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Daily Updated Plot Prices in Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad is a majestic and unique residential housing society that lies in Rawalpindi. Since its launch, Blue World City Islamabad has become one of the most demanded and popular housing societies of the twin cities. Initially, the prices of Blue World City Islamabad were very affordable. But due to changing market conditions, the prices do not remain the same. Therefore, it is necessary to stay updated with the latest prices of residential and commercial plots of Blue World City Islamabad.

The demand for plots in Blue World City Islamabad has undergone a rise and fall over the past few years. The people linked with this society are investors as well as end-users who want to benefit in the short and long term or build their houses in this world-class housing society.

There are plenty of reasons that contribute to the popularity and demand of Blue World City Islamabad. The developers are very experienced, and the location is quite ideal, furthermore, the society is equipped with all basic and modern amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Furthermore, the society offers fully equipped residential and commercial plots at very reasonable prices.

Over the last few years, the prices of Blue World City have undergone rise and fall due to the fluctuating real estate market. The General and Overseas Block are the most sought-after blocks of society and the prices of residential plots have increased significantly. This is because the balloting and possessions are granted in both of these blocks.

Here are the latest plot prices of all the blocks and districts of Blue World City Islamabad. Furthermore, we have divided the prices into blocks with the down payment, booking prices, total prices, and possession charges. The market of Blue World City is ever-changing and growing. These prices will give you a clear idea of currently available bookings of the society. Also, we keep updating the prices regularly, so you always get the latest prices. It is useful to bookmark this page so you can stay updated with the latest plot prices of Blue World City Islamabad.

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Blue World City Islamabad Plot Prices as of 6th of February, 2023

Plot SizeDown PaymentConfirmationMonthly InstallmentsTotal Price

General Block

3 MarlaPKR 59,400PKR 34,600PKR 7,000PKR 594,000
5 MarlaPKR 99,0000PKR 11,138PKR 990,000
8 MarlaPKR 126,5000PKR 14,231PKR 1,265,000
10 MarlaPKR 153,0000PKR 18,100PKR 1,520,000
1 KanalPKR 280,0000PKR 31,500PKR 2,800,000
2 KanalPKR 540,0000PKR 60,750PKR 5,400,000

Overseas Block

7 MarlaPKR 154,000PKR 15,400PKR 77,000PKR 1,540,000
10 MarlaPKR 214,500PKR 21,450PKR 107,250PKR 2,145,000
1 KanalPKR 385,000PKR 38,500PKR 192,500PKR 3,850,000
2 KanalPKR 616,000PKR 61,600PKR 308,000PKR 6,160,000

Waterfront District

6 MarlaPKR 175,000PKR 87,500PKR 17,500PKR 1,750,000
12 MarlaPKR 315,000PKR 157,500PKR 31,500PKR 3,150,000
18 MarlaPKR 420,000PKR 210,000PKR 42,000PKR 4,200,000

Hollywood Block

10 MarlaPKR 1,125,000-PKR 112,500PKR 4,500,000
1 KanalPKR 1,875,000-PKR 187,500PKR 7,500,000
2 KanalPKR 2,500,000-PKR 350,000PKR 14,000,000
4 KanalPKR 6,500,000-PKR 650,000PKR 26,000,000

Sports Valley Block

5 MarlaPKR 150,000PKR 100,000PKR 23,750PKR 2,200,000
8 MarlaPKR 231,000PKR 3154,000PKR 36,575PKR 3,380,000
10 MarlaPKR 281,250PKR 187,500PKR 44,631PKR 4,125,000
1 KanalPKR 525,000PKR 350,000PKR 83,125PKR 7,700,000

Farmhouse Plots

2 KanalPKR 510,000-PKR 50,000PKR 3,400,000
4 KanalPKR 930, 000-PKR 90,000PKR 6,200,000
8 KanalPKR 1,680,000-PKR 130,000PKR 11,200,000
16 KanalPKR 3,000,000-PKR 170,000PKR 20,000,000

Awami Block

3.5 MarlaPKR 59,000PKR 29,700PKR 7,425PKR 590,000
4.5 MarlaPKR 87,500PKR 48,750PKR 9,750PKR 1,080,000