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Top City-1 Islamabad – Project Location, Developments and Plot Prices

Top City-1

Top City-1 islamabad is an outstanding housing project of Dynast Associates located right at the juncation of motorway M-1 and M-2. It is one of the most attractive investments near New Islamabad International Airport. The Society is registered under RDA and it has received NOCs from RDA, ICT, CAA, NHA as well as from Environment Protection Department.

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Further details of NOC’s & relevant information on Top City-1 Can be checked at its Official Website.

You can download Map of Top City-1 Islamabad at the following link: (click to enlarge)

Top City-1 Islamabad LOP

Top City-1 Islamabad LOP


Top City-1 lies at the southern side of Kashmir highway at the junction of M-1,M-2 motorway. It is at a distance of around 3 kilometers from New Islamabad International Airport.

Its G,H and F blocks lie very close to the gate of New Islamabad Airport. Society’s land in its G block which is closest to the airport gate was already seized by CAA due to security concerns.

Following is the location map of Top City-1 Islamabad:


Top City-1 seems to have taken full advantage of its location and its management is actively working to capitalize on all the opportunities arising in this area due to the mega development of international airport in the neighborhood.

After all, it is all about the location. If Top City-1 had been planning this development somewhere else, it might not have attracted huge investments. A combination of best location and best management and planning has carved out the present and future of this housing scheme, hence we can confidently suggest this project for future residence in Islamabad or a short to medium term investment opportunity.

Road Access

Top City-1 gets access from Kashmir Highway and hence the location is very suitable for anybody coming in or going out of the city. The society lies at a distance of about 10 minutes drives from Islamabad City and about 3 kilometers from the New Islamabad Airport.

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Currently the Kashmir Highway Extension from motorway junction up to New Islamabad Airport is under construction, so alterne access from Fateh Jang Road is being used by visitors and staff.

Development Status

Top City-1 is currently a developing society with about 50% development work remaining. Its block B, which comprises 1 kanal residential plots, has been given possession, whereas remaining blocks A, C, D, E, F and H are currently under speedy development. Development standards of Top City-1 are also much better than neighboring housing schemes as it employs all latest technologies available in order to make it the best private housing scheme in this area.

Top City-1 Islamabad

Top City-1 also boasts of being the first ever Smart City of Pakistan which have implemented all the latest technologies available today including fiber optics, smart meters, e-health service, public wifi, e-government and smart surveillance systems.

More details about current situation and latest pictures about the project are given at the following page:


Salient Features

We have listed down some basic planned features of Top City-1 Islamabad:

  • Top City-1 consists of 5906 kanals of land which is approximately 740 Acres. Available plot sizes are 5 maral, 10 marla and 1 kanal.
  • The society has some area reserved for farm houses too with bigger plot sizes. A ring road is also passing through the Farm Houses Area of the project.
  • Prime Location land facing Kashmir highway is already reserved by Top City-1 for a Five Star Hotel Project which will be launched.
  • The project also has some land reserved for high rise buildings facing Lahore Motorway.
  • Top City-1 has designed a waste water treatment plant which is already approved. This treated water will be used for gardening purpose within the project.

There are many more features like clean, green and eco-friendly environment, modern development standards, hi-tech security measures, provision of all living amenities etc, which set it apart from the neighboring projects.

Plot Prices

Top City-1 has seen many ups and down over a period of 10 years. The society offers 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal residential plots as well as 5 marla commercial plots. Central commercial area of Top City-1 is yet to be launched where bigger commercial plots will be available for mega projects.

  • 5 marla plots in H block or without number files of 5 marla cost around 22 to 25 lacs.
  • 10 marla plots in A & D block cost around 40 to 55 lacs.
  • 10 marla plots in E & F blocks cost around 35 to 45 lacs.
  • 1 kanal plots in B block cost around 75 lacs to 1 crore.
  • 1 kanal plots in A and C block cost around 60 to 75 lacs.
  • 1 kanal plots in E and F blocks cost around 50 to 65 lacs.
  • 5 marla commercial plots cost around 1 crore up to 1.3 crore.

The above listed prices are estimated price ranges of different plots in a certain block, and prices vary depending on plot location, development status and features.

Investment Prospects

Despite having the best location, Top City-1 has not yet been able to meet its potential due to pending access from Kashmir Highway. However, the society is actively working on development work across different blocks and it is expected to rise very high with a strong management team of Dynast Associates.

With the mega development of New Islamabad International Airport opening in August 2017, there is a bulk of investment expected in this particular area including the housing schemes lying around the airport. Since vibes are positive after actual developments are taking place at the airport, on the link road as well as at the society, it has become a golden investment opportunity today which promises manifold return in short term.