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Investment Advice on Best Properties to Buy in Bahria Town Karachi in 2017

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Investing in any project of Bahria Town has always been a painstaking job. It is not like DHA which is normally quita a stable market for investors, rather it rises and falls frequently due to a couple of variables which need to be taken into account while taking investment decision.

A novice buyer would be more likely to make short term loss than somebody having some investment experience in Bahria Town. If you are looking for long term investment, then you don't need to be too cautious as things do improve in the long run. If you are looking for short or medium term investment, then it is very important to do good homework before you plunge on.

If you happen to count investment options currently available in Bahria Town Karachi, you would be baffled. There are multiple projects which appeal an investor, but it takes a lot of brains to shortlist investment options due to the risk of short term loss. Almost every buyer would want to seek expert advice on the best investment options in Bahria Town Karachi before they make up their mind, therefore we have listed down some of the best options which we consider best to buy for sure gain in short & long term.

If you have been following our blogs for past few years, you might have hit upon the following article written in 2015 on best investment options in Bahria Town Karachi:


We had suggested buying old commercial plots, midway commercial, bahria homes and quaid villas for short term gain and we believe our assessment worked well for past 2 years. Since 2015, there have been many developments and now many possessions have been announced in Bahria Town. So, our best buying options will reflect the current trends as well as the juicy options where you can still expect some growth in short term.

We will go project by project in our analysis about best investment options in Bahria Town Karachi, so lets start with old bookings and then we will talk about new bookings like sports city and the newly launched bahria paradise.

Best Options in 125 SQY Plots

125 SQY or 5 marla plot is the most selling size as majority of potential buyers can afford this size only. Therefore, you will see a large number of 5 marla plots in each 5 marla precinct. Since Ali block has already reached 35 to 45 lacs price range, there is less juice left in this precinct. Still, it can give you good return if massive house constructions start in Ali block. Considering location, development status and current prices, we suggest the following precincts for investment:

Precinct 10b & 11b – Good location next to bahria homes, reasonable prices

Precinct 12 Ali Block – Prime location on Jinnah Avenue, possessions available

Precinct 15 – Good location on main jinnah avenue, height area with solid land, quite developed

Precinct 28 – Good location opposite to bahria golf city, on main jinnah avenue, dancing fountain

Precinct 25, 25A, 26 & 26A – Good location next to bahria golf city, partially developed, near sports city

Best Options in 250 SQY Plots

250 SQY or 10 marla is a standard and ideal size for construction of house. Most of the families comprise 5 to 8 members, therefore a 10 marla house would be an ideal accomodation with ample room for all family members. Bahria Town has many precincts where you will find 250 SQY plots, however you can consider following precincts for investment:

Precinct 6 – Good location near theme park, developed with possession

Precinct 12 – Good location on Jinnah Avenue, near Golf City

Precinct 16 – Good location on Jinnah Avenue, opposite to Grand Jamia Masjid

Precinct 30 – Good Location on Jinnah Avenue, reasonable prices, partially developed

Best Options in 500 SQY Plots

500 SQY or 1 kanal size is mostly purchased by those who can afford to have a large house. This simply means that the potential buyers have ample money to spend on construction of this size of house, so you can expect high profits on this size of plot. As per our opinion, you can consider following precincts for investment:

Precinct 9 – Good location on jinnah avenue, theme park, grand jamia masjid, ali house and 5 star hotel

Precinct 17 – Good location on jinnah avenue, theme park

Precinct 27A – Good location on jinnah avenue

Precinct 29 – Good location opposite to Golf City, on main jinnah avenue

Precinct 33 – Recently balloted, low price, located at the back of Rafi Stadium

Best Options in 1000 SQY Plots

1000 SQY or 2 Kanal Plots have limited availability in Bahria Town Karachi. Only 4 blocks have this size of plots i.e. precinct 7, precinct 9, precinct 17 and precinct 18. Big investors and genuine buyers would opt for this size of plots, which means it is ultimately going to render high return. Anybody who is looking for short term gain without having any backup should not consider such options as you may not be able to sell such plots quickly and may have to sell at loss. 

You can consider following precincts for 1000 SQY residential plots:

Precinct 17,18 – Good location on jinnah avenue, next to theme park and farm houses.

Best Options in 2000 SQY Plots

2000 SQY or 4 kanal plots are rarely found in the market, and rarely sold. If you are a big investor with extra cash, then you should definitely pick up something of 4 kanal size. Profit margin on this size of plots multiply much more than smaller ones, as the potential buyers also have good money to buy such plots.

You can consider following option for 2000 sqy plots:

Precinct 3 – Only precinct having 2000 sqy plots, good location near theme park, possessions available

Best Options in Commercial Plots

Midway commercial is quite expensive nowadays, so it may not render good return in future. Still, you can consider options in A block of Midway which are quite cheaper than block B commercials. Some old commercial plots are recently balloted in precinct 11A. Currently there is not much difference in pricesof unballoted & balloted old commercials. But considering the potential, we will recommend buying precinct 11A commercials right now.

We recommend the following options for 125 sqy commercials:

Midway Commercial: Good location, possession available, block A is recommended

Precinct 11A: Good location commercial plots 125 or 200 sqy in precinct 11A

Best Options in 2 Bed Apartments

After the possession announced in precinct 19 apartments, prices have increased in precinct 19 as well as in bahria heights apartments. A fair value estimate for 2 bed in precinct 19 is around 45 to 50 lacs and for bahria heights, it is from 55 to 65 lacs. You can go for purchasing good options within the given price slabs so as to make this investment safe.

Following options are recommended for investment in 2 bed apartments:

Precinct 19 Tower 13 to Tower 18 – Jinnah Facing Apartments, near possession

Bahria Heights – Prime location in Bahria Town, near completion, outer facing apartments at top floors recommended

Best Options in 125 SQY Homes

125 sqy or 150 SQY homes are located in Iqbal Villas and Precinct 11. Iqbal villas current cost is around 1.15 crore to 1.3 crore, whereas Precinct 11 villas cost around 75 to 85 lacs. Therefore, seeing the difference in prices, we will recommend buying in precinct 11 only, especially in P11A.

Following is the best option in 125 sqy homes:

Precinct 11A Homes – Good location, under construction, near possession, reasonable prices

Best Options in 200 SQY Homes

Considering the current value in Quaid Villas, which is around 1.5 to 1.8 crore and prices have been stagnant for past couple of months, we will prefere buying 200 sqy homes for investment in precinct 10A, 11A, Precinct 27 & Precinct 31. These villas are near compltion and quick gain can be expected.

As per our understanding, following options are best to buy in 200 sqy homes:

Precinct 10A – Good location, near possession, expensive

Precinct 11A – Good location, near completion, expensive

Precinct 27 – Good location on Jinnah Avenue – will take some time to complete, better consider homes planned next to jinnah

Precinct 31 – Good location on Jinnah Avenue, near sports city, near completion, reasonable prices

Best Options in Bahria Golf City

Bahria Golf City has much variation in plot prices depending on plot location. Major attraction here is the golf course, and a golf loving buyer will pay you good money if you own something facing the golf course. So, golf facing plots are the first priority. Alternatively, you can consider some category plots near golf course area or entrance area.

Best Options in Bahria Sports City

Bahria Sports City has good potential to rise by next 2 years due to Rafi Cricket Stadium. Some precincts are at good profit, while remaining at selling at minus. Sports city villas is the most attractive option at current prices, so you must consider it for invesmtent.

Considering location, prices and demands, we suggest the following options for investment in sports city:

250 SQY Plots – Precinct 34, Precinct 40

500 SQY Plots – Precinct 36, Precinct 37, Precinct 40

1000 SQY Plots –  Precinct 36, Precinct 37, Precinct 38

Sports City Vills –  Precinct 35

Best Options in Bahria Paradise

It is good to buy 500 or 1000 sqy files at minus prices in Bahria Paradise as these plots have potential to go positive after balloting. Especially central park facing and Taj mahal facing categories are already selling at much higher profit in the market, so it is a risk worth taking.

Following is a short video which gives you a summary on the best investment options in Bahria Town Karachi:

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