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List of Approved and Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi under RDA


Rawalpindi Development Authority has listed down the number of housing schemes which fall under its jurisdiction with their legal status. As per the list, there are 43 housing schemes which have obtained NOC from RDA, whereas 31 housing schemes are operating illegaly without having NOC from RDA.

General public is informed in their best interest to refrain from investing in illegal housing schemes in order to avoid possible losses/frauds and invest in legal housing schemes which have proper approval of layout plan and NOC from RDA.

List of legal and approved housing schemes lying under the jurisdiction of RDA are given below:

1. Top City 1, 

2. Mumtaz City, 

3. Bahria Town Phase 1, 2 & 3 (partially), 

4. Bahria Town Phase 8 (partially), 

5. Gandhara City, 

6. Faisal Town 

7. Fizaia Housing Scheme, 

8. Army Welfare Housing Scheme (Defence 1) 

9. Doctor Town, 

10. Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Society, 

11. Garden Villas, 

12. Gulshan-e-Abad, 

13. Judicial Colony, 

14. Kehkashan Town, 

15. University Town, 

16. Shalimar Town, 

17. Khudadad City (Now Airport Enclave), 

18. Kohsar View Housing Project, 

19. Municipal Corporation Cooperative Housing Scheme, 

20. Pak Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing Society, 

21. Pak Employees Cooperative Housing Society, 

22. Rabia Bangalows, 

23. Safari Villas-1, 

24. Safari Villas 2, 

25. Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Society, 

26. Bostan Avenue Housing Project, 

27. Gulshan-e-Fatima, 

28. PIA Officers Cooperative Housing Society, 

29. Eastridge Housing scheme, 

30. Shifa Cooperative Housing Scheme, 

31. Bahria Paradise, 

32. Tarnol Housing Scheme, 

33. Cilfton Town, 

34. T&T Housing Scheme, 

35. Rawalpindi Railway Employees Cooperative Housing Society, 

36. Up-Country Enclosure 

37. PARC Housing Scheme, 

38. CBR Cooperative Society, 

39. Golden Jublee Cooperative Housing Scheme, 

40. Commoner Sky Gardens Housing Scheme, 

41. Sanober City, 

42. Taj Residencia and 

43. Elite Reverie Housing Scheme

Following is the list of housing schemes which are marked illegal by RDA, and general public is cautioned to stay away from investing in the given housing schemes in order to avoid possible losses.


1. Jinnah Town, 

2. Airport Employees Cooperative Housing Society, 

3. Gulshan-e- Ali, 

4. Janjua Town 1, 

5. Janjua Town 2, 

6. Janjua Town 3, 

7. Khyban-e-Millat, 

8. Rasool Town, 

9. National Town, 

10. Khyban-e-Quaid, 

11. T&T Housing Society, 

12. OGDC Town, 

13. Hamza Town, 

14. Sanghar Town, 

15. Gulshan-e-Iqbal, 

16. Fazal Town phase 2, 

17. Gulberg Town, 

18. Lake Vista Residential (Rawal City), 

19. Pam City, 

20. Jabbar City, 

21. Usman Black, 

22. Jublee Town, 

23. Lawyers Town, 

24. Radio Colony, 

25. Federation of Employees Cooperate Housing Society, 

26. Samarzar Housing Project, 

27. Gulraiz Housing Scheme, 

28. Metro Homes, 

29. Babar Homes, 

30. Paras Villas, and

31. Alfalah Homes.

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