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5 Key Benefits of Buying a Corner Plot

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Every person who has ever thought of either investing in real estate or buying land for building a dream house has craved a corner plot for this purpose. Corner plots are very hard to find and once they are announced by any housing society, they are sold out within hours.

People who are related to the real estate market understand the value of buying a corner plot and this is the reason that corner plots are the most valued property anywhere. For a common man to understand the importance of a corner plot, here are the few benefits that will help them make a wise decision with their next property purchase.

Proper Ventilation and Abundant Natural Light

In this time and era, where it has become difficult to have a properly ventilated house, people buying a corner plot can build a home to allow abundant light and airflow in their homes. It can only be possible if you have a corner plot to allow airflow that can freshen up your entire house.

Natural light and ventilation are the two most important factors for a healthier lifestyle. This will not only have a positive impact on the house environment but it will also be beneficial for your health.

You Get Extra Space

One of the greatest benefits of buying a corner plot is that you will have extra space for everything. You can have two small yards, two parking areas, and an entrance from both sides of the street. It is usually regarded as a bonus for a corner plot and it can only be described by the person having a corner house.

The amount of extra space will allow you to make changes according to your personal preferences. The amount of extra curb space outside your house allows you to be more creative with the available space and plant more trees to enhance your living experience.

Panoramic View of the Street

Many people like living in the corner house because it has the best view of the street. Therefore, many corner plots are expensive if they are park- or avenue-facing. The living experience is enhanced extensively if the person can view the entire street from their house.

Moreover, the windows and balconies can be made to face the street proving an unobstructed view of the street.

Increased House Value

Anyone interested in making a profit in the real estate market can also opt to invest in the corner plot. The corner plots are always in demand in the market because of their multiple benefits.

It is one of the main reasons that the corner plots are easily sold out every time a new housing society or a residential block is announced by a developer. The developers also charge an extra amount for a corner plot because it usually has more space and more added value for the future as well.

In this way, the value of the plot is already high in the market before its allotment making it more desirable from an investment point of view. Therefore, anyone looking to buy a corner plot can do so without any hesitation because of the high return on investment.

More Design Options

People like to experiment with house designs and others hire professionals to design their dream houses. Only the people who have corner plots can enjoy much more freedom in designing their houses. This is because they have more space and liberty to experiment with their creative ideas in designing a new home.

For many houses on the same street, the unexceptional house design may not work well as it works for the corner plot. Therefore, anyone who likes to experience a unique living style and wants his house to stand out on the block can look for a corner plot because of multiple design options.

But as a caution, it is important to note that the house design must be approved by the concerned authorities, and only then the construction phase can begin.


Corner plots are the most desirable properties in the real estate sector irrespective of their location in any housing society. But buying a corner plot with park views is even more desired by the investor.

Corner plots are also important for the people looking for a commercial plot. If you are willing to pay a little extra, you can enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits of a corner plot and your property will be valued more than the rest of the plots on the same street.

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