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Capital Valley Islamabad

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Capital Valley Overview

Capital Valley Islamabad is one of the new additions to the real estate market of Islamabad. It enjoys the most appealing location on Airport Road near Top City-1 Islamabad. The project is currently in prelaunch phase, and it offers a limited number of residential plots on easy installments.

Islamabad has become a hub of real estate developments as a host of new housing societies have cropped up in past couple of years across all corners of the city reflecting huge demand for property. Amongst all new schemes, Capital Valley stands out due to its excellent location & top-class development plan.

Capital Valley Islamabad is part of these new developments towards Motorway M-2 and new Islamabad International Airport. This housing project is marketed as ‘Airport Zero Km’ which indicates its proximity to Islamabad Airport.

It is a great investment opportunity for people looking to invest in a new housing society on easy installments plan. Moreover, the location in the neighborhood of Top City-1 and Airport Green Garden signifies the investment potential, hence promises higher returns.

Location of Capital Valley Islamabad

One of the great selling points of Capital Valley Islamabad is its location on Airport Avenue. Airport Avenue directly leads from Thalian Interchange on Motorway M-2 up to Islamabad Airport. It is called the site 0 km from the Airport.

Following is the location map of Capital Valley Islamabad:

Capital Valley Islamabad Location Map

All major housing schemes in that particular area lie close to Capital Valley Islamabad including Top City-1, Airport Green Garden, Mumtaz City, Capital Smart City and Nova City Islamabad.

The society is easily accessible from both Rawalpindi and Islamabad. All the major landmarks of the Twin Cities are only minutes away from this location as it can be easily accessed from Motorway M2.


Capital Valley Islamabad is located at a highly accessible point where the major landmarks are only a few kilometers away.

  • Islamabad International Airport – 0 km
  • Thalian Interchange – 5 Minutes
  • Motorway M2 – 5 Minutes
  • G-13 – 20 Minutes
  • Srinagar Highway – 10 Minutes
  • Peshawar Road – 15 Minutes
  • Quaid e Azam International Hospital – 22 Minutes
  • Saddar – 30 Minutes
  • Jinnah Super Market – 34 Minutes

Nearby Housing Societies

Several housing projects are located in the neighborhood of Capital Valley Islamabad. Following is a list of nearby housing societies:

Developers of Capital Valley

Capital Valley Islamabad is sponsored by ESS Developers & Builders which boasts of consummating several construction and development projects in the past. The Urban Solutions Pvt Ltd is the town planner of Capital Valley Islamabad.

They have earned a reputable name in the country’s real estate market. They have been entrusted with the development consultancy by big names like DHA, CBR, The Grand City Kharian, and Fazaia Housing Scheme.

Green Thumb is also taking an active part in the landscape mapping of the society and the housing society will be exceptional in ensuring more green spaces than any other housing society in the region.

Capital Valley NOC

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Capital Valley Islamabad is still under process. It will soon be approved by the concerned authorities making it one of the most desirable housing societies in Islamabad.

Once the society gets approved from Rawalpindi Development Authority, the value of plots in Capital Valley will surpass many of its competitors.

Capital Valley Masterplan


Capital Valley has one of the best masterplans in the city and it can be seen by looking at the entire master plan of the society. It is planned to incorporate all the major amenities and features of modern living.

Modern parks and playgrounds are specially designed for children and families. The society will not only feature residential but it will also have commercial plots along the commercial strip for reputable brands & businesses.

The prices of the commercial areas will soon be announced by the developers. As of now, there are 5 different residential plot sizes available in the housing scheme.

  • 25×50
  • 30×60
  • 35×70
  • 40×80
  • 50×90

Features and Amenities

The list of Capital Valley’s features and amenities includes all the new and modern living features that not only make Capital Valley Islamabad modern and futuristic but also make it a luxurious housing society.

  • 24/7 Security
  • Gated Community
  • Fashion Street
  • Capital Apartments
  • Capital Club and Community Center
  • Capital Walk
  • Aqua Park
  • Five-star Service Apartments
  • Jade Park
  • Medical Complex
  • Emerald Park
  • World-Class Educational Buildings
  • Highline Commercial  
  • Capital Park
  • Food Court
  • Capital Monument
  • Lifestyle Center Gaming Zone
  • Jamia Mosque for Residential Blocks

Capital Valley Prices and Payment Plan

One of the primary reasons for Capital Valley Islamabad to be an attractive option for investment are the affordable plot prices. The society offers 4 years easy installments plan, that is quite flexible and convenient for genuine buyers.

Capital Valley Islamabad offers booking of plots at just 15% down payment followed by 5% confirmation charges. Remaining amount is payable in 4 years through equal quarterly installments.

Following are the latest prices and payment schedule of residential plots at Capital Valley Islamabad:

Capital Valley Islamabad Payment Plan

How to Buy a Plot in Capital Valley?

If you are interested in buying a plot at Capital Valley, contact Manahil Estate. Feel free to contact us via phone: 0345-5222253, or email at:marketing@manahilestate.com.

Pros and Cons of Capital Valley Islamabad


Capital Valley Islamabad is the perfect choice for anyone looking to invest in the Federal Capital of Pakistan in this soaring economy with these rates. The list of pros of Capital Valley is as follows:

  • Affordable with an easy payment plan
  • World-class amenities and features
  • An eco-friendly environment with specially designed green spaces by Green Thumb
  • Top-notch educational Facilities
  • Huge Gaming Arcade and Sports Facilities
  • Gated Community with 24/7 Security
  • Location (0-KM Islamabad International Airport)
  • Zero Waste Community


There are some negative points of the society as well but they might not be a dealbreaker for the investors.

  • Awaiting NOC
  • Development Work is in its Initial Stages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Capital Valley Islamabad

Since Capital Valley is a new housing scheme, and investors are little information about the background of developers, and other important details of the project, therefore, it is important that you go through the FAQs sections and get answers to most commonly asked questions.

Q- What is the exact location of Capital Valley Islamabad?

It is located at zero km Islamabad International Airport at Airport Avenue. Capital Valley is also close to Motorway M1 and M2 as the Airport Avenue leads to the Thalian Interchange. Famous housing societies like Top City-1 are also near Capital Valley Islamabad. This location can be easily accessed from all the major landmarks in the Twin Cities.

Q- What is the legal status of Capital Valley Islamabad?

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Capital Valley Islamabad is under process. The NOC is expected to be issued by the concerned authorities soon and then the value of Capital Valley Islamabad will increase manifold.

Q- Is it safe to invest in Capital Valley Islamabad?

Yes, one of the main reasons for investing in this project is its ideal location at zero km Islamabad International Airport. Many people become wary of the NOC in society but that is going to be approved soon. Once the legal status of the society is upgraded, the prices of the plots will skyrocket. Therefore, it is the right time to invest in this great project. Moreover, the developers, Urban Solutions Pvt Ltd, is a trusted name in the market and they have been renowned to deliver on their promise.

Q- Who are the developers of Capital Valley Islamabad?

ESS developers and builders are behind this amazing project. They have conceived this project with the utmost care, and they are planning to complete this project in record time. The project will be a marvel because of a dedicated team. The society will feature different kinds of plantations across the scheme, and it will make the environment sustainable to live in. It is the first of its kind landscape mapping project and the greenery will not only make it sustainable living in this housing society, but it will also enhance the living experience of its residents.

Q- What are the different size plots and their prices in Capital Valley Islamabad?

Capital Valley Islamabad features five (5) different categories of plots to cater to people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The prices of the plots are also reasonable with extensive payment plans that make it easier for the investors to choose the best option for them.

  • 25×50 (PKR 3,500,000)
  • 30×60 (PKR 4,900,000)
  • 35×70 (PKR 7,000,000)
  • 40×80 (PKR 9,800,000)
  • 50×90 (PKR 12,600,000)

Q- What features are being offered by the developers in Capital Valley Islamabad?

Capital Valley Islamabad has a wide variety of features to offer to its residents.

  • 24/7 Security
  • Gated Community
  • Tracking System for Visitors
  • Fashion Street
  • Capital Apartments
  • Capital Club and Community Center
  • Capital Walk
  • Aqua Park
  • Five-star Service Apartments
  • Jade Park
  • Medical Complex
  • Emerald Park
  • World-Class Educational Buildings
  • Highline Commercial 
  • Capital Park
  • Food Court
  • Capital Monument
  • Lifestyle Center Gaming Zone
  • Jamia Mosque for Residential Blocks
  • Saddle Archery
  • Zero Waste Community
  • 5-Star Hotels
  • International Corporate Sector Headquarters

If you have any specific question regarding Capital Valley which is not answered above, you can leave your query in comments section below to contact us on given mobile numbers for quick assistance.


Capital Valley Islamabad is a great new addition to the real estate market of Islamabad. Since other housing societies are multiplying rapidly in prices, it is the best time to invest in Capital Valley since it offers the best value for the money in the market.

The future of this housing society is secure because of its location on Airport Avenue. Anyone looking to invest their hard-earned money in the real estate market should not look further than Capital Valley. It is a great value proposition for the new investors who are looking for luxurious yet affordable plots in the Federal Capital.

Capital Valley developers assert that it is ‘The Capital of Capital’. Contact us for the sale and purchase of plots in Capital Valley Islamabad.