion due to legal issues. Besides the confirmation of management and owners, a large number of people, as well as investors and end-users, consider this project to be illegal. Blue World City has been alleged ever since its launch because it has no NOC was declared illegal by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). On the other hand, the developers and owners kept assuring the members about the land ownership, but a majority of people including different realtors didn’t believe this claim.

However, now, the administration of Blue World City has managed to remove the illegal stamp on society after a lot of hard work and effort. In the recent past, allegations once again began to arise that the owners of Blue World City are land grabbers and they taking over land areas of innocent people by force. The main allegation was that Blue World City forcefully acquires the land from owners, without any compensation or payment whatsoever.

This negative image of the society and owners lead to regret for different investors and potential customers, and they thought they will not get anything out of this project nor will they get their hard-earned money back. However, now the management of Blue World City has fulfilled all the requirements of RDA and submitted the pre-requisite documentation once again. Rawalpindi Development Authority has now removed the Illegal status of the society and has put the NOC under process.

Here is the latest image from the website of the Rawalpindi Development Authority:

Under process means, that the project is being reviewed by different departments of Rawalpindi Development Authority and the No Objection Certificate (NOC) will be issued after the process is complete. It is also important to mention that acquiring NOC is not a simple process; a housing project has to get approval from several different authorities. Most likely, the NOC will be issued to Blue World City this time, and this is great news for members. NOC will be granted to BWC for almost 12,465 Kanals of land as you can see in the above attached snapshot.

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