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PECHS Islamabad Plots Prices – Updated March 2022

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS) has finally shown some progress and plot prices have significantly improved during the year 2021. The prices started improving mainly due to the impact of prices in neighboring housing schemes like Top City-1, Mumtaz City and Faisal Town.

We are now revising the list of plot prices in all residential blocks of PECHS Islamabad including developed and non-developed areas. Non-developed plots have not shown any increase in value as the land issues still remain unresolved, however developed plots prices have significantly increased over this short period.

Following are the prices of all sizes of residential plots in all new and old blocks of PECHS Housing Scheme Islamabad: (minimum to maximum price range)

BlockPlot SizeMin. PriceMax. Price
A1 Kanal60.00 Lacs85.00 Lacs
A2 Kanal70 Lac1.20 Crore
B10 Marla (non-developed)14.00 Lacs25.00 Lacs
B1 Kanal60.00 Lacs75.00 Lacs
C10 Marla30.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
C1 Kanal55.00 Lacs85.00 Lacs
C2 Kanal80 Lac1.20 Crore
C-Extension10 Marla37.00 Lacs50.00 Lacs
C-Extension (Non-Developed)10 Marla14.00 Lacs16.00 Lacs
C-Extension (Non-Developed)1 Kanal55.00 Lacs85.00 Lacs
D1 Kanal50.00 Lacs75.00 Lacs
D2 Kanal1.00 Crore1.30 Crore
E2 Kanal80.00 Lac1.00 Crore
F5 Marla10.00 Lacs15.00 Lacs
F10 Marla30.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
G1 Kanal30.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
H1 Kanal25.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs
H2 Kanal40.00 Lacs50.00 Lacs
K9 Marla42.00 Lacs50.00 Lacs
K1 Kanal55.00 Lacs85.00 Lacs
K2 Kanal90.00 Lacs1.20 Crore
K5 Marla28.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
K7 Marla35.00 Lacs45.00 Lacs
K10 Marla45.00 Lacs55.00 Lacs
K-Ext5 Marla30.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
K-Ext7 Marla35.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
K-Ext10 Marla45.00 Lacs55.00 Lacs
M5 Marla25.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs
M7 Marla30.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
M10 Marla40.00 Lacs55.00 Lacs
M1 Kanal55.00 Lacs75.00 Lacs
M1.5 Kanal60.00 Lacs1.00 Crore
M Extension5 Marla25.00 Lacs35.00 Lacs

Please Note that above-listed prices in PECHS Society may fall within given range or may be totally different depending on current market situation, specific plot features, and demands of owners.

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