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List of Approved & Illegal Housing Schemes in Peshawar

Peshawar Developmen Authority

Peshawar is the Capital of Khyber Pakhtunwa and the central business hub of the province. Being the oldest and historical city, it is the hub of all commercial and cultural activities. Hence, the city has the highest demand for modern housing projects with all modern facilities. Therefore, the city is expanding its boundaries and many small, medium and large housing societies have cropped up across Peshawar, including giants like DHA as well as the upcoming Bahria Town Peshawar.

Due to increasing number of frauds by fake/illegal housing schemes, it is important to verify the status of housing scheme in order to secure your investment. We have endeavored to enlist all private housing schemes operating/advertising their projects in Peshawar with their legal status and actual registered land area. 

Before you embark on any investment plan, make sure you verify the status of a housing scheme/project/society from Peshawar Development Authority (PDA).

Following is the complete list of approved/legal, and illegal housing schemes operating in Peshawar:

Society NameLocationCurrent StatusTotal Land Area (Kanals)
Ali VillasWarsak RoadApproved38
Northern HomesBaboo Garhi Warsak RoadApproved35
Northern VillasBaboo Garhi Warsak RoadApproved23
Kakakhel TownDalazak RoadApproved89
Shaheen Housing SchemeWarsak Road PeshawarApproved401
Garden Villas PeshawarMoza Kandi Dilawar, Service Road, Near Toll Plaza, M1 PeshawarApproved269
New University Model TownNasirbagh Road, PeshawarApproved169
Muslim CityTarnab,G.T.RoadApproved92
New City VillasDaag Lara, Warsak RoadApproved29
Officer GardenNear Jinah Medical College warsak RoadApproved48
Arbab Aamir Ayub ColonyCharsadda RoadApproved27
Safiya HomesWarsak Road, PeshawarApproved186
Sheikh Yaseen TownNasirbagh Road, PeshawarApproved1209
New City HomesG.T.RoadApproved90
Zintara ResidencesNear Charsadda Road Intersection, Ring Road, PeshawarApproved181
Muslim TownDalazak RoadApproved40
Overseas Pakistani Foundation Housing SocietyBudhni Road Duran pur Peshawar. 091-2614266Approved991
Professor Model TownNasirbagh Road, PeshawarApproved400
Al-Haram Model TownNear Hayatabad Phase-II Bridge Ring Road Toll Plaza PeshawarIllegal443
Khyber KilliMain Ring Road Achini PeshawaIllegal160
Galaxy Housing SchemePushtakhara Near Ring Road PeshawarIllegal100
Faisal TownDaag Lara Warsak road PeshawaIllegal40
Fahim ColonyGulbela, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Malik Liaqat AbadCanal Road, Tehkal Bala, PeshawarIllegal0
Haji Sahibzada TownKhattako Pul, Phando Road, PeshawarIllegal17
New City Homes & Peshawar Villas (Ne City Home Extension)Main G.T road PeshawarIllegal686
Haji Abad TownAchini Payan, Ring Road, PeshawarIllegal100
Madina ColonyNear Budhni Nalla Ring road PeshawarIllegal100
Mian Abdul Wali Shah TownDuran Pur, near Ring Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Fareed ColonyNear Charsadda Road, Ring Road Peshawar.Illegal0
Khan Colony-2Khattako Pul, Urmar Road, PeshawarIllegal160
Arfah TownMathra, Warsak Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Green CottagesRing Road Opp: Prime Hospital Warsak Road PeshawarIllegal106
Haji Tariq Housing SchemeNear Budhni Nalla Ring road PeshawarIllegal100
L.B. Farm HousesLiaqat Bagh, Botanical Garden, Shah Alam, Charsadda Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Malik Saad ColonyBudhni Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Al-Madina ColonyMalkan Dher, Nasir Bagh Road, PeshawarIllegal20
Khalid PlottingJhagra Road, Near GT Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Gul ResidenciaLakhi Dheri Road, Gulbahar No.3, PeshawarIllegal23
Officers HomesBabo Ghari Warsak Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Khan Colony -3Phando Road, PeshawarIllegal50
Mehmood Khan PlotingHaryana Road, near Khazana Sugur Mills, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal60
Khyber CityPookh Pul Stop, Faqir Killi, Pajaggi Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Shahbaz TownMuza Kandi, Near M-I, Toll Plaza, Peshawar.Illegal0
Sufian Gardens (City Oasis Phase-II)Near Pak Marbles, Warsak Road, PeshawarIllegal160
Hamad ColonyPalosai Road, Peshawar.Illegal22
Hamza GardenBudhni Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Shah Pur HomesDuran Pur, Northern Bypass, PeshawarIllegal70
Cornche EnclaveWarsak Road PeshawarIllegal59
Doctors ColonyCharpariza, Pajaggi Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Haji Naeem ColonyGulbela, Charsadda Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Rehman ColonyBudhu Samar Bagh, Northern Bypass, Peshawar.Illegal0
Asad Regi EnclaveBack Side Katcha Ghari, Regi PeshawarIllegal100
Khyber TownNear Shah Alam Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Gulshan-E-Mehmood ColonyMuhallah New Qadah Khel, Inqilab Road, Chamkanni, PeshawarIllegal0
Chamkanni HomesInqilab Road, Chamkanni, PeshawarIllegal60
M. Owais & Sajid PlottingCanal Road, Chamkanni, PeshawarIllegal20
Madina Samar Bagh ValleyNorthern Bypass PeshawarIllegal0
Madina Residencia Phase-IIGT Road PeshawarIllegal300
New Musa Khel Property PlotingQazi killi Peshawar.Illegal0
Haji Shafaat & Qadeem PlottingKarirai, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Nazim Javed, & Maqsood PlottingGhari Hamza, Charsadda RoadIllegal0
Mian Abdul Wali Shah Colony No.1Douran Pur, Peshawar.Illegal0
Basher BaghAslam Dhari Pajaggi Road PeshawarIllegal100
Rauf Abad Gate-1 to 5Canal Road Tehkal Bala PeshawarIllegal60
Umar ColonyWadh Paggah, Dalazak Road, PeshawarIllegal0
New Qurtaba Model TownNahqi Charsadda Road PeshawaIllegal160
Baba TownShagai Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Peer Asmattullah PlottingNear touda Stop, Khazana, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Peshawar Model ColonyDalazak Road, PeshawarIllegal25
Wajid model Colony-IIDalazak Road, PeshawarIllegal10
Ka Ka Khel TownDalazak Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Shah Jee HomesKharakai, Near Shah Alam, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Mian Abdul Wali Shah Colony No.2Douran Pur, PeshawarIllegal0
Malik Al Latif HomesNorthern Bypass M-I, Chowk, PeshawarIllegal0
Malik Jan AbadNear Ashiq Abad Tehkal bala Warsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Malik TownCanal Road, Kohatian, near Inqilab Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Amin Villas Phase-IIMain Dalazak Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Ozair ColonyMain Ring Road, near Pajaggi Road, PeshawarIllegal30
Officer Housing SocietyDuran Pur, Near Northern Bypass, PeshawarIllegal0
Pak GardenNear Charsadda Road, Ring Road Peshawar.Illegal0
Dr. Taj Muhammad PlotingGulbela Charsadda Road, District PeshawarIllegal0
Binori ColonyRegi Lalma, Back side, Kacha GarhiIllegal80
Tasneem GardenDuran Pur Road Near Northern bypass PeshawarIllegal114
Gulistan ColonyHaji Lajbar Qilla, Karyana Road Naguman PeshawarIllegal168
Sherpao ColonyPakha Ghulam Peshawar.Illegal15
Faisal ColonyKhattako Pul, Urmar Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Shami Road GardenCanal road near Shami road PeshawarIllegal52
Hassan ColonyGulbela, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal7
Pasban Town .Shah Alam Bridge, Charsadda Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Green HomesJhagra Road, Back side Chamkani Police Station, PeshawarIllegal0
Nobahar CityNear Shah Alam, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal20
Umar khitab ColonyMuza Kandi, Near M-I, Toll Plaza, Peshawar.Illegal0
Ibrar ColonyService Road, Near M-I Toll Plaza, PeshawarIllegal0
Saeed ColonyService Road, Near M-I Toll Plaza, PeshawarIllegal11
Khazana GreensKhazana, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal214
Naeem TownNorthern By-Pass, Peshawar.Illegal0
Faizan Ahmad TownChalgazi Baba, Ghari Sherdad, Warsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Kaniza ColonyMain Pajaggi Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Saeed Colony.Yaseen Abad, Budhni Road, Peshawar.Illegal15
Al-Khaleej TownYaseen Abad Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Arzo ColonyBudhni Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Shahram GardensTambar Pura, Illaqa P.S. Chamkanni, Peshawar.Illegal0
Haji Gul PlotsSara Khawra, Mattani, Kohat Road, PeshawarIllegal20
Dar-us-Salam HomesTembar Pura, Service Road, M-I, Peshawar.Illegal40
Gulshan AbadSufaid Sang Road, PeshawarIllegal6
Apna Ghar Block-B, Gulbahar-6Near Slaughter House Afridi Ghari Ring road PeshawarIllegal30
Professor Model Town-IIWarsak Road PeshawarIllegal332
Hamza ColonyDalazak Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Dr. Taj Muhammad Plotting-IINaguman, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Saif TownHaryana, Khazana Road, Teh: & District Peshawar.Illegal0
Al-Moeez-IIDag Lara, Faqir Killi, Canal Road, near Warsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal100
Doctors Colony.Northern Bypass, Peshawar.Illegal0
Jan Alam Darmangi GardensWarsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Qari MustaqeemShakar Pura near Shah Alam Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Abu-Bakkar Sudais ColonyMuza Pajaggi, Pajaggi Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Insaf Property Dealer PlottingAshiq Abad, Warsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Madina Colony.Tarnab, G.T. Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Gulshan-i-Tarnab Housing SchemeTarnab, G.T. Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Bacha Khan TownMathra Warsak Road, PeshawarIllegal20
Muhammad ColonyAlif Abad, Peshawar.Illegal14
Rehman HouseShabqadar Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Shah ColonyMathra, Warsak Road, PeshawarIllegal115
Al- Moeez Homes-IIICanal Road Near Shami Road PeshawarIllegal32
United Business Complex & Housing SocietyAchini Payan Ring Road PeshawarIllegal40
Ali Villas ExtensionWarsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Al-Hamra TownKhazana Road, Near Charpariza, PeshawarIllegal0
Peshawar GardenMain G.T road PeshawarIllegal226
Peshawar Smart CitySarband, Bara Road, Peshawar.Illegal100
Shah OrchardOpp: Askari-6, Nasir Bagh Road, Peshawar.Illegal13
Ba Ba GardensMulazai Chowk, Peer Bala, Warsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Warsak Green Farm HousesChandan Ghari, Opp: Warsak Cadet College, Warsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal400
Dr. Taj Muhammad PlottingKhazana Road, near Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Al-Madina Colony.Karyana Road, Naguman, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Muhammad Wali PlottingKharakai, near Shah Alam, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Doctors ColonyNaguman, near EEF Colony Charsaadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Haji Sameen PlottingCharpariza, Ashab Ba Ba Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Safia SocietyNahqi, Illaqa Daudzai, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Arbab Jamil PlottingGulbela, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Anas ColonyKhazana Road, near Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Abbas ColonyKhazana Road, Near Charpariza, PeshawarIllegal16
Khyber property Dealer PlottingPanam Dheri, Kochiano Stop, Warsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Sudais VillasWarsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal160
Umar Zubair ColonyKaryana Road, Naguman, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Malik Abad ColonyThakht Abad Road, Babuzai, near Shahalam, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Momen ColonyDab Korona, Naguman, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Khalil Property Dealer PlottingAshab Ba Ba Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Hastam Khan GardenSufaid Sang Road, Lakarai, near Warsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Malik Abdur-Rehman Khan Khalil Property Dealer PlottingAshab ba Ba Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Wasif PlottingNahqi, Illaqa Daudzai, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Education ColonyNaguman, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Asif ColonyKhazana Road, near Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Al-Hajj GardenNorthern Bypass, Peshawar.Illegal180
Nimra TownNear Vegetable Markeet, Inqilab Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Arbab Umar GardenInqilab Road, Sardar Ghari, near G.T. Road Peshawar.Illegal44
New Ittehad ColonyNaguman, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Hafiz Abad ColonyCanal Road, Syphon, near Kohar Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Doulat ColonyNazir Abad, Sharif Killi, P.S Chamkani, PeshawarIllegal0
Ibrahim ColonyNazir Colony, Sharif Kili, Urmar Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Jhagra VillasEllaqa Jhagra Road, Near GT Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Haji Khushal TownJhagra, near GT Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Haji Azeem Khan PlottingJhagra Road, near GT Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Khushal Smart CityJhagra Road, near GT Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Madina ColonyDab Korona, Naguman, Charsadda Road, PeshawarIllegal0
New Dir ColonyGhari Daud Charpariza Khazana Road PeshawarIllegal0
Basit PlottingKharakai, Near Shah Alam, Charsadda Road, PeshawarIllegal11
Haji Ghaffar PlottingJhagra Road, Near GT Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Northern City PeshawarDalazak Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Chitral VallyDag Lara, Warsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Zia VillasPajaggi/Ashab Ba Ba Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Adil & Ismail PlottingSardar Ghari, near GT Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Amir PlottingChughal Pura, Ghari Inayat, near GT Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Farhan Colony (Extension)Near Shero Jhangai, Charsadda Road,, Peshawar.Illegal0
Arbab CottegesNear Prime Hospital, Warsak Road, Peshawar.Illegal35
Inam Khan & Shashti Gul PlottingHaryana-Khazana Road, near Pajaggi Road, Peshawar.Illegal0
Nasir Khan ColonyGhari Balooch Abad, Near Alif Khan Killi, Peshawar.Illegal9
Abdullah ColonyMahmand Chowk, Alif Khn Killi, Peshawar.Illegal10
Arbab Yaseen TownLandi Akhon Ahmad, near Sarhad University, Ring Road, PeshawarIllegal44
Khalil GardenChaghar Matti Pajaggi Road, PeshawarIllegal0
Old Qurtaba Model TownNahqi Charsadda Road PeshawarIllegal160
Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF) rDuran Pur Road, PeshawaUnapproved991
Peshawar Gate Way TownSara Khawra, Mattani, Kohat Road, PeshawarUnapproved177
Omul Qura GardenG.T. Road, PeshawarUnapproved0
Education Employees Foundation (EEF)Jatti Bala, Naguman, Charsadda Road District PeshawarUnapproved359
Al-Haram GreenMain G.T road PeshawarUnapproved160
Peshawar EnclaveTakht Abad road Near Shah Alam Bridge Charsadda road PeshawarUnapproved208
Canal ViewNasirbagh Road PeshawarUnapproved160
Officers Housing Society Phase-II & University GardenMulazai, Near Warsak Road PeshawarUnapproved377
Shams Ul Qamar ColonyPishtakhara Payan, Near Bara Road, Ring Road PeshawarUnapproved177
Hasham Babar TownWarsak Road PeshawarUnapproved230
Green HomesDalazak Road PeshawarUnapproved161
Executive LodgesArbab Sabz Ali Khan Town, Warsak Road PeshawarUnapproved496
Al-Massa Model TownWarsak Road PeshawarUnapproved325
Peshawar Green City-1Muza Balarzai, Afridi Road, Near Kohat Road, PeshawarUnapproved612
New Muslim City-3Northern Bypass near Dalazak Road PeshawarUnapproved160
Afridi TownSara Khawra Mattani Kohat Road PeshawarUnapproved184
Gulshan-e-PeshawarYaseen Abad Duran Pur Road PeshawarUnapproved201
New Officers Housing SocietyMuza Pakha Ghulam Near Dalazak Road Northern Bypass PeshawarUnapproved160

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