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LDA City Plot Prices & Payment Detail


LDA City Plot Prices & Payment Detail


Following are the residential plot options and their price details:

1) 1 Kanal : Rs. 36,90,000/-

2) 10 Marla : Rs. 20,90,000/-

3) 5 Marla : Rs. 13,90,000/-

Prices have been revised by LDA and above listed prices are the latest prices of LDA City Plots.

(prices are subject to change without notice and may vary from time to time)

Commercial plots are not available yet.


Payment terms and booking procedure is as follow:

a) You will pay token amount to Manahil Estate to book your plot and we will give you receipt of the deal.

b) Once your token is received, we will submit your token to Development Partner requesting them for issuance of Intimation Letter.

c) You will have to make rest of the payment in full in favor of Manahil Estate in next 4-5 days. Once full payment is made, Manahil Estate will provide you an Intimation Letter issued by one of the authorized Development Partners within a week time.

d) After 45-60 days, allocation will be issued to your affidavit file and computerized transfer letter will be issued by LDA office.

Installment option is not available and all amount will be paid in full except the remaining 50% development charges which are to be paid to LDA before possession. The exact amount of development charges is yet to be announced by LDA.