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Dream Valley Housing Scheme

Dream Valley Main Image


Dream Valley Housing Scheme is one of its kind as it is in an area with beautiful views of Margalla Hills. Most of the housing societies in Islamabad are located in plain areas, and there is hardly any residential scheme on mountainous terrain.


Dream Valley Housing Scheme is the first of its kind, offering pristine views of the Margalla Hills. Moreover, society doesn’t compromise on the creature comfort of a residential project. You can afford luxurious living in this housing society, and there are several investment opportunities.


Dream Valley Housing Society is located on the Murree Expressway, right next to the Koran River. It is easily accessible from Islamabad and it takes just a few minutes to reach. Capital Hills Murree is located adjacent to this marvelous using project. Generally, the society is located away from the fuss of busy city but still easily accessible.

Location of Dream Valley Islamabad


It is an M/S Canyon Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd project and they are determined to provide affordable luxury to the residents of Islamabad in the heart of Margalla Hills. They are taking essential steps to make sure that people living in Islamabad can enjoy the true beauty of Margalla Hills.

Dream Valley Housing Scheme Features and Amenities

Dream Valley Housing Scheme has to offer affordable luxury for everyone. The project is designed in such a way that it provides beautiful views of the Margalla Hills. Anyone looking for a villa or a deluxe home to enjoy the beauty of Islamabad in the truest sense. It has to offer:

  • Dream Suites
  • Honeymoon Huts
  • Commercial hubs for Business Activities
  • Luxurious Hotels
  • Apartments

People across Pakistan prefer living in Islamabad, and only a handful of them have the privilege to be able to afford expenses in Islamabad.

It is a unique opportunity for anyone to experience luxury with all its modern amenities and a view of the Margalla Hills right outside their windows. People always prefer living in Islamabad because they get to enjoy the serene views and calmness of the city.

It is a commercial hub for international markets, and still, this city has a calm atmosphere. A unique combination of artificial and natural life makes Islamabad a Tourist spot and a great place to live in.

Apartment of Dream Valley Housing Scheme

Dream Valley Housing Scheme aims to provide luxurious living standards to the people who opt to live in an apartment. There are no corners cut when it comes to the apartment buildings of Dream Valley. The following are the salient features of luxury apartments in Dream Valley:

Every apartment in this project is going to be a corner apartment. Dream Valley housing project wants to make sure that every person looking to invest in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity can enjoy their investment to the full potential. It can only happen if every investor gets an apartment in this housing society gets to have a corner apartment.

The residents of different apartments include the luxury of private entrance to their apartment as well. These apartments are going to be fully furnished as they are going to be designed by professional interior designers.

There is good news for all the culinary arts enthusiasts that these apartments are going to come with state-of-the-art technology for the kitchens as well.

The handicrafts work in the building is also going to be exceptional because solid wooden doors would be provided for these apartments. Moreover, the rooms are also going to get fitted wardrobes.

Masterplan of Dream Valley Housing Scheme

Master Plan of Dream Valley Smart City

Dream Valley Housing Scheme is going to be equipped with all the necessary amenities with a modern and luxurious touch to them. The following are going to be the highlight of the Dream Valley housing project:

  • Shopping Malls
  • State-of-the-art Medical Facilities
  • Educational Institutes
  • Cinema Entertainment
  • Transport Facility for the Residents of Dream Valley
  • Security
  • Mosque
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Golf Club

Quality of Life in Dream Valley Housing Scheme

Every person thrives to provide a quality of life for themselves and their families. Dream Valley Housing project aims to provide new standards of quality of life that are going to be far better than the competitors are.

Dream Valley Housing project is a unique piece of art because it is going to provide a perfect blend of a busy life with serene views of Margalla Hills. Margalla Hills are the essence of the capital city, and getting a house that can give excellent views of these hills is nothing but a dream come true.

You are going to enjoy the greenery around them, and it is going to provide a calm environment to live in. A well-planned society is only a 15-minute drive from the zero point in Islamabad.

It means that it is not only highly accessible from all points in Islamabad, but it is also an attractive option for the twin city, Rawalpindi. If anyone is looking forward to enhancing their living standard, the Dream Valley housing project is a no-brainer.

Payment and Installment Plan

Dream Valley Housing Scheme plots are available in installments. The payment plan is as follows:

Dream Valley Payment and Installment PLan

Development Progress of Dream Valley Housing Scheme

One can visit the site physically, which is highly recommended. Also, you can get a virtual tour of the housing project as real-world pictures of the development progress are shown on the website.

People with knowledge of the real estate market in Pakistan can identify that the development progress is impressive. The developers are looking forward to making sure that they are right on time with their development pace. People do not have to wait for long to enjoy the magnificent views of Margalla Hills.

Legal status and NOC

This society has NOC and is approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Murree. It provides a good proposition for anyone looking to invest in Dream Valley, it will bring more value to money in the future.

Anyone who is a nature lover can understand the feeling of living in a society that provides excellent views of mountainous areas around it. Since it is an approved project from different authorities, investors will be secure while investing in this housing society. It beats the likes of newly developed housing societies because of its location and calm environment.

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