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Business District Commercial Bahria Town Phase 8 Rawalpindi

Bahria Phase 8 Business District

Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District is a dedicated and large-scale commercial, which consists of multiple high-rise projects. Bahria Town is one of the best and most sought-after housing projects in the twin cities, specifically in Rawalpindi. It is a grand housing society by Bahria Town Private Limited and offers a wide array of residential and commercial options. Apart from this, it also acts as a business center in the city and also offers plenty of leisure activities and much more.

Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District is a widespread commercial area in Phase 8, the largest phase of Bahria Town Rawalpindi. It is surrounded by different sectors and blocks of Phase 8 and lies at an ideal location within the society. Bahria Town Business District is home to more than 50 residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects. Lying in the middle of Phase 8, it acts as the biggest commercial hub, not only in Bahria Phase 8 but also the Phase 7 of the society.

Developing at a steady pace, Bahria Town Phase 8 Commercial District is a marvel of Bahria Town Private Limited, that follows the testament of the developers with innovation, luxury, and modern architecture. It is not just a collection of buildings, instead, this mega commercial district is a thriving hub of commerce, business, corporate sector, and world-class living. It serves as a gateway for businesses, corporate offices, and residents to thrive in the ever-growing market of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District Location

The developers have chosen an excellent location for the development of Phase 8 Business District. It is present in the middle of Phase 8, offering easy access, to and from different blocks and sectors of this phase, and Phase 7 as well. Furthermore, it is also easy to access from Bahria Phase 8 Extension and Phase 1 to 6.

Bahria Phase 8 Business District Location

This business district is present between Bahria Town’s New Head office on one side and the Statue of Liberty and Eden Lake on the other side. Furthermore, it is surrounded by different sectors from all other sides.

Business District can be easily accessed from the main Bahria Expressway as well as other routes from different sectors as well. The Business District Commercial is surrounded by residential areas of different sectors.

Accessibility from Different Places

Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District is accessible from different places as follows:

  • Approx. 10 from Bahria Town Phase 7
  • Around 20 minutes from DHA Islamabad Phase 1
  • Approx. 22 from Main Grand Trunk (G.T) Road
  • Around 27 minutes from Bahria Town Phase 1 to 6
  • Almost 35 minutes from Saddar Rawalpindi
  • Approx. 20 minutes from Adyala Road
  • Almost 18 minutes from DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Phase 4
  • Approx. 16 from Bahria Phase 8 Extension
  • Around 26 minutes from Fauji Foundation Hospital
  • Approx. 30 from Kutchery Chowk
  • Around 28 minutes from Ayub National Park

Neighborhood of Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District

As the name indicates, Bahria Phase 8 Business District is a dedicated central commercial for the neighboring sectors. It is surrounded by different blocks of Phase 8.

  • Phase 8 Overseas Sector 5 is situated on the northern side of this district.
  • The northwest side is occupied by Phase 8 Sector A.
  • Overseas Sector 2 is present on the northeast side of District Commercial.
  • The eastern side is occupied by Eden Lake, Lake View Junction, and Rafi Block of Safari Valley.
  • Phase 8 Sector B, Sector C, and Sector D are present on the southern side of Phase 8 Business District Commercial.
  • Sector A1 and Sector H are located in the southwestern direction of this district.

Rawalpindi Ring Road and Bahria Phase 8 Business District

Bahria Town Rawalpindi is one of the few housing projects that will benefit from Rawalpindi Road. Bahria Town Phase 8 and Phase 8 Extension are the two phases that will benefit mostly from Rawalpindi Ring Road. Ring Road will pass closely from Bahria Phase 8 Extension, therefore Extension and Phase 8 will be directly impacted by it.

Bahria Phase 8 Business District and Ring Road Rawalpindi

As you may or may not know, Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension extends to a large land area and some of the area is also present on Adyala Road, adjacent to Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. Therefore, the Khasala Interchange of RRR will also be present close to Bahria Town. Therefore, connecting Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension and Phase 8 with the M-2 Motorway. This will increase the value of this area exponentially and offer good returns in the future.

Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District Developers and Development Status

Similar to the rest of Bahria Town Rawalpindi, the Business District is also developed by Bahria Town Rawalpindi. The development was carried out as per international standards because it has to act as the central business district for Bahria Town.

The development has been fully completed by the developers and plots have been assigned to the owners. The main boulevard of Business District Commercial, also known as the Lake View Boulevard is fully developed. Furthermore, the plots are also developed.

Bahria Phase 8 Business District Development

The development has been completed by Bahria Town. Now, different developers, who acquired plots in the business district are continuing the development of different high-rise buildings which include residential towers, commercial towers, mixed-use buildings, shopping malls, corporate buildings, and much more.

Some buildings are already completed while the grey structures of multiple buildings are ready. On the other hand, the development of multiple towers has started. Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District on route to become one of the major commercial hubs of Rawalpindi City.

Business District Latest Development Images

Here are some images of the Business District to give you an insight into the development:

Business District Latest Video

Watch this video to get a better idea of the construction and inhabitation of this district:

Master Plan – Bahria Town Phase 8 District Commercial

Bahria Town Private Limited paid special attention while crafting the master plan of this district, as it has to serve as a central commercial district, not only for Phase 8 but also for Phase 7 and other surrounding sectors. It was designed in a rather straight design; the overall design resembles the English letter “I”.

Master Plan

The center of this district consists of one of the widest boulevards in any housing project in Rawalpindi. The lake view boulevard is 322 feet wide, whereas the service roads on the front and back of commercial strips are 84 feet wide. This will make sure that there is no traffic congestion in the Business District and that there is ample parking space for business owners as well as visitors.

Commercial strips are present on both sides of Lake View Boulevard surrounded by green belts on all sides. There are almost 150 commercial plots of different sizes, and high-rise buildings will be constructed on all of these plots. The majority of the plot sizes are larger, however, some smaller-sized plots are also present in this district.

Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District Projects

The development of Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District was completed by the developers. The plot was developed; all basic utilities were provisioned here. Afterwards, the plots were assigned to the owners. Now different developers are constructing high-rise projects in this district.

Some of the many high-rise projects developing in Bahria Phase 8 Business District:

  • HN Heights
  • Sidra Heights
  • B3 Heights
  • Pearl Tower
  • JK Heights
  • RMark Tower
  • Spring Arch
  • MS Heights
  • Meeras District
  • District 567
  • Tower 36
  • Continental Tower
  • Eleven Heights
  • B3 Residencia
  • One 84 – The Boulevard
  • District 99
  • Iqbal Tower
  • Euphoria Tower
  • Summit One
  • Zem Ark 2
  • Panorama Heights
  • Hash Residency
  • The Titanic
  • Capital Arch
  • Fida Terraces
  • Evershine Heights
  • Lacasa Heights
  • 7 Star Heights
  • Jalal Heights
  • China Center
  • Capital Tower
  • Hadi Arcade
  • Fortis Tower
  • The Grande
  • Skyra Heights
  • Modern Clinic Complex and more projects…

What’s on Offer in Bahria Phase 8 Business District?

Properties in Bahria Phase 8 Business District

Bahria Business District is a diverse area that is not just limited to commercial activity. It will also provide residential units as well.

You can purchase any of the following options for investments or personal use:

  • Shops
  • Residential Apartments
  • Hotel Suites
  • Duplexes and Penthouses
  • Commercial Units
  • Office Spaces
  • Flats
  • Serviced Apartments

Need Guidance About Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8 Business District – Contact Us!

Bahria Business District is one of the largest commercials in any of the housing societies. It offers a wide range of properties that are ideal for future-oriented investments. It is not very easy to understand the business district as a whole. Therefore, you need proper guidance.

Manahil Estate is a 15-year-old real estate agency that specializes in all phases, sectors, and property types in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Feel free to contact us for further information and guidance. We will guide you about the best investment options according to your budget and requirements!

Bahria Business District – Future Commercial Hub of Rawalpindi

Bahria Business District in Rawalpindi holds immense potential as a future commercial hub. Situated within the dynamic Bahria Town development, it benefits from a strategic location, modern infrastructure, and ambitious growth plans.

Location Advantage

The location of Bahria Phase 8 Business District makes it an attractive business destination. Bahria Town’s Business District leverages this advantage by providing a central location with easy access to key areas.


Bahria Town is renowned for its modern infrastructure and planned urban development. The Business District likely boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including commercial towers, office spaces, shopping malls, and recreational areas. Such amenities are crucial for attracting businesses and professionals.

Economic Potential

There is an increasing demand for commercial spaces in the twin cities. The Bahria Business District, with its focus on providing an excellent environment for businesses, is well-positioned to take advantage of this demand. It can become a magnet for investors looking to establish or expand their presence in the region.

Community Development

Aside from its commercial significance, the Business District contributes to community development by creating job opportunities, stimulating economic activity, and creating a vibrant urban culture. It can serve as a source of socio-economic progress in Rawalpindi and the surrounding areas.

Planned Growth

Bahria Town’s reputation for meticulous planning and execution suggests that the Business District’s development is part of a larger vision for sustainable urban growth. This long-term perspective bodes well for its success as a commercial hub, ensuring that it evolves in harmony with the changing needs of businesses and residents.

Investments in Bahria Phase 8 Business District

There are multiple investment options in Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District. You can go for residential or commercial options here.

Residential Investments

There are a handful of residential investment options in Bahria Phase 8 Business District. As we told you earlier, the Business District is not a purely commercial area. You can purchase flats, apartments duplexes, or penthouses for personal use or as an investment. You can also rent them out for passive income.

Commercial Investments

There are plenty of commercial investment options in the Bahria Business District. Most of the high-rise buildings here are mixed-use, they offer both residential and commercial units on installments as well as lump sum payments. Generally, commercial investments are considered better than residential investments, as the rental outcomes are better and the sale value is also more than residential property.

Why Invest in Bahria Phase 8 Business District?

Investing in residential properties in Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District can also be a viable option, especially if you’re looking for a place to live or seeking rental income. Here are some key points to consider:


Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District’s location near Rawalpindi Ring Road. It offers a blend of commercial and residential spaces, providing convenience for residents who may also work, and open businesses in the nearby commercial areas.

Amenities and Facilities

Bahria Town projects are known for their modern amenities and facilities, including parks, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and security features. All of these facilities ensure that the residential area within and close to Phase 8 Business District offers the amenities you desire for a comfortable lifestyle.

Property Types

Phase 8 offers a variety of residential property types, including shops, office spaces, apartments, and duplexes. You can consider which type of property aligns best with your investment goals, budget, and lifestyle preferences.

Market Demand

Market demand for residential and commercial properties in Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District is high. Factors such as population growth, business opportunities, and infrastructure development can influence the demand in this area.

Rental Yield and Capital Appreciation

If you’re considering buying residential or commercial property for rental income, the potential rental yield and capital appreciation are good and far better than other housing societies. Rental rates in the area and trends in property prices ensure the potential returns on your investment.

Developer Reputation

As with any real estate investment, it’s crucial to consider the reputation of the developer. Bahria Town has a track record of delivering quality projects, so there is no need to worry about reputation, past projects, and customer reviews.

Affordability and Financing: Evaluate whether the residential properties in Phase 8 Business District align with your budget and financing options. Consider factors such as down payment requirements, mortgage rates, and affordability relative to your income.

Before making any investment decision, it’s advisable to consult with real estate professionals such as Manahil Estate, to ensure that you make informed choices aligned with your financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District

Q- What is Bahria Phase 9 Business District Commercial?

It is a dedicated and mixed-use commercial located at an ideal location within Phase 8, Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

Q- Where is the Business District located?

It is located in the central area of Bahria Town Phase 8, starting from the Statue of Liberty and ending on Bahria Town’s New Head Office, sandwiched between multiple residential sectors.

Q- Is it an approved project?

Yes, overall Bahria Town Phase 8 is approved by administrative authorities. Generally, Phase 8 is also inhabited to a great extent.

Q- What kind of properties are present in the Business District?

A wide of properties are present in Bahria Phase 8 Business District consisting of residential and commercial options.

Q- Are there any residential properties in this commercial?

Yes, there are plenty of residential options here, including apartments, serviced apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.

Q- Are there any commercial properties in this commercial?

Yes, commercial properties including shops, small and large commercial spaces, and office spaces are available here.

Q- Are there any installment options in Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District?

Yes, there are plenty of installment options in this district. Contact us to learn more about installment options.

Q- How many projects are there in this district?

More than 50 projects are currently present in the Business District, with more projects emerging regularly.


Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District stands as a testament to the vision and innovation of Bahria Town in creating dynamic urban spaces that seamlessly integrate commercial and residential elements. Situated in the vicinity of Rawalpindi, this development offers a unique opportunity for investors and residents alike.

With its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and a plethora of amenities, Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District presents a good opportunity for those seeking prime real estate opportunities. Whether it’s for establishing businesses, finding a place to call home, or generating rental income, the diverse range of property options caters to various needs and preferences.

Contact us for any kind of assistance related to Bahria Town Phase 8 Business District Commercial!