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Discovery Gardens Islamabad

Discovery Gardens Banner

Discovery Gardens Islamabad comes with the slogan “rediscover luxury living”. It is a mega housing project along Motorway M-2 Islamabad which aims to deliver the ultimate luxury living in a secured environment at an affordable cost.

Discovery Gardens is sponsored by the esteemed “Falaknaz Group“. The company boasts of its remarkable history of delivering mega real estate development projects, mainly in Karachi. The project is currently at pre-launch stage, and offers assorted sizes of residential plots on 4 years easy installments plan.

Project Overview

Discovery Gardens is planned to be one of the largest housing schemes on Motorway M-2 Islamabad by Falaknaz Group. It offers seamless access through Motorway Interchange coupled with high-end development standards at affordable prices.

The society is currently planned over an area of about 15000 kanals. Another 21000 kanals of land is in the process of acquisition. Hence the total land area of Discovery Gardens be approximately 36000 kanals.

This eco-friendly residential project will cater to the futuristic living standards by providing its residents with a plethora of modern amenities while maintaining a smart and healthy lifestyle.

Discovery Gardens is getting popularity among investors due to the vision behind this housing project. Its location on main motorway m-2 and proximity to New Islamabad Airport and upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road add value to this housing project.

The rapidly developing neighborhood to the other side of Motorway, i.e. Capital Smart City, and Blue World City makes it an excellent suburb of Islamabad for future residence as well as business activities.

Promotional Video

As the society is currently in pre-launch phase, it is releasing teaser videos of Discovery Gardens showing something unique and beyond imagination is coming soon.

About Developer

Falaknaz Group is the owner and developer of Discovery Gardens Islamabad. This well-known developer has become a brand name in construction industry with a large number of successfully delivered project over the past 2 decades.

Falaknaz Group

Falaknaz Group has a large team consisting of professional architects, Civil engineers and expert Town Planners. Since its inception in 1975, Falaknaz Group has delivered more than 25 residential projects in Karachi, while the company is now exploring even bigger real estate ventures to establish itself as a town developer.

Legal Status & NOC

Discovery Gardens has submitted the application for the issuance of No Objection Certificate (NOC) to Rawalpindi Development Authority. Once land ownership is verified & project plan is approved, NOC will be issued to Discovery Gardens.

Discovery Gardens Location

Discovery Gardens Islamabad is ideally located close to New Islamabad International Airport on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2. The residents of Discovery Gardens will have direct access to all major landmarks of twin cities through Motorway M-2 as well as Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Location Map Discovery Gardens

As you can see on the location map above, Discovery Gardens lies close to Chakri Interchange as well as Rawalpindi Ring Road at Thalian Interchange. Current access of the society is through a service road which starts from Thalian Interchange and leads directly up to Discovery Gardens.

Since Capital Smart City has got approval of its dedicated interchange and Discovery Gardens lies just opposite to it, therefore, the residents of Discovery Gardens will get easier and direct access through Smart City Interchange on Motorway M-2.


Discovery Gardens Islamabad offers seamless access to major landmarks of Islamabad and Rawalpindi:

  • 10 minutes’ drive away from New Islamabad International Airport
  • 10 minutes’ drive from Srinagar Highway
  • 7 minutes’ drive from Thalian interchange Islamabad
  • 5 minutes’ drive from Chakri Interchange


Due to ever-growing population and upcoming business opportunities in Islamabad due to CPEC and Ring Road, housing schemes with seamless access will have much higher value as compared with those having difficult access.

Salient Features

Discovery Gardens Islamabad is planned to be a modern gated community with eco-friendly environment and smart city features. Ample spaces have been reserved for public parks, and green areas. Additionally, some exclusive entertainment areas have been planned in the society where residents can enjoy with their families.

Following is the list of some exclusive features of Discovery Gardens Islamabad:

Gated Community with Grand Entrance

Discovery Gardens Islamabad features a grand entrance gate the would make the residents feel secure and proud. As the grand entrance gate of Blue World City has made it mark in the twin cities, Discovery Gardens has also planned something bigger and unique and its design will be disclosed very soon.

24×7 Full Proof Security

The society offers full proof security to the residents round the clock through the use of modern technology as well as trained security staff. 

CCTV Cameras

Facial and object recognition cameras will be installed at the entrance gate and other public places for security purpose.

Underground Utilities

The society offers underground supply of water, electricity and gas connections. A well-designed sewerage system will be in place for proper drainage of sewerage and rain water throughout the society.

Open Green Spaces

Ample areas have been reserved across the society for open green spaces. Being an eco-friendly project, special attention has been given to growing plants and trees across all open areas.

Sports Arena

If you are sports buff, you will love the sporting facilities planned in Discovery Gardens. The sports arena will comprise Basketball Court, Cricket Stadium, Football Ground, Tennis Court and Swimming Pool.

Health Facilities

Discovery Gardens Islamabad offers international standard fully equipped hospital facility to its residents. Apart from hospital, there will be private clinics dealing with public health issues.

Education Facilities

No nation can progress without quality education. Discovery Gardens aims to establish top class education facilities and bring in renowned school and college systems which impart quality education.

Golden Mile

Golden Mile is an exclusive commercial development where top businesses will operate in future. It is planned to be the commercial hub of Discovery Gardens.

Free WIFI Spots

Since Discovery Gardens is planned to be a smart city project, dedicated outdoor spots will be set up where people can connect to internet through free wi-fi facility. 

Central Park

Parks add to the beautify of a place and also create a healthy and eco-friendly environment. Discovery Gardens has planned a number of small and big family parks across the scheme with swings and slides for kids. An expansive central park has also been planned that will host a number of entertainment activities for families.

Solar Energy System

Discovery Gardens is an eco-friendly housing project in its true sense. Solar Energy is considered to a clean and cheaper source of energy, therefore the society is going to install solar energy units to generate electricity. This electricity will be used in public areas, community buildings and commercial areas.

Botanical Gardens

The society is going to establish special botanical gardens where a variety of flora from across the world will be nurtured. These gardens will be fully maintained by horticulture experts and add to the beauty of Discovery Gardens.

Cafes and Restaurants

A variety of national and international food chains will open up their restaurants in dedicated commercial spaces. The concept of cafes for working class will also be introduced where businessman can have meetings or work on their laptops using free wifi facility while enjoying their cup of coffee.

Walking & Cycling Trails

The society will develop separate walking and cycling trails along all main roads. If you are health-conscious, get the fun of walking, jogging or cycling on these trails while enjoying the natural surroundings. These tracks will be covered by trees, so that people can feel the nature during their exercise.

Load-Shedding Free Environment

There will be no power outages in Discovery Gardens Islamabad. The developers have planned an uninterrupted power supply through creating back-up power generation capacity.

Grave Yard

Being a dismal yet essential amenity of a housing scheme, a large area has been reserved for the community grave yard. As death has no calendar and people die everyday, the residents will have the facility to bury their deceased family members close to their residence and keep visiting their graves to pray for them. 

Unique Features

Discovery Gardens Islamabad offers some unique features in its housing scheme for prospective residents which set it apart from the rest. As the vision of Falaknaz Group is all about developing such a housing project which people would love calling home, the developers have planned some exclusive entertainment facilities in the society.

Carnival City

Discovery Gardens will features a full-fledged carnival city spanning over 1000 kanals of land. There will be myriad entertainment facilities for all age groups. A Disney Land will be established for the entertainment of kids, while other entertainment shows will catch attention of younger lots. Some special facilities at the Carnival City will let you experience the culture and traditions of Pakistan and will be meant for people of all backgrounds.

Shooting Club

The society will establish a shooting club with open and close practice facility and a fully stocked gun shop. The facility will provide safe and secure access to multi shooting disciplines such as Air Rifle Shooting, Pistol Shooting and Gun training.

Hotel Resort

Discovery Gardens will host a 5 star multi-storied hotel resort with contemporary features where your guests can enjoy their stay in a welcoming environment. It will be a state-of-the-art establishment with exquisitely designed indoor facilities including lobby area, and comfy rooms fitted with relaxing bathrooms. 

Mini Golf

Mini Golf is a popular outing facility in a housing scheme where families can have fun playing golf. It will be an ideal destination for corporate team events or friendly outings. The mini golf will be beautifully designed as per international standards.

Grand Mosque

Religious congregations are imperative to our religion. A centrally located Jamia Masjid will be the place where the community will get together to offer Jumma and Eid Prayers. The society is currently planning a grand Jamia Masjid with multi-storey complex with architecture par excellence. The Mosque complex will also host a religious teaching center, Islamic Library, and learning center for kids.


It is a tailor-made facility for racing buffs. The kartodrome at Discovery Gardens will feature an indoor circuit with multiple karts of different sizes that deliver an exciting racing experience. There will be separate tracks for kids and adults who want to indulge in the thrill of speed in a safe and controlled environment.

Water Park

Discovery Gardens offers indoor and outdoor entertainment options to its residents. A water park is being planned in the society where families can have fun with their kids. Water slides, and other water sporting facilities will be developed while ensuring safety so that families can fully enjoy with their kids.


If you want to enjoy wilderness right in your neighborhood, this facility will thrill you. The society has planned a functional ranch facility where seasoned horseback riders will conduct training sessions for inspiring riders and kids. Also the expert riders can get the facility to jump onto a horseback and take a ride through the tracks.

Download Brochure

You may download project brochure to find out complete range of amenities and features planned at Discovery Gardens Islamabad:

Discovery Gardens Brochure

Discovery Gardens Master Plan

The Masterplan of Discovery Gardens is meticulously designed by an expert team of architects and town planners. Several clusters of residential blocks are smartly planned along the main boulevard which provide convenient access to central commercial districts and amusement areas.

Here is a copy of the master plan map of Discovery Gardens:

Discovery Gardens Master Plan 2

As you can see on the master plan image attached above, the society is planned to get direct access through Motorway Interchange M-2. This is possibly the same interchange which is planned for Capital Smart City.

The width of main boulevards and streets is fairly wide, while ample green areas and spaces have been left open across all blocks for plantation. Entertainment and amenities areas are well defined in the master plan, so you can have a good understanding of actual development plan just by scanning the master plan.

Here is another version of the master plan of Discovery Gardens:

Discovery Master Plan

Development Status

Discovery Gardens is currently non-developed, however they are soon going to move heavy machinery to the project site for earthwork (levelling, cutting, filling). As soon as development work starts on ground, it should take nearly 4 to 5 years or so to erect infrastructure of initial blocks.

Following are some latest images of Discovery Gardens Islamabad:

Following are some videos of Discovery Gardens site:

Prices & Payment Plan

Discovery Gardens is offering a variety of residential plot sizes at affordable prices on 4 years easy installments plan. Available plot sizes are 5 marla (25×50), 8 marla (30×60), 10 marla (35×70) and 1 kanal (50×90). Bookings start from about 25% down payment, while remaining amount is payable through monthly and yearly installment plans.

discovery gardens Payment Plan

Please note that the above listed prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are exclusive of development charges. Bookings are available on first come first served basis on down payment only.

Booking Procedure

If you are interested to avail pre-launch offer and book a residential plot in Discovery Gardens, you have to follow the given procedure:

  • Contact the booking agent or the society office
  • Fill your application form
  • Pay down payment in form of cash or pay order
  • Attach your documents (cnic copies of applicant and nominee, photo of applicant)
  • Submit your form and get your receipt
  • Your file will be ready within 2 weeks time and dispatched to your address

Why Invest in Discovery Gardens?

Discovery Gardens is a very important housing development due to its location on Motorway M-2 and proximity to New Islamabad Airport. Due to emergence of Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC, population will be expanding towards this side of Islamabad and there will be a huge demand for master planned housing schemes in this particular region.

Since Falaknaz is a renowned group which has earned good reputation over the past 3 decades and delivered dozens of real estate projects in Karachi, there is high potential for investment in Discovery Gardens. As soon as development work kicks off and project is officially launched, there will be exorbitant increase in plot prices that will ultimately benefit those who avail this pre-launch offer.


Discovery Gardens is a developing housing scheme by Falaknaz Group on Motorway M-2 Islamabad near Chakri Interchange. The information on this page is for information purpose only and taken from market sources. Manahil Estate is in no way responsible or engaged in sale & purchase of Discovery Gardens Islamabad.